Animals eating crops in a fenced field

Animals eating crops in a fenced field.

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Did you fence their spawn point in? I just found I’d done that by mistake. You need to leave some space between where their spawn point is and any fencing so they won’t spawn in there. Also make sure there are no gaps in your fencing that allows them in.

Here is the screenshot:

Not sure about spawn point

Does the fence go all the way up to the wall on the lefthand side?

Yes it is all around, with wooden gates on the right.

Was part of the fence damaged at any point? Most likely reason. Or the animals got in before it was finished.

It was damaged and repaired. I have removed part of the wall, got rid of animal and rebuilt it. Will give an update, If it reappears again.

Some thoughts, because I’ve had the same problem RE animals and crops:

  1. From my own experience, animals that once get into the field will NOT leave voluntarily. I’ve re-fenced the field and then had to move hunters in to clean out the animals. That means I still had animals in the field long after I’d re-established the fences.
  2. The intersection between defensive walls and fences is tricky. Yours appear to be solid, but I’ve had apparently solid connections turn out to be porous with no indication to my eye as to what was different between that and similar situations elsewhere.
  3. The game makes no distinction between animals. I used to let my cows graze the fields when I had clover planted in them, and got ‘animals eating the crops’ indicators every time. That doesn’t appear to be the situation here, but recognize that the game engine makes no distinction between Intentional animals eating the crops and Unintended animals eating the crops!
  4. Even if there is no spawn point anywhere in the area, deer will romp in from a considerable distance if there is a break in the fencing around a field, and then (see above) not leave for years after the fencing is re-established. The deer in your field could have come from clear across the map, in my experience.

Well, animals can’t get out of fenced in areas unless you leave a gap for them to; not a gate that doesn’t count.

More to my point, they WON’T get oit even if you leave a gap in the fencing for them.
Not that I’m complaining about that specifically: it makes sense that the deer are in the middle of Pastures of Plenty, they don’t see any reason to leave - but it’s a pain in the kerflugel when you are trying to get them out of there and the only method seems to be to haul in hunters and shoot them down amongst the turnips.

Please keep the bug reporting forum focused on bug info and repro steps.

Select a hunter and right click on the animal. It will be killed.

It happen when you build a fence and the animal was already inside the field.

Let`s go back to v0.7 a while.
-when you started a settlement near a deer respawn point, after a while such respawn point started automatically move away from settlement, which means, once the area was depleted by hunters, they would start to spawn somewhere else.
-Then came 0.8 this feature seems somehow disabled, meaning if I build something over a spawn point it won’t matter anymore.

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