Am I missing something about Field Command?

Field command seems rather lackluster compared to other classes’ aura buffs.
24 points for some OA/DA. Some all damage and an ok’ish amount of attack speed.

Compared to other classes Field Command seems rather lackluster. Is it balanced around the rest of the soldier skill tree being so strong maybe? In that they made the soldier buff weaker to compensate?

Not really a complaint. I don’t play soldiers at all. I just found it curious compared to other classes, how it has seemingly the weakest party buff.

count the amount of OA/DA first node gives - then compare with others, and free armour on top

I think you underestimate the importance of OA and DA. Most builds will max this over the modifier that’s grants damage and attack speed.

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Yeah, a lot of armor, over 500 (from around 2500 to 3000) on Warborn EoR that I checked.
Also Attack / Casting speed are great and with %All damage on top.


If anything Field Command is one of the best toggled buffs in the game. Flat OA/DA, % armor, % attack/cast speed and % all damage? Just way too good to pass up.

I’d say other toggled buffs like Mogdrogen Pact (only really Oak Skin is great and it took it getting jacked up on stats to be worth invest into) are worse.


“compare to other classes” is what exactly? i dont get that part. compare to pneumatic burst? or Blood of Dreeg? or Presence of Virtue? Heart of the wild? what part of FC is worse than any of these skills? at least when you open a thread and try to make your own opinion, please be more specific and details rather than “i feel like”. imo, each class and each aura buff skills are different from each other, so cant really compare them with just stats. 24 points is one of the LEAST skill points to at least soft cap buff skills that i know, and every single one of these points are useful. its not the case of PB/ PoV/ SW/ WoR when sometime you want to put only 1 point in one of their node. Saying one of the best buff skill in game is lackluster or weaker than others needs better evidences, especially when you said you dont even play soldier class

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Just looking at the aura/buff skill lines, it just looked to me as if other buffs and auras - in total - give so much more. But you guys came with some good points here. I was being open to being wrong (which it seems I am). Like you said - less points needed to get what you get too. Maybe there should be another party / aura buff for soldier, or a 3rd link to field command. Dunno. Anyway, thanks for sharing your thoughts. Like I said I just wanted to understand.