Ancient Grove-feral thicket

Having been killed by the end boss in the Tainted Wood, I tried to enter the Feral thicket again using a skeleton key given by the Coven Matron (to get to the Tainted Wood), and when that didn’t work, I crafted one at the blacksmith in Homestead. That didn’t work either, although the Grim Dawn wiki says it should. Is there any way I can re-enter the Tainted Wood to continue the battle?

Unfortunately not. The dungeons are rogue like; in that once you die you cannot enter again unless you reload the game, and hence the dungeon. Also note the door auto closes after a minute or so, once it opens go in quick!

Good luck on your next attempt!

Only resetting everything by leaving the game

Skeleton Key areas are like “one way tickets”

It’s not just the key, but also the play session. You need a skeleton key to enter and if you die you have to exit the game back to the main menu and restart and then use another key to enter again.

Thanks to everyone for the replies. I’ll see if any of the keys work from a new session