Any advantages in reaching lvl 100 over 94?

Hi there :slight_smile:

Im just wondering if i should still care for leveling after reaching 94. I could wear the best items in the game, the last levels are only granting one skill point per level up, also the monster will scale in damage&hp.

Should i just stay on lvl 94, or just dont care for leveling and do it passively?

Well, there are those skillpoints which you usually want to have. Also, you probably still need ranks in your devotion skills as well. Unless you stop playing that character you will hit 100 anyway. I don’t use potions at that stage, though.

You will level up as you play so there’s no way around hitting level 100 eventually, unless you plan on dying every few minutes and not retreiving the lost exp from your grave :stuck_out_tongue:

Me personally, I only tackle content like SR, roguelike dungeons or Crucible after reaching lvl 100, only then I can be 100% sure if my build is good or not.

as opposed to 94%.

Yes, scaling makes you practically weaker at l100 than l94.