All of my friends are dead...and I have a laser. [Spellbinder] []

Great build - have to level up my spellbinder to try it. Was wondering if I could somehow modify this to work for my druid hmmmm…

So is sorcerer the better AAR combo with the patch change and lightning being added to the ray? Is this build dead?

Necromancer should still be good. You get mostly Aether bonuses and added Aether based skills such as Siphon (when transmuted). You really did not use Necro for a source of Vitality.

Yep. I would even say that for AAR spellbinder this is a buff overall as most would be nearly pure aether builds with some vit and would convert elemental damage to aether. Thus all or most of the Lightning damage would be converted to pure aether too.
If you add that both the fire and Lightning have received a damage boost it should decent or even a large (I have yet to test how large actually it is)dps increase.

The only problem is that there is no equivalent aether DoT so the Electrocute damage would be a loss (I really hope that they would add a aether and chaos DoT damage type eventually).
Depending on how high the Electrocute Dot damage is it could make a sorcerer(or perhaps a mage hunter) a better choice for a AAR build DPS wise.

Just to update everyone!

This build still works and works great. The damage type change isn’t an nerf to this character even if it sounds like it. The Lightning damage is changeable/buffable through a lot of the abilities and gear you’ll get for a character like this anyways.

It’s been mentioned already that the Lightning damage is convertable to Aether through various pieces of gear.

The thing is, AAR is easier to run now and the Spellbinder is great already, so the build just runs easier.

The damage change opens up the Sorcerer, Druid, and Mage Hunter builds more than before and makes them much more viable. I think, however, the Spellbinder is still the best AAR combination. It’s just that the other classes can run the better run the beam now.

All that being said, I’m probably not going to update this build in any major way for the time being, since the Sorcerer works again and he’s my main.

For anyone asking about energy regen, I have a section dedicated to it in my newly posted Sorcerer guide.

I’ll still answer questions about this guide as they come up (provided I actually pay attention to the forum more).

You should change your comment about Aetherreach gloves since the mythical version now has the same proc so there is no reason left anymore to keep the level 75 version.

Yup. Switched the item out.

Also removed the link to the bitch thread.

Tweak the build to more survivablity and HC viable, switch the offhand to shield (Mythical Will of the Living). here the link and devotion setup are a little different
Feedback and criticism are welcome

The obvious problem is that AAR requires a caster off hand.

Oh damn, i miss out on that.:o

I honestly can’t give advice for HC since I don’t play it. Sorry!

Do you still stand by the comment that AAR is by far the worst ability then despite the buffs?

No, it’s not the worst anymore now.
I said it might be the worst pre-buffs, which is why it needed buffing.

Hello folks. I am new to the game and have leveled this build to lvl 60. I finally have the ability to use Arcane Bomb. I am unable to attach the bomb to the skeletons. Can someone help me out here? Has this been changed? Is there an updated build concept due to some change? Thank you in advance.

Glad you like the build.
I think the only option for the current build would be putting Arcane Bomb on the beam itself (great option regardless of classes/build), move Raise the Dead to Devastation (the only option), and slip Aetherfire on to whatever’s left.

Thanks for your reply. Man, thats too bad. So far it seems as though the only purpose of those skeletons is the arcane bomb. They die so quickly; they are hardly a distraction due to the quickness of their death. Wolf, have you adjusted this build to be as successful as your video shows without the skellie bomb?

I love the Ray even with the drain on the mana. Up until level sixty, I have used the missile quite a bit for trash…even with just one point in the line. Do you still play this build? Do you have a more ideal layout with the changes in the devotion? Also, I am having a hard time understanding the ability to “absorb” damage. I feel like “orb” around me (can’t remember the name) should mitigate more damage. I am hesitant to jump into elite because I’ve been taken in Normal Act 6 (AoM) with the setup i have followed based on your guide thus far. Do you have suggestions on what to max out to give me more protection while dealing serious damage? Since the Skellies die so stinking fast…is it worth it to change Devastation to “Raise the dead?”

Thanks again for the response…impressed that after a couple years you are still around and helping us noobs.

I don’t play this build though I still have the character. I’m thinking of reworking it to a Divner’s Set character and doing Drain Essence.

My AAR character is my Sorcerer, who’s also in the build compendium above.

Maxing protection in Spellbinder is pretty easy. Maiven’s Sphere, Mirror, Mark of Torment, Ill Omen, Ravenous Earth, and Siphon Souls all mitigate damage heavily. By controlling how you activate them (like making sure you have Mirror and Mark up at separate times) and using things that reset/lower cooldowns you can keep the mitigation up pretty easily.

hi folks,
i bound AAR to the -raise the dead-devotion, but i cant see a differince to the normal “raise skeletons” skill from the necromancer. did i missunderstand something?:confused:

Sorry to necro, but I am really just starting to dive into ‘mechanics’ of the game. Have read the OP several times now and scanned the comments twice. Are the components set in stone for this? Or is it based off of how needs? Yes, I’ve Googled it and found an interesting article on Reddit components ( Can someone, please, provide a link or something to better explain components. Are they static? What changes how you use/what to use and/or why? Just trying to understand them better, that’s all.

Very familiar with enchantments and such in WoW, so if you compare it to those, should be able to understand what you’re saying. As for the build, thanks for all the work you put into it OP! Yes, I did scan through and read the part about the new issue skeletons and the needed change to that. Again, just trying to understand components better, that’s all. Thanks again!

Hm, there’s this though it’s a bit old

and there’s also this