Alternate character bug

FYI, I’m using GD Stash and MinDawn mods.

I tried to make a new character, but when I click anywhere in the starting area, my character walks off through the stone wall on the bottom left and just keeps walking off screen without the camera moving anywhere. Another bug is that when I open the character screen, my character has no face and the weapon and shield are on the ground. Anytime I try to make a new character and play, this will happen.

My original character is fine and I’ve been playing him in the original campaign and the modded one using GD Stash to transfer him.

Any idea what could cause this? I have no idea what and its sort of freaking me out.

Welcome to the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

What is MinDawn mod? Never heard of that one.

It generally seems to happen when a mod requires some expansion you do not own. Do you have both AoM and FG ?

Definitely not, this bug is 100% caused from not owning one of the DLC, most likely FG.

Thanks! It essentially makes you reach endgame faster while keeping the game difficult by making enemies scale with you in all locations. I don’t like grinding much and want to experiment with different class combos, so I picked this one :slight_smile:

You really think so? That’s unfortunate :frowning: I didn’t think the mod would require both expansions as the forum post didn’t mention it.

Isn’t it strange that it only affects new characters, though?

you mean the one where the download link says


yeah, I do not understand that one, I would expect this to happen to every char, but even so, it does not change the fact that it is caused by not owning the expansions

Well, the mod is for Forgotten Gods and that requires Ashes to be able to run - so yes, pretty clear you need both expansions to be able to play the mod. This will be the case for all the mods that are up to date with the game.

Oh, I thought it was updated to include content from FG. My past experience with mods for other games that the mod would support content from dlc rather than require it.

Not that I mind, anyway. I was going to buy that expansion sooner or later as I really like the game. It finally works, now! Thanks to everyone for the help

It probably does, but if you don’t have the expansions how would that work? Not sure what sort of DLCs you’re thinking of but both Ashes and Forgotten add a massive amount to the game. No way a mod could incorporate all that into itself without needing to have the expansions installed.

Skyrim comes to mind, though the DLC for that game probably isn’t as in-depth as for this game now that I think about it. Or I just used mods that happen to not include the DLC content :sweat_smile: