The Definitive Guide to Components and where to find them

Appreciate your efforts Jaknet, hope you’re okay too!

is this accurate?

Looking at the spreadsheet, it appears that Hallowed Ground can drop off any mob on the list. Is this true? If so RNG is messing with me or it is super rare.

Does anyone know a good place to farm Hallowed Ground?

All rare component that aren’t linked to a specific enemy(Kilrian’s shattered soul) or have a blueprint can drop off of any mob that reaches the minimum level requirement to drop them. In hallowed ground’s case, this is level 40. There isn’t really a good place to farm for them. All you can really do is target areas with enemies that are at least level 40 and tend to have a lot of hero monsters.

Once again Nine, you have my gratitude!

Apologise for the recent lack of updates, my health problems were a trifle more serious than expected, but hoping to be back up to date in the next few weeks.

It was, until Crate changed some of the component drops from various mobs. It is in the (slow) process of being updated.

Sorry to hear that. Hope you are feeling better soon.

Welcome back! I hope your health issues are improving.

Thank you indeed, it all seems to be heading in the right direction so far :wink:

Finally… progress of a form at last :smiley:

Got enough movement back (and a very nice new mouse) to be able to spend short bits of time in game and as it’s not really up for fast movement for any length of time yet, I’m not actually playing, but taking a slow stroll round chapter 3 with my mapping char and recording the mob types in each area.

So the guide and maps are, finally, in the process of being updated.

Hi Jaknet,

I started working on a much improved version of a less constructed sheet I found and was pretty happy with it minus not having a full list of information. I then stumbled upon your sheet and much kudos to you.

So I took what I had and combined it with what you had and tried to create something a little more functional. I would like to incorporate your locations of enemy types with what I have and see if we can develop a more functional version that has a list of information that helps guide people opposed to yours which just kind informs of definitive information.

Here is my current work-in-progress:

Hi Duviel

That’s a much neater way of having it for sure, but as I posted earlier in the thread the actual drops are not correct and I’m sorting them out (amongst doing various other bits) at the moment (only about 300-500 database files to go through ;))

I’ve posted on the reddit thread you made as well as not sure which you will see first.

Ahhh. Well then - I’ll put the project on hold until we get some updated data. After B27 release or whenever you get the data, I’d gladly work with you or use the data and create something.

You mentioned in the Reddit thread that my data is a little neater than yours, so maybe we can use my format(and possibly make some improvements) and build something great.

Let’s be honest…it’s quite a lot neater :smiley:

It started off like that as it was, at the time, the easiest way of entering the info as I found it bit by bit and it grew into the unwieldy shape it is more due to just wanting to finish the damn thing and less thought about alternative layouts etc.

When I first previewed it I was given a suggestion of turning it into a pivot table which would make it very neat and user friendly, but because a) I had a layout that was basically 2 spread sheets in one (mobs-drops and mobs-locations) and b) it was the first time I’d heard about pivot tables and not fully understanding them I couldn’t get it to work.

Now that I’ve realised that having the 2 in one sheet is (hopefully) what was causing the problems, the plan is to have the map with the locations/areas and the drop tables all on one page so you can click on whatever component or mob or location and get the relevant info while being able to see where on the map. I was also going to keep the spread sheet as an option for anyone that prefers a spread sheet (I like options, options are good :p)

Another plan I’m aiming to do is a second version of the hi-res map (not the one here) and when you zoom in on an area have a small text box with info on what mobs/components etc can be found there, so the info is all available, but not “in your face” when looking at the overall map.

Still this is the theory and having seen your layout I’ll happily consign mine to the bin :smiley: and more than happy to share all the data and help if I can in anyway.

Also I am aware that I’ve taken on quite a bit with GD at the moment with enjoying playing seriously testing the Shaman, getting the info for this and the hi-rez maps (plus putting it all together afterwards), the modding forums and updating that to vBulletin, so if you fancy helping out there is still some data to be got that’s easiest in game (all be it a bit boring) and other bits, let me know via pm.

Heh - I was trying to be modest. >_<

I was still debating on how I wanted to incorporate locations. I just had a filler for “recommended”. As I was saying earlier, I want to make it a bit more functional for users ranging from newer to veterans. A pivot table was in the realm of possibilities to try and make it accessible.

I’d entirely up for helping gather any more data you need; sending you a PM now. (I also had to make this post to send PM to you as forums require 3 posts)

Don’t know if I’ve posted here just to say THANKYOU :slight_smile:
I think both formats are useful. It depends on which direction you are searching for the information, and how much you already have memorised :wink: That and how automated you want your tools to be :wink: I don’t mind doing a bit of thinking to work things out, just got to have the info at hand :smiley:
Anyways… THANKS :smiley:

Brief update as lack of Internet still, apart from my mobile with limited data, but the updated sheets with new layouts will be uploaded, hopefully in the next day or two, if my phone line gets reconnected by then that is. :rolleyes:

Finally updated, but problems with Google docs being able to display the basic formatting.

Please see first post for details.

Thanks a lot for this great guide :smiley:

From which merchant did you get the Haunted Steel? Never seen it yet :cry:

oh great job! thanxs for share