The Definitive Guide to Components and where to find them

Welcome to the Definitive Guide to Components v0.2

Problems with google docs being unable to display basic text formatting. Until I get round to moving the workbook to my site for viewing I’ve left the link the same for ease of use.

Link to the Guide here.

 Welcome to the first update of the guide. A lot has changed and in the end it was easier to start from scratch, than attempt to edit what there already was. The layout has been changed to hopefully make easier reading, images of the Components have been added and the guide now includes components that can be gained from Bounties, Dismantling and Merchants.

The version number has been corrected so that V1.0 will be when the game is released

Changes include what is Rare, Item level, Crafting, and all Mob drops. Both of the sheets with components on have the Item level and what can be obtained from both Crafting and Bounties, Dismantling and Merchants included.

Some Components can now only be obtained by either Crafting or via the Bounties, Dismantling and Merchants.

The sheets are now as follows



This new chart give a full breakdown of all the different mob types including Race (beastkin, beast etc.), Class (Manticore, Wasps, etc.), Sub class (Carion, Wind, etc.), Individual name (Scavenger, Alpha, etc.) and the name of the groups of similar subclass that are used in the Guide where they share a common pool of drops (Mistborne and Eastmire Trolls are combined into a group call Trolls M/E)

Mob Drops.

Mob Locations.

Component Locations.
Another new Chart, this gives a listing of what components can be found in each area.
Slightly improved over the last one, and more to be added

In this guide there are details on all Components including :-

  • Rarity of component.
  • Minimum level of mobs required to have any chance of dropping the component.
  • Rarity of mob required to drop the component.
  • Is the component Craftable.
  • Is a blueprint required to craft the component.
  • What mob types have a chance to drop.
  • Locations of the mobs (in areas).
  • Max level of mobs in each area.
  • Types of mobs in each area.
  • Location of areas shown on a world map including underground areas.

Here’s the map image from the sheet (posting as requested). Please note this is a rough version and a more upto date version coming soon. I was going to add all the new areas before releasing, but on discovering that the new areas add up to 244 images to be cropped, cleaned up and stitched together… that can come in a while save delaying this any longer.

Enjoy and I hope this info is useful.

Awesome work! Thanks :slight_smile:

Really awesome compilation, it would be great if this could get included in the wiki page at some point.

Also (and possibly not related to this work) it would be really nice to get a summary of all the completion bonuses available for each component (e.g. which components can get +1 all mastery skills)

I believe graceful dusk has that covered, just need to incorporate graceful dusk link into wiki page aswell.

Try Graceful Dusk

This site has full info on all component bonuses, as well as full info on everthing else that can be possibly found in Grim Dawn :wink:

Thank you and glad you like it.

Edit…ninja’d yet again…must type faster :smiley:

Hey Jaknet,

Please utilize what you can from here. I started it a couple of months ago and the mods on this forum completely ignored my request for a utility thread. I’d rather we get it all compiled into one thing and not have the community split. I like your map layout & level options; I like my color scheme :wink:

Map fully updated to B24, but witholding release for a week to save spoilers. Check back next week for fully improved map including Chapter 2 of act 3…and adding back the missing data for blessed whetstone (many thanks to Naslasha for spotting this one)

Took me a moment to get used to using this, but now I have, it’s becoming indispensable. Gratz on a job well done!

@ incognito. Thank you very much indeed, I’m glad its being helpful. :smiley:


First off my appologise for the late updating (off to a good start :rolleyes:), busier with real life than expected.

The spreadsheet is now updated with all current B24 info…well almost, somehow I’ve either missed getting the data from Mountain Deeps, or I’ve lost (put some place very safe) the piece of paper I scribbled it down on. So that one will have to be updated in the next couple of days :undecided:

Still, due to the delay I’ll finish here with a tease of the new upcoming map. This is the start of the set of hi-rez maps I’m doing and so far this one is 15,180 x 13,386, but as I’ve just got 4k there will be another one at much higher resolution coming later :smiley:

The image below is the area in Devils Crossing with the Inventor, rift and cellar entrance to give an idea how far in you can zoom without losing any detail. It will zoom in slightly further, but starts to get a bit blurred. :wink:

P.s. I’m aware that in some areas, most noticeable in act 2, some of the edges of the images have bled through from underneath when merging all the images and as usual with these things, I didn’t notice until I had it finished as a single image. A which point vile language was heard locally and this will be sorted…later :wink:

Blessed Whetstone updated and now exists with correct drops. Many thanks to Shalie for help with that.

So, why do i have loads of ancient armor plates, bindings of bysmiels, attuned loadstunes, even an arcane lens, but not 1 piece of olerons blood?

MIxture of reasons:-

  1. it’s a craftable component and as I’ve stated in the info, any component that is craftable will drop far less often than non-craftable components, but it does still have a drop chance

  2. RGN :wink:

Solution… Kill as many mobs of as high a level as you can find, or hope to find the blueprint and craft them yourself :smiley:

Hope this helps

sweet, again nice work and thanks for making this available…

In 400+ hours since crafting was introduced I have not seen an Oleron’s Blood either. I have also not gotten the formula.

It’s too rare and should have an increased chance.

Updated Components guide coming with B25…Well I’ll be releasing it a few days (1 week max) after B25 goes live so NO spoilers will be available instantly at release.

Thanks for the work!

It’s funny, I was just perusing this thread in search of those fancy hires maps of yours…hope they’re coming along well too…mind if I use them in a GD-related project of my own?

Thank you for your Thank you…probably best not to continue with that line :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep I’m still doing the hires maps, just been finding the time recently to workout how I want them all displayed on the website. As well as the world map I also have all the interior locations already mapped in hires and up to date with B24.

You are more than welcome to use all the maps I stick together. If you want to PM me and let me know which, or all of the maps you are after and I’ll sort it out. Just to mention the interior maps are all stuck together to give a single image per floor, but they are not “framed/edged” etc they are just the image with the black misting around them. If it’s any help I also have the world map split up into the named areas already e.g. DC, Lower crossing, Arkovian foothills, etc, etc.

Due to changes in B25 to the component drops this is no longer accurate and will be updated asap. This will take a few days as I’m in and out of hospital at the moment.

Good luck, I hope its not serious?