Animation I have only just noticed

Been playing GD for some 4,200 hours now and only just have noticed the PETRIFY animation of “Fist of Vire” from the Vire devotion constellation. I probably missed it up till now as it is not easily spotted on smaller foes, but on the larger ones like Korvaak’s RageFlame it is very evident. These big guys actually turn into a scaly gray stone like frozen statue for the duration. Makes me feel like I am the mythical MEDUSA, pity they have never heard of the shiny shield to protect themselves.


Here is one turned to stone

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You also turn into stone when you petrified. Heroes with ‘‘Timewarped’’ title has this ability and can petrify you 1,5-2.1 sec with 0 resistance which hurts a lot in SR since those heroes come with Arcane/supporter buddies usually. Basilisks like Slathsarr also petrify, you can stay in front of it and zoom in to see.

That’s why I’m trying to convince Z to add some petrify resist on green/red constellations for 2 patches. Z heard me and add it on Rhowan’s Scepter last hotfix :grin: Next one I’m waiting on Yugol or Abomination lol