Allies among ashes: I can't choose Kymon's Chosen

I’m a new player, currently playing a Defiler (demolitionist + necromancer). A couple of days ago I reached the point where Ulgrim calls a Kymon’s Chosen and an Order of Death’s Vigil representative in Homstead, so that I can choose a faction to become allies with. The problem is that, while I can make all sorts of questions to the Death’s Vigil guy, and even choose them as my allies, when I try to talk to brother Molltair, the representative of Kymon’s Chosen, he tells me something like “Go away, Necromancer !” and the only question I can make to him is “Why the hostility” and he replies something similar again. He also has a silver question mark over his head, unlike the other guy, whose question mark is golden.

I don’t know what’s my reputation with either of those two factions, as they don’t appear in the reputation window. The Kymon’s Chosen soldier north from Homstead do not attack me, and I cannot attack them either. I’m 2.452 despised with Chthonians, compared to 6.480 with Aetherials. Do I have to kill more Chthonians to gain their trust ? Or is it possible that, since Kymon’s Chosen hate necromancers, I can’t choose them whatever I do, because I am one ?

Any help would be appreiciated.

Necromancer class cannot choose kymon chosen faction, because of the lore, both faction hate each other.

So how does an Apostate deal with them? :confused:

Why do you even want to pick them anyway? They’re the worst faction after er… another weird faction.
I’d say you guys should be fighting them instead of Chthonians (who aren’t doing anything wrong)

Kymons have some kind of pact with a Chthonian Entity, right?

Not quite that bad, but their “god” isn’t exactly on the up and up either

Damnit, lol !
Thanks for the info, I guess Death’s Vigil that is.

The reason why I wanted to schoose Kymon’s Chosen is that they offer equipment that boosts fire damage and the Necromancer part of my Defiler is only for the pets. Other than that, I shoot things from afar.

Kymon’s Chosen despise Necromancers and will not accept them under any circumstances. There is a way to trick the entrance exam though if you want to game the system.

The Order of Death’s Vigil is very mistrusting of Inquisitors, but can be convinced to allow one to enter their halls.

While you’re at it can you please explain it to them that my faction aren’t the enemy

What do you mean? So taking back what’s mine is bad, is that it? Hoomans confuse me

Tell you what - you can have Zantai’s. But you can’t have Medierra’s we need something to put on the pancakes.

No blood left to take

Im suprised you arent kicked out of Kymons if you choose necromancer after that. Might as well go all the way.

I thought it was utterly genius that you cant choose Kymon as Necro, it would go against EVERYTHING about them.

Vigil takes inquisitors. Kymon won’t take Necro.

Spookyboi’s win the cool guy award.

Just to show what a turd Kymon is, i only picked him for that sweet reflect reduction and even then i felt bad killing the spooky skeleton dude you summon from death vigil :smiley:

If you are refering to the augment with reflected damage reduction (and since there’s no other faction related stuff with that stat i’m assuming you are) then Death’s Vigil has an augment with it too (same amount, same slot).

The other stats on vigil’s is subpar for my physical sword/board though. I have enough health but DA could use a boost.

It never occurred to me that I could choose Necro AFTER accepting/choosing Kymon’s Chosen. I’ma have to go make myself a Reaper or Apostate and just not choose my 2nd class until after I do some of their quests. I’ve never yet chosen Kymon’s because, for some reason I can’t yet identify, I don’t trust them and I don’t like their attitude. Particularly after you discover what the Order of Death’s Vigil is really all about–gathering and disseminating knowledge. From where I am in the story (I have yet to beat the game or arrive to where I can travel to Monmouth) they look pretty suspicious and they’re fanatical in their attitude. They’re out there in the fields between Darkvale and Homestead doing their best to kill the OoDV because they’re necromancers. No other reason to kill them apparently, and the Necros just want to be left alone with their books and their dead pets… lol.