...Almost... made it through Port Valbury

Well, after finishing up the Bastion of Chaos and The Immolation, I downloaded the latest patch for Grim Dawn and procrastinated for a while before trying Port Valbury.

I just wanted to see how far I could get before getting wiped out.

The first attempt… I actually made it to High Town, and I saw a glimpse of a merchant on the map, but then the game CRASHED!

This morning I tried again. It took 2 hours, but I made it through High Town and got to the steps of “The Throne of Von Aldritch” which was, surprisingly, an outdoor area. Von Aldritch was flanked by 2 Counselors. Since I have a Soldier/Demolitionist (emphasis on Demolitionist now), I’d constantly toss in Mortar Traps and then use Thermite Mines to keep them inside, while I hung around the doorway.

Every so often, I’d step in, toss a few Grenados and Canister Bombs and duck back outside, behind my wall of Thermite Mines. Surprisingly, that method took out one of the Councelors and Von Aldritch himself. But I stupidly went in and Counselor Carl wiped me out! :o

That was an exciting jaunt. Maybe I’ll try it again after getting another Blood of Ch’thon in a few days.

If I try this again and whack Von Aldritch and both Counselors, is there anything good beyond them? Or is it yet another fight?

Question about Port Valbury, and Steps of Torment and Bastion of Chaos… why do these places have a merchant, but he/it’s unwilling to buy any of your stuff? There you are, every bag packed and pockets bulging with loot, and you can’t unload it?! You can’t open a portal, so you toss the yellow stuff. And, to be honest, these merchants don’t really sell anything I want.

After Van Aldritch is your reward for completing the dungeon.

The merchants wont allow you to sell stuff because in theory this will make the player more discerning about what they will take with them versus leave behind. In reality it’s an arbitrary restriction.