Amarasta's Quick Cut


The description of the skill says that my character will hit three times. Now let’s say I have 80% wp (without Quick Cut). As far as I’m aware, I have a chance, when none of the wps proc, to attack with both my weapons for 100% each (200% total). Wouldn’t this be better than Quick Cut?

I’m having trouble to see why a 1 point isn’t detrimental.

You attack once with one weapon and twice with the other when you proc AQC. That’s 3*80% = 240% weapon damage total.

Some see it as detrimental anyway as the animation is slower than a regular attack, but if you get 100% DW WPS then at least every attack is with two weapons.

It has crit and bonus damage as well.
AQC is among the better WPS IMO, but not as good as the top tier ones like Execution, Zolhan’s, Shattering Smash and Feral Hunger.

But as a 1 pointer with no bonuses, the damage is 55 x 3, which is lower.

Hmmm, is the animation way slower? No idea if someone did a frame rate check somewhere…

You only have a chance to hit with both weapons if no wps procs.
I think quick cut is a neat ability to proc devotions.

Thanks for all the replies!

Indeed, not having a chance to attack only once is good. Does each hit of Quick Cut has a chance to proc devotions? That would be great!

Each one of the three projectiles should have separate chance to trigger devotion.

Nice! Which made me wonder: let’s say I trigger WD, and hit 10 enemies. Still it only counts as one chance to trigger procs, right?