Another TRADE scammer..

Seems to be yet another Russian player. The only people that I ever come across scamming in the trades are Russians unfortunately. The last one being 666 who stole a pair of Barbarous pants and crafting mats, and now this guy

He took an Ulzin hat blueprint that he was supposed to pay 80 Aether crystals for, then acted dumb after the trade, and refused to give it back then logged off. I had a funny instinct with this guy to ask him to drop the crystals first, which I don’t usually do as the majority of people (99.9%) in the trades are okay in this game so I went ahead and gave it to him first. Anyway, just a heads up for you guys to be wary of this Russian dude. Personally I’m not ever trading with russian players again from now on. Only ever scammed twice in this game and both times with Russians… meh. All the best people.

in game screen of this asshole

lol, this has to be the most naive way of cheating I have seen today…
In a game where you can cheat, create and dupe items, you just have to get out of your way and scam people :smiley:

I don’t trade often in this game…but isn’t there a trade window where you can see what people offer?


Yeah, there is. I don’t know why you would give anyone something first in game (unless you know them) or not use the builtin trade function.

You can’t trade Aether Crystals in the trade window, or bloods, hearts, brains, dynamite, scrap, aether shards, manticore eyes, etc.

Some people don’t want to drop their farmed mats when they might get robbed. It’s a gentleman’s agreement.

I didn’t know that. Come to think of it though, you can’t even put them in your shared stash or transfer them to your own other characters so that makes sense.

Guess it’s best to do the old 50 paces trade deals :stuck_out_tongue: Basically both parties start some X distance away, drop their items on the ground, then run to the other side to pick it up.

Yeah, It’s a topic of contention.

I know stormcaller, it’s so easy to cheat in this game as it is, to dupe items, materalize them out of thin air even. So I don’t know why someone has to resort to scamming someone and tarnishing their name within the game. I don’t like to cheat though and have always played this game legitimately so it pisses me off when someone does this in game. It’s not even so much about losing an item but really just the principle of it all. Like I mentioned before, 99.9% of the players in this game are okay so I generally have little reason to not trust someone in this game. As soulscrouge said, it’s a gentleman’s agreement when trading, so I like to give people the benefit of the doubt and on the whole this community is more trustworthy then say in a mmorpg. I have 16 hundred hours logged in this game and out of all the hundreds of trades I have done, this has only happened twice now.
This thread is just to let people be aware of this guy should they come across him in trade that’s all. I even told him I would post about him in the forum should he not pay me what I asked or return the item, but he didn’t seem to care in the slightest and carried on playing the dumb innocent fool that didn’t understand English… So here we have it. ADcomando, what a c&*t :slight_smile:

Might not be a bad idea to back up your account data before proceeding with a trade. If you get scammed, just restore the backup. I would not consider this a breach of “legit” as long as you only used it to make yourself whole if robbed.

Is this a joke? Just use GDSidekick.

No, really. I mean…if you want to be ridiculous, you could drop what you want to trade on the ground. I don’t see a reason to fret about trading.