Any beginner Eye of Reckoning builds?

Hi there people, hope youre doing fine during this harsh period in the world. Anyways, Ive finally gotten some time to play this game. Ive always played minion/pet builds but Im looking to do something different. I looked on the new class in FG and they had a “spin to win” skill. So, due to my lack of understanding this forum and poor search skills, I couldnt really find a beginner build with this skill. Is it hard to make a build on my own or are there a few end game builds that can be a goal to aim for?

I appreciate any help I can get, thanks!

Here’s a pretty common one, easy to gear up for and very solid.
Also you can check the Build compendium thread at the top of this forum section. Look for oathkeeper in the spreadsheet there (OK is the one with the EoR skill) and pick a sub class. soldier is really common as it synergizes well with the OK.

Fire EoR finally got an MI this patch, I think it will do better than phys eor out of the box w/o fancy items. I am working on a grimtools for a beginner one, I’ll post it here when I’m done!

Eye of Reckoning is a nice, flashy skill. The problem is that isn’t very effective early on without the items posted in the link above. It drains energy pretty fast if you boost attack speed and you’re still in melee, which means a lot of things hurt. You could level a warlord using forcewave then respec later on to EoR. It’s ranged so you can kite if you need to and Obsidian War Cleavers that drop from Cthonian Tyrants early on give a big boost to the skill.