another damage conversion question

Hi All

I got a question: How does the bonuses to particular damage types work when conversion kicks in?

I convert 100% fire damage to cold damage. I got some bonuses to fire damage. Does it counts before the conversion or I just should not care about fire damage when I convert it all into cold and focus on cold bonuses solely?

Thanks in advance.


Hi I’m not sure in great detail or if there are exceptions to the rule. But I think the point of conversion is it happens first before % to whatever damage type. Otherwise there might be no point unless convert to a damage type that you have a lot of resistance reduction.

So if you are converting fire to cold the reason you would want to do that is if you have lots of % cold.

It seems (though again I am not detailed expert) that most every build focuses on one major damage type and tries to convert as much extra types into that damage, and buff that damage (% and flat), and also have as much resistance reduction RR for that type.

But example of detail I don’t know about what happens if you convert fire to physical? Then your % physical applies Ok got that. But will cunning modify the damage since it’s physical? (probably). Or would spirit modify fire? (probably not). Titan Quest mechanic of piercing first strength modified, then convert to pierce, then dexterity modified pierce. I don’t know about GD.

That makes sense now. Thank you for your time :wink:

Hi Guys,

Damage is calculated in the following order:

Base Skill > Skill Modifiers > Conversion on the Skill or Transmuter > Conversion on Equipment and Buffs > Equipment, Auras and Passives

The skill is first. This means the text of the skill gives you the starting point for the calculation. Then skill modifiers, such as brimstone for fire strike, which are any nodes attached to the base skill that don’t function independently (such as explosive strike) or provide a passive buff (such as deadly momentum). Then any intrinsic conversion to the skill, such as Discord for cadence. Then any other sources of conversion except armor piercing, then armor piercing. Finally, all of your passives such as stats, buffs, equipment, etc are applied.

If you convert 100% fire to cold, you add up all the fire damage the skill deals, modify it by the fire damage modifiers intrinsic to the skill, convert all of it to cold, then modify it by cold damage modifiers from equipment, stats, auras, etc.