[Animations] A humble request to think about

Hi folks,

Long time no see, but I am still creeping the forums from time to time and playing the game. =)

Let me first start saying Crate made such a great game we are all very pleased with and the upcoming Expansion is only going to improve it. Thanks Crate!

Now to the purpose of this silly thread…

Well, I love the game as I stated above, do not get me wrong, but I think it needs one major improvement and I think Crate should give it a little more thought for that is a thing we keep staring at all the time playing this gem. Animations.

Looking at games like D3, Wolcen, dunno, even Vikings - Wolves of Midgard, I really feel the GD animations are lacking something, some kind of feel into it which makes it feel “real”. I know it is different engine and all, but still… Running, casting, weapon swinging, everything just feels so shallow, with no impact on monsters…for me, this is a huge part of what makes games like GD so good to play, the theatre of battle on the screen before me.

  • the running feels like there is no gravitation present in Cairn
  • every swing of a weapon feels same, there is no umph to it based on weapon categories, no visible feedback from monsters
  • faster attack speeds seem ridiculous to the extent I rather do not play them
  • the amount of animations for each weapon category is low
  • faster casting speeds make the spells look like they are coming from your belly
  • the amount of spell casting animations is low, there should be some more unique ones like for the Albrecht’s Aether Ray

Strange is, I do not feel the same way for monsters, their animations look good to me.

Well, just my thoughts for the only gripe I have with this awesome game. Feel free to disagree.

/rock shelter up

Fully agree. Wish DEVs would improve on those stuff you mentioned

yeah and aether “Get outta my face” ray is gimped so you don’t build a character round the coolest skill in the entire game :stuck_out_tongue: