Animation for BWC Conduit

The conduit for lightning BWC still show fire effect. Any chance to change the BWC animation into lightning instead fire?

Dreeg’s Evil Eye is supposed to have Fire visuals with appropriate skill mods in a future patch…
Maybe BWC will get some love as well? :thinking:

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I’d assume that the new tech will work for both DEE and BWC.


If that’s the case, maybe and also fantastic news. But to give the OP an answer … this issue is because of conflicts with the transmuter.

Adding new FX to match the new size of the transmuter really screws over the ability to add new fx replacers on item modifiers.


Is this actually gonna be a thing? Because i want to do a fire DoT build with the fire DEE set, but i want to use transmuter and the skill mod not updating the FX on the skill makes me want to not do it.

i want to drop a big ass fireball in middle of enemies.

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It is, there’s a vid on Discord. Not really a big ass fireball but has new color and some explosion


I see. I did use the transmuter.