Announcing Fangs of Asterkarn!

When will preorder be available?

What about FG? Does FoA have any chronological connection to FG?

Forgotten Gods is chronologically last, if you want to get into the canon, but you will be able to start FoA and FG whenever you want as soon as you reach their unlock requirements, just as before.


Wow, glad to see this.
Out of curiosity, was it mentioned what caused the change of heart regarding another expansion?
If I remember correctly, previously it was said that adding another mastery would add even more complexity to a system that was already very complex, and various other factors that made another expansion hard to realize.

Either way, more Grim Dawn is always great.

Zantai said in the dev stream they were getting a bit of an itch to get back into the game and also they realised the storylines they’re developing for the RTS game which will be set on Cairn in pre-GD era could need some background/history about them in GD. So we get a 3rd expansion!


does that new GD Beserker mastery comin 2024 come w a wolf companion as the pic shows announcement wise? yes or no.

We don’t know what the shapeshifting will be yet.

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I doubt they would show that as the main expansion picture and not have a wolf pet,what i am more curious is if the wolf will be based on pet bonuses or player bonuses,as this mastery seems to be focused on melee and shapeshifting,but who knows,maybe it also has some pet suport

Best news ever !

Pardon my laziness and arbitration, but I didn’t check the 200 comments here.
With the release of Fangs of Asterkarn, a new mastery and it’s combinations are coming. Will we see an increase in character limit of 50 to accomodate for our zerkers?

The number of characters you can have?

If you are using Steam for cloud save, then no. That’s set by Steam.

If you do local save then you can have “unlimited”.

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I didn’t know that. Thanks for swift reply!

Hi, devs and everyone. I hope the text files will be available for translation soon. (Sorry if it has been discussed above).

There wont be any texts to translate this time :slight_smile:

Android and Switch port please. The performance was leave some to be desired but there was no other games like TQ or GD. Torchlight was lackluster in term of combat and felt nothing of power increase and little feedback. D3 i honestly couldn’t swallow. it just not my cup of tea.


Fire it up!

(Warning: may be “trigger” inducing)

What do you mean tomorrow? Patch is coming out then, not the expansion.

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Lololol. See. I get steam notifications. Get all excited. Then my hopes and dreams are crushed because my reading comprehension sucks. :crazy_face:

Wouldn’t that be a nice surprise tho? :grin:

Where is patch? :thinking:

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