All Secret Areas ?

Anyone can tell me all secret areas ? thx a lot

This link will probably have most, if not all, of them.

Anyway, do some exploring and find them yourself. It’s fun! :smiley:

THX man !

Fun i know but i dont know where to find any areas ;d

Well, the list will help, though it’s not complete as only covers up to Act 3.

There’s also this thread:

Probably doubles up a lot of info that’s in the previous one, but will have some of the smaller ones that are hidden behind various crumbling walls. Again, not completely up to date though.

There’s also this:
which is already linked (a bit counterintuitively in the build compendium thread).

They are not hard to find. Just explore a little bit instead of running straight through the game.

While I agree looking for secrets is (somewhat) fun, having a complete list at least tells you when you can stop looking :wink:

That’s why they are called secrets. It’s fun to find them but they rarely yield useful equipment but are handy to boost your wallet and pot count.

I’ve found (and mostly memorized) all secret areas of the game and I still find an occasional one I missed here and there. Most of Act 1 secrets are found underground and are easy to find just by moving your mouse around the walls. The later Acts feature lots of hidden pathways and, again, can be found by exploring the borders and diving into the bushes (literally). A list kind of ruins and cheapens it and it isn’t like they are necessarily vital in anyway.

I can understand the need for people to compile every secret in games but I’d urge just getting out there and exploring. For the most part they really aren’t that difficult to find.

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