Announcing Fangs of Asterkarn!

Building upon the foundation of v1.2’s massive changes (now in public playtesting!), we are proud to announce that Grim Dawn will be receiving a third expansion: Fangs of Asterkarn!

(Download art here)

In this latest massive installment of Grim Dawn, you will journey West into the rugged wilderness of Asterkarn and contend with the mighty Kurn. Discover the dark legacy that continues to haunt these nomadic people and again drives them East, towards renewed conflict.

[Expansion FAQ]

How much will the expansion cost?
Fangs of Asterkarn is another major addition to Grim Dawn and will be priced comparatively to past expansions.

When is the expansion coming?
The expansion is expected to release in 2024, but you never know when we end up doing MOAR than initially promised.

Will there be new masteries?
Fangs of Asterkarn features a transformative 10th Mastery. Become a frenzied force of destruction upon the battlefield capable of shapeshifting into vicious beastlike forms. The new Berserker mastery brings the total number of mastery combinations to an astounding 45!

Will there be a new chapter of the story?
Fangs of Asterkarn is another huge addition to the world of Grim Dawn. You will trek across the glorious snowy peaks of Asterkarn, delve into frozen caverns, and explore ancient forest valleys and breathtaking hot springs as you seek to purge the corruption tainting this idyllic landscape. Parlay with the Kurn tribes and aid them in rekindling old alliances as you contend with the darker side of their bloody history.

Will there be an increased Level cap?
Fangs of Asterkarn does not increase the level cap. Your characters will gain additional power through quest rewards and potion customization.

Will there be an increased Devotion cap?
Fangs of Asterkarn is not increasing the devotion cap. One does not simply contend with the will of the gods!

What are some of the new features coming with the expansion?
Fangs of Asterkarn is touching upon nearly every aspect of the game to enrich your experience and give you ever more options when building your characters:

  • Conquer the Ascendant Game Mode - turn the campaign world into a challenge worthy of ascendant demigods, with every dungeon and boss encounter sure to test your limits.

  • Potion Customization - alter your potions to suit your playstyle. Turn them into powerful tonics that restore your character’s vitality, or have them provide powerful unique buffs and effects.

  • Affix Transmutation - reroll your rare and magic items to perfect your equipment.

  • Crucible Expanded - delve deeper into the Crucible’s challenges with thirty additional waves (requires the Crucible DLC).

  • The Shattered Realm Grows - discover new regions and boss arenas being slowly consumed within the Shattered Realm’s unstable infinity.

  • Discover Hundreds of New Items - a veritable vault of treasures awaits you with hundreds of new Monster Infrequents, Epic items, and unique Legendary items!

  • Awaken Epic Items - unleash the true potential of many Epic items to turn them into powerful implements worthy of Legends!

  • Tackle New Foes - test your mettle against new super bosses and additional Nemesis bosses for old factions. Five new hero monster archetypes populate the entirety of Cairn alongside older additions.

  • Two New Rogue-Like Dungeons - two new roguelike dungeons will be introduced with free content updates for the Fangs of Asterkarn expansion.


First of all - i absolutely love the new Artwork, it beats my favorite of AoM. Not only i’ve a thing for redheads(plus a lil abs looks on woman sick tho), i also like the northern / viking theme & aesthetics… Is one of my absolute Favorite-Themes, the only other Theme which i like a bit more would be Asian or more specific → Japanese. But on the western side i do love Nordic Mythology and Theme (God of War, Thor etc).

Secondly the new Expac sounds amazing! The new class sounds sick, while i’m not myself that much into transformation, my favorite Class besides Sorc in Diablo is Druid… (especially for it’s elemental builds) i will def. play Beserk with Shaman mix. (Said that we already have druid in GD).

Then the Potion craft and new Difficulty sounds fun, and i also can’t wait for the Roguelike-Dungeons.

Howver there are two things which i want to adress.

First of all, you mentioned it in the streams already, isn’t neccessary about FoA itself, but GD in general. Please consider to implement a basic version of the feature of Rainbowfilter Mod. Makes items more readable if certain elements and stuff are colorized. Especially; which goes also for my next 2 Points, due Xbox Version doesn’t have that. I play on both plattforms, less on Xbox - because i miss that feature there.

Secondly: Please, bring the loyalist packs to Xbox - especially with Fangs of asterkarn i’d like to venture into the new expac with the amazing viking skin of the second loyalist pack.

And third: Do you also have a 4k Version of the amazing Artwork?
(And while we’re at it, is 4K resolution still potentially on the table for Xbox Version?)


I’m hyped as f*ck
Thanks to all of you.


Simply couldn’t be happier with all that was announced today!

Crate is amazing! Thank you so much for the continued support for Grim Dawn!

Crate, you guys continue to amaze me!!

Awesome! Cant wait to play it

Incredible news. Crate shakes up the ARPG community again. Can’t wait for everything you guys have in store for us.

This was from my post in august 2019

They did exactly this (and MOAR, of course)

I guess dreams do come true…

Thank you, Crate :grin:


THANKS! cant wait for the gem <3

My favorite game of all time gets even bigger. Can’t wait. Need some details on the new game mode!

Dreams do come true! It’s been a long time since I was as happy as I am today after the announcement of this great news! Thank you :crate:!

Love the snow/Asterkarn area perfect for expansion, and love the Berserker mastery great choice. Curious to find out what names they’ll give to the new class combinations.

Except he said this 3rd expansion will be bigger than FG.

Dentist build or riot

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And shapeshifting was not an option at the time… like I said - MOAR :smiley:

  • thanks for the wallpaper

  • Byscilla dethroned, no longer being the best waifu


Totally Agree!!!
(You’re talking about the redhair not the wolf though?)


Well that was unexpected. freaking awesome!

Shapeshifting class. I think it sounds like a bleeding focused class. Maybe physical or pierce. Cause this is what the game is missing right now.

My wallet is not ready. But it’s going to be ready by 2024. Haven’t been this hyped since 2012.