Any advice for 2H Lightning Shaman build?

Any advice for lightning 2H Shaman build? Torn between using Savagery or Primal Strike as my left-click skill. If I’m going lightning damage anyways might as well get the Storm Totem too, not sure if I will need Wendigo for heals. Not sure about any devotions yet or the second class (Thinking soldier for passives and extra tankiness).

Personally I find primal strike to be redundant, sure it has AOE, but so many lightning items has procs, you rarely need to worry about trash anyways.

How about a suggestion for the second class? What do you think would fit well?

Elementalist (demolitionist) I believe is typically the strongest due to lightning resistance reduction from thermite mines + Defense Ability reduction and crowd control through flash bangs, along with strong defensive options in Blast Shield and Ulzuin’s Chosen, and much appreciated OA from Flame Touched.

Warder (Soldier) also works well with mobility from blitz and very strong defensive passives/War Cry.

Other than that, I think you can still make Conjurer (Occultist) and Druid (Arcanist) work to varying degrees, Curse of Frailty + Blood of Dreeg from the former and a myriad of support options from the latter (Mirror, Maiven’s , Nullification). Stay away from Trickster (Nightblade) unless you plan to Dual wield.

All of what I posted above is in regards to a 2H-Lightning build. They’re by no means the only successful builds you can create with any of the Shaman class combos. Hope this helps you out.

I was looking to make a Ultos Shaman myself here soon; given the new patch coming up; would the elementalist version still be the strongest you figure for a secondary class?

I’ve been playing warder myself and am currently lvl 59. It’s pretty fun so far but i personally feel like Primal Strike (i used this up into the 30s) is out shined by Savagery. You could argue that Savagery has better AOE but i feel like i clear just fine and i definitely kill single target faster.

I’ve seen suggestions for lightning builds centering around Druid which i believe is shaman/arcanist so maybe give that one a shot.

Personally I went 2h Warder Lightning Forcewave (Tremors)

I recommend for style going Aether Lightning -

For pure Lightning, Savagery is the way to go. And Elementalist in support (no nerfs didn’t kill it)

When/if I get a machine capable of running GD properly, I plan to aim for a two-handed melee lightning/cold Druid, myself. (Although depending on how long it takes, I wouldn’t be surprised if I switch plans to Inquisitor+Shaman…I’m pretty sure the frost runes will be frostburn, not just straight cold damage, which matters for Stormcaller’s Pact.) Truth be told, I’m looking at using BOTH Savagery and Primal Strike–the latter in part for the stun (thus, no Thunderous Strike). Then again, I’m also looking at Flash Freeze+Absolute Zero, so I’m wondering how much redundancy I’ve got in my plans…

Never mind that my planning isn’t incorporating Devotions yet; I’m getting dizzy just trying to process the whole lot at once.

My 2H shaman is coming along well got pretty much everything pumped into the savagery tree and storm-caller’s pact.

EDIT: Oh yh devotions I did have sailor’s guide and empty throne but switched just recently to Tsunami and Owl.

for early lvling, rifle primal strike / devo swarm is prolly one of fastest lvling chars in GD…

but after mid elites, ultimate, savagery is a lot better than primal strike spam… so end game savagery > primal strike

for 2nd class, imo best is going demo… for 1.08 patch flame touched is getting electrocute buff aswell, it has mines to RR, flashbang and goes on… best 2h lightning build will be elementalist or conjurer for sure…

conjurer is my 2nd fav, blood of dreeg is just amazing and CoF is awesome for sure… and on top of that , aspect of guardian boost your posion res and gives min +10 phys res which makes gearing easy and makes you tanky as 2 hander…

my least fav is warder… i mean its soldier ofc make any class stronger but i dont think it will be better than demo esp for 1.08…

Out of curiosity,what are you currently playing on? I built my pc about six years ago and it runs Grim Dawn just fine. And it wasn’t even considered high-end when it was built. I’m just curious because I keep seeing posts where people claim to be in need of new computers or upgrades to play the game, meanwhile I’m doing perfectly fine on a six year old computer.

Why dont just use this guide?

I dunno why people say Savagery has AoE… last I checked it hasn’t, not unless you count the passive skills it can trigger.
I use Savagery for left click and Primal Strike (no transmuter) for right click, so far it is a pretty strong build, though I have trouble healing if Feral Rage does not kick in. I tried Wendigo Totem but methinks people who praised it to me greatly exaggerated its healing amount… I would need to invest a lot more into that for that much.
I am running a 2-hander melee Warder btw, I don’t plan on maxing the Soldier tree, just needed Markovian’s Advantage and some passives from there. Otherwise I plan on maxing Savagery and Primal Strike and all their sub-skills, plus Stormcaller’s pacts and the 2-hander passive skills for Shaman to make a tough tank. Not much variety to the build, just run around and smack things with a giant axe. :slight_smile: