Always stuck using leap skills

Leap skills always stuck… can’t move
Please fix it !

You’re going to need to be more specific than that. Which leap skills? Where do you get stuck?

Ok I will using Leap skill again and sceenshot or video record when I stuck

Using [Rune of the Dark Progenitor]
Stuck spot
And so much stuck spots in Shatterd Realm, I will post soon

i can confirm this xD same spot got stuck yesterday aswell, only way to get out is to use my “special teleport” debug skill inmod, or simply restarting session ;D

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Yeah, but if happen in SR is nightmare. Can’t teleport or keep finishing this SR, just quit game and rage…

true :frowning: i would say it has something to do with the pathing of the skill, but completly unsure on how to fix this with mods :frowning:

portal out with rift gates
if you get stuck with a movement skill and is not in a skeleton key dungeon or SR, you can portal out with rift gates, open map and click on a rift portal directly on the map

yes sure you right, i just ment i was caught at the same spot like on the picture, maybe i expressed this incorrectly :smiley:

Yeah but this bug happen so much in SR

like, i know it can happen, i’m not refuting that or even trying to
Just gonna throw out a “doesn’t really happen much to me”, so we must be doing something a bit different too :sweat_smile:
one thing to note is that around stairs of any kind, is basically a big NoNo for leap and vire’s might type movements
aside from that useful habit, i think iirc devs needs screenshots of the locations where you get stuck, so they can paint it over (or whatever magick thingy they do)

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