(Answered/Done) Looking for a (beginner-ish) "do not disturb" Build for most/all content (including leveling)

Hi there.

I tried many builds, including my own, but I seem to not find what I am looking for. Imagine a build where you move from A to B and if someone asks “But what if there’s monsters in between” and you slam it with the Mr. Incredible Meme “Movement is movement!”

I absolutely do not care if I walk 1 pixel a minute or skip 3 game universes while taking a single step forward. My point is, I am trying to figure out a so called “do not disturb” build that’s basically immortal and does damage while just moving/standing around. And with immortal I am not meaning “I don’t even wanna press the health pot buttun” - button presses are fine but I would prefer not to.

I see many interesting auras, skills and I tried a couple variations but I seem to not find the right answer to my own question. By no means am I a bad builder but Grim Dawn is still slightly new to me and I had only leveled 6 characters above 50 and ended normal with 1.

I am extremely patient and you can believe me when I say ‘extremely’. I once ran around in circles looking for the body from a quest objective for roughly 20 minutes until I found it - while being exactly where the star is ^^ Without getting angry of course. Sometimes I am like “duh, yeah, now it’s obvious that I should’ve moved the camera!” :slight_smile:

I prefer shields because I like the style but theres no must for shields. Also I am looking something for my nightblade because I somehow maxed a few skills and it does a lot but I think the chaos should be kept at bay before respeccing costs too much, heh.

If it’s not possible to have a build I wish for I will keep playing everything else. I am in for the long run after another arpg game disappointed me massively.

Oh, I somehow refuse to play without veteran active on normal. I like xp.

I found something I am gonna work on “Vanquisher Fire Sentinel”. Running around in circles is exactly my main playstile :slight_smile:

Stay crunchy.

The most similar build I see is this one:


It is pretty much the exact opposite of what the OP wants.

This one is pretty good, tanky, shieldy and will kill stuff:

Thank you so much, I found builds in the beginner section that slipped through somehow:

Right at the sektion “Skater” which I first found not aplictable to me but then I read the contents :slight_smile: I will try those as well as the passivist build someone did.

And I adore pet-builds but there are plenty :dog2: and I already play two of the beginner ones. I actually play 5 or 6 beginner builds already that are a lot of fun to test.

Thanks for the retaliation build fizzo_man.

You all, stay crunchy. You! stay crunchy.

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