An ode to the Salazar Blade - Dual Salazar Blade Conduit Pet Witch Hunter SR65

The Salazar blade, despite it’s lack of direct pet buffs, is my favorite item for pets. I try to shoehorn it in to any build I can. :smiley: I like the temp pet, but the only way to have it out all the time is to have not one, but two daggers and two temp pets I can alternate (sounds good in theory, but I tend to button mash). There are various options to make effective dual wielding pet toons, I went with using Nightblade vs. an item. That and a conduit that synergizes nicely with hell hound / Harbringer pets, gives the class some -rr%… it isn’t much, but for a meme build I’ll take it. I ran SR65 a few times with this, it is surprisingly able… it is not going to set any records, but SR65 is a very comfortable, if somewhat slow experience.

Damage is all over the place. I probably don’t need that Yugol ring (I don’t have Rumor, Manticore), but… since I have phys and vitality damage to do something with, and have Nightblade + Occultist skills and their respective rr types, I felt I might as well layer on some poison / cold damage on top of the chaos and fire damage. Yea, i makes no sense, but meme builds don’t have to… they just have to work well enough, and this one does. :slight_smile: But, gotta wonder how other options might work… Bys chlling seal? Pet-friendly bloodsworn sig? Another Voidwhisper? Khonsar?


SR65, not too exciting, steady grind through chunk 4.

I’ll actually have to play a little and unlock some content with this one, I think it is capable… maybe more to come. But, at any rate, there it is.


I probably don’t have to tell you that by sacrificing the medal to enable dual wielding you can take a second class more suited to a pet build, resulting in a more powerful build. Don’t really understand your choice there, unless you went for a full on meme build on purpose, in which case carry on and forget I said anything.

Yep, I’ve built plenty of dual wield pet builds using a relic, belt, or medal to enable the ability on other toons.

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