An extra progression system?

So how do people feel about the idea of adding an extra little progression to the game?nothing exagerated like paragon levels,but just a little extra something to extend the feeling of progressing the character?

I was thinking something in the vein of fallout 3’s challenges
Something with multiple ranks and at every rank you gain little bonuses

Example for undead:
-rank 1 kill 100 undead= gain 3% extra damage vs undead
-rank 2 kill 1000 undead=gain 10% crit bonus vs undead
-rank 3 kill 10.000 undead= gain 100% extra iron bits from undead
-rank 20 kill 10.000.000 undead= when facing more than 20 undead you gain a holy aura that burns the undead,have the last rank be some kind of special unique effect specific for every enemy type.

Every ten Port Valbury clears you get a free order of breadsticks

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the end progression in grim dawn is to get the best in slot items for your favorite builds.
then farm again and again to get the best stat rolls for those BiS items. farm by shattered realm/crucible/planned farm routes in various map areas, or by crafting with huge amount of iron/materials.

for some players, thats enough incentive for end game progression. and it keeps the gameplay balance more stable. adding bonus stats from achievements or paragon like system might seem a good idea. but that will also make end game more unbalanced. & crate will also need a lot more time & resources to implement that feature.

for me personally, i don’t lean to either way. grim dawn is mainly meant to be single player build theories experimentation sandbox. not a competitive game. what we’ve got so far can be considered very generous considering theres a lot of places for farming, with good drop rates & lots of multi-purpose items.


Honestly not a fan of it, since I like to reach a point where I can tell myself : “ok, that’s the highest I can push that character, he can do X, struggles against Y, can’t deal with Z. Time to try another concept.”

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I agree,im not a fan of infinite paragon either,but what i am suggesting would have a cap,it would be similar to nemesis exept for character bonuses

Same, I like it that the progression has a defined end and no one tries to dangle a carrot in front of me, hoping that I keep grinding forever because of it

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Crate have said they want your character to be finished. We get a few extra skill/attribute points from quests, but I doubt they’ll add anything more than that.


Do you not think the enemy reputation system is a sort of “extra progression system”. Grind to Nemesis reputation with a faction and get more champions and Nemesis spawns. I think that is a great end game progression system… because its the opposite of what you are saying. It gets harder the more you progress (more rewarding as well) instead of easier.

I would like to see the Nemesis reputation be something with ranks – even if only two or three. That way you would grind a little bit to get Nemesis rank, and if that isn’t enough “end game progression” then farming the nemesis gives more experience until the nemesis is upgraded to have new moves and more damage and stuff at the next rank(s).

I think it is a good compromise for people who want to get done, level 100, completed all missions, done all rogues, Nemesis with all factions and do something else. I’m kind of in that camp – with a lot of characters. But with some characters I;ve played way longer than that because I like them so much that I do wish I had something to push for still.


well… having nemesis & superbosses given extra abilities/companions variations according to their ranks scaled with how many times they’re defeated is an interesting idea. at least for people who wants some finality for their chars without delving too deep into the shattered realm.

for people who want endless end game challenge in grim dawn, shattered realm is the place to go. if your build has reached the sr levels where enemy powers are considered unbalanced no matter how much crate tweak their numbers & adjust max build capabilities… then you’ve defeated grim dawn with that build. time to move on. experiments with other builds, or play other games for awhile until you long for the grimness of cairn.

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