anasteria on veteran

I searched the forum and there are few post on killing / not killing her but im still confused.

with my first char a blademaster shall i kill her on veteran or not? Or is it better to kill her , get access to dungeon , have better standing with legion?

Make friends with her on normal. Don’t do any of her quests.

Skip the quest on Elite.

Accept the quest on Ultimate. Once you reach revered with her (it’s really easy since any Chthonic and Aetherial kill contributes), buy out all the augments/items you need from her. Then kill her and farm her.

Once you farm her legendary helmet, you can make friends with her again trough the quest in Elite.

If you don’t want to farm her with the current char, just make friends with her, but don’t do her quests.

I befriend her on every difficulty for those quests. Those quests give tremendous amount of experience points.

Only real reason to betray her is to get her epic or legendary hoods. If those don’t interest you then always side with her as her weapon augments are the best bar none.

One thing to keep in mind is that farming her pretty much requires caped out Aether resistance (or even overcap) and that she will heavily resist Aether damage. So if you want that hood for one of your characters best to get it on a non-aether character.

Should i care about rep with black lefion?

If her quests grant so much exp maybe kill her on vet also for those weapon augmenta?

Or get aome rep with legion to buy writ first?

So I think I found a game glitch. I fought Anasteria and killed her on normal because I heard that fighting with her in elite or ultimate will undo your reputation gains on any previous difficulty. The problem was that my character had no ether resistance and high life drain, so she cast her area of effect ability and I died right after I killed her because I wasn’t getting any more life from her. I think that I was dead when something was supposed to trigger to let me into her dungeon. Now she’s now gone, I can’t open the door, and I can’t use the bounty table, but at least it got me to the next reputation tier with the Black Legion. Does anyone know what I should do or who I should submit this problem to?

The dungeon won’t be open until you restart the game.

I’ll make an educated guess here: the reasoning for the above being the quests she offers (normal and elite) would later provide plenty faction gain. Avoiding her on elite serves as opportunity to befriend her later. If this is not the case, please elaborate on your train of thought (@GeneralCash). The last bit about not doing quests when allied albeit xp to be had is unclear, what’s the benefit?

XP will come through ordinary play. The faction you lose with the Black Legion for doing her quests can only be regained at the bounty table.