[] Physical Spin2win EoR Warlord. 150-170, SR 75 viable, no greens



Very often emerges the question which build can do both Gladiator and SR and it’s not Rachmaninov’s tough piano piece to play. So here’s one build, which covers the requirements. Physical EoR Warlord have good damage, defense, it’s extremely easy to play and it’s constant spinning whirlwind of damage. So here’s my take.


  • with perma buffs only, WITHOUT Watborn proc or Ascension

GRIM TOOLS :arrow_right: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/pZrgmWkN

So build is changed a lot. Picked more and more damage. It’s really fluid in Crucible, but energy sustain isn’t really enough for campaign, needs slight changes. Also resistances are little bit tight.

  • I used amulet dropped from Crate of Entertainment for +1 all skills. Option is Kaisan Eye or Ascension conduit. Devotions are greedy, going for Ulzaad, Azraaka and Empyrion all at the same time. Oleron’s Rage is the go to exclusive skill. Crafts are for % physique, to allow huge cunning dump.

Video from monster 5:46 run!

Original Build

GRIM TOOLS- https://www.grimtools.com/calc/JVlWxdo2

Credit for this build to @sir_spanksalot. He made this type of build in early FG days. I created this build during days when GT was down, so I wanted to have fresh perspective and do something differently.


I wanted to create something easy to follow, so decided not to use Ascension conduit. Conduits are tough and expensive to craft and usually roll something useless. Here’s super common blue amulet.In Spanks build conduit cover the resistances hole, but here I had different ideas how to do it. Coven rings are vendor one and gives relevant stats. Relic is Serenity +skills and extra defensive layer. Biggest hesitation is to boots, this or Ill omen ones, which allows me to cap Soulfire. But mine have physical resistance, valuable stat, so decide to use them. And ofc slow is vital for EoR builds. Medal allows me to dual wield, have bonus to Soulfire and convertible flat lightning.


Went Azraaka+Ulzaad combo, also decided to take Revenant for speed, Life steal and racial bonus to undead. Azraaka is proced by EoR, while Assasin’s mark by Guardians.


Gladiator is completed easy with 3 buffs and 1 banner. With proc from Harp it’s easy to sustain it. Also defensively is stable, but reckless play will still got you kill. My fastest fluke run without recording was 6.25, but times like 6.45-7.00 minutes are more normal.

In SR build can do most of the time SR 75, but depends on Nemesis ofc. I panicked on video and used aether cluster once, but see the timer, build is fast and safe. Still Cluster on hot bar is recommended.

Video Gladiator- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zgwn3RdtoQ0&feature=youtu.be
Video SR- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PqRDqMmnK-8&feature=youtu.be


Nice build!
The eye of reconing(with warborn) was Absolutely broken. Time passes, and as it was, so remained

EoR works very well with Warborn. But currently it’s not broken. In early FG days all Warlords were crazy fast on top of unkillable. Still I am happy with 300k DPS :smile:

LMAO, I am about to post similiar Opressor build.

More LMAO, I was thinking of posting one with Bone Harvest charging and Gladiator belt, but decided to do Warlord. I am sure you made your Opressor god :wink:

I did, my fastest spin was 6:18, with two armored mutators did 6:25. Struggled at Shard 75-76 tho, probably need Fervor with Consecration there instead of Bone Harvest, but can’t be arsed doing that. Build is stupendously silly strong and simple.

Yes, trust you with that. How’s the sheet DPS or you gonna keep us surprised until build is posted?

no surprise, just gonna post it later tonight. It’s just so strong because of how silly op EoR is and also double passive RR.

OK, looking forward to see it! Yes, Opressor is blessed to have passive - RR on both masteries. I don’t think EoR as a skill is that special. Mods to Warborn and Cyclone makes it strong. Everything besides them and fire is low tier.

So, it might be because of my inexperience, but am I the only one who looks at those stats and goes HOLY S**T, WHAT’S WITH THAT INSANE DPS?? I thought 200k was crazy, this is just…wow.

Sheet DPS can be little deceiving, but EoR usually have high. Remember that you need to keep spinning and avoid casting something else, otherwise you will deal 0 damage. Also basically all of my damage is from that skill. Auto attacks have WPS, caster have procs. But yeah otherwise sheet DPS is eye candy :slight_smile:

https://www.grimtools.com/calc/1NXWODXZ this is my stuff @Nery
I will give your devotion route a check as well. https://prnt.sc/ow5mss this is sheet DPS with no procs atm. I am more concerned about my lack of Physical resist so I tried to play around 2x Seals of Might in conjunction with my Cronley ring that offers me a total of 13% leech.

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zeicberic why u have physical damage converted to aether to vire’s might ? fire resistance is low & if ur playing physical Eor u need oleron rage not divine mandate.

Yes, it looks good!

Physical resistance is very important. First of all reduces big hits and second it will help you if you accidentally find reflect mobs, although reduced reflect damage is more important probably.

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@Nery i theorycrafted this its some how safe build and viable but i think this one miss some upgrades.


@DEFO No I do not. Past 3.1k-3.2k OA, Divine Mandate is better due to massively increasing Crit damage (this is a personal approximation, mind you). Since I got up to 3.5k OA with simple procs, more OA does nothing. OA does not scale indefinitely, and even if it did the diminishing returns would make it worthless. I found that out with my very 1st iteration of Warlord EoR, when I had 4.2k OA with all my procs but it didn’t feel like damage was anything to write home about.

Besides OA and flat % Phys, there is no point to Oleron unless you also care about Pierce. I already capped the movespeed regardless.
Divine Mandate gives % Phys, massive Trauma % and flat Trauma. And massive Crit damage, 46% in my case. Which in turn leads to more DPS.

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the problem is grimdawn devloper’s nerfed the hole game :confused: even with 999999oa u cant see any difference :confused:

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:rofl: Good one.

BTW @DEFO I realized I did not answer one question, my amulet. it’s there for 2 reasons:
1 massive energy, EoR eats way too much energy dammit, I see no reason why it should. So my AAR Warlock can sustain an Energy hungry spell like AAR since both Masteries are technically “caster” Masteries, why should a 2x “melee” Mastery have to put up with insane Energy costs?
2 need to get either a 40% Acid & Poison resist or a 40% Aether resist Ascension variant to make the damn thing work better.

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sorry but its the truth :slight_smile: