Announcing Fangs of Asterkarn!

The hype is too much man! Between this and the 1.2 patch We are going to have so much replayability. Kudos for the Crate team!


I feel like I was lied to and I’m glad of it.

While I await this next chapter of Grim Dawn to emerge sometime next year, I will have to satisfy myself by using dead squirrels as improvised weapons and ammunition in Baldur’s Gate 3. My Gnome Monk will eventually achieve maximum jump distance in hopes of avoiding the mean half orc barbarian who has a tendency of throwing him about in multiplayer.

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ok… going west into snowy areas is totally unexpected… next thing we know, we’ll go into gd beach episode by going north…

with the announcement of titan quest 2 and asterkarn… i think 2024 will be a very gd tq year for me…

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Looking forward to this.

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Gamers are eating goood this year man…baldurs gate 3,starfield,stalker 2,titan quest 2,hogwarts,the dead space remake,and now…THIS? :>


well, not totally. Z asked this 3 years ago in Grim Misadventures #171

and many people said Asterkarn.
So there was always a hint of some kind of area expansion in the future, maybe something like the new areas around Burrwitch and old Arkovia. I did not expect it to be a full blown DLC though. Crate once more lives up to their reputation of being a community-inspired developer.

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Thank you so much for all the hard work and love you put into your game(s). This is simply amazing and very rare in our days. A proper answer to Diablo 4 and PoE2. Take your time to make it look/work/play excellent as everything you do. Thank you again.

I can’t overstate how happy I am ! Sign me in for a new cold/bleed mastery and snowy areas.

This game means a lot to me and I can carry on further my GD propaganda :innocent:

Greetings from France !

yugol: getting closer to cairn buffet party
aetherial invaders: preparing for revenge 2.0 aetheric boogaloo
chthonians: preparing for revenge 2.0 bloody boogaloo
the taken, the resistance and the 3 witch gods gang: going for anime ski & hotsprings vacation in asterkarn


Oh man. A new way to lie to myself about why I don’t practice guitar every day. But sidenote, YASSSSSS!

I know I’m in minority, but a Mac client at some point? %)))

Bridges. Moar bridges.


Great news. It would be nice to add force movement when out of range, for gamepad, since now it is only for keyboard and mouse.

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Make it game expansion compatible in coop.

I don’t want to constantly have to disable expansions just to play with a friend missing one.
It would mean bringing gear and characters to base game - but locking areas out for people who didn’t buy it.


Allowing people who do own it host it but locking new classes to purchases
and new areas only accessible if someone who owns it host it.

Even small studios like Ashes of Rementant ( First one ) have done this.

Please consider it.


New super bosses. It is finally time to kill crate boss for welcome party.

Yes! I’m so happy right now! Another expansion with a new class and new gameplay systems on my favorite game is a real dream come true! I’m just waiting for the new update to roll in before coming back as I’m spending a bit of time on Path of Exile for the first time. But what I really wanted was more content for this game. After 1700 hours of playtime, this will easily double or triple that amount and I couldn’t be happier about it! Thank you so much!

I just watched the livestream, and you said that you’d fixed the map size by going from a limit of 2Gb to 4 Gb, and it was easy.

And I was like, “wait a second, that’s the difference between a signed int and an unsigned int”.

You guys fixed this by just adding the word “unsigned” to the code, didn’t you? LOL




three of my most beloved words: TOLD! YOU! SO!

I would like to file a complaint with Management: WHY CAN’T I BUY THIS EXPANSION YET??

Thank you for your time.