Ultimate Hardcore Lightning Eye of Reckoning Warlord- Soulara of Teslaria

Build Intro:

So I tried making something out of Mythical Soulare’s Helm and well…I think I can understand why this wasn’t a more popular item. It’s workable, but it certainly doesn’t beat the Warborn Bastion set.

Pros & Cons


  • Good Crowd / AoE Damage
  • Relatively High Health & Durability ; Can sustain well with life steal
  • Good Mobility
  • Simple Playstyle


  • Average Single Target Damage
  • Overall damage feels kind of lacking at the Endgame
  • Has some Energy Issues during prolonged fights


For leveling, I referred to this guide [] Pure Soldier [HC] Beginner Forcewave 1-75 Leveling Guide + Endgame Options and Class Combos

There are other ways to get to level 94, but an Obsidian War Cleaver with decent affixes and suffixes is extremely easy to farm. Most notably, it grants a significant damage bonus to Forcewave which turns it into a devastating skill.

Before moving on, here is how I recommend distributing our skill points following each Level Up:

  • 2 points into Soldier / 1 point into Oathkeeper Skill Tree (Level 2 - 50)
  • 1 point into Soldier / 1 point into Oathkeeper Skill Tree (Level 51 - 90)
  • If you are done with the soldier tree, then focus completely on the Oathkeeper Tree

Soldier tree Skill allocation is as stated in the guide, though you might want to consider these options from the Oathkeeper Tree as well:

  1. Presence of Virtue
  2. Haven
  3. Ascension
  4. Summon Guardian of Empyrion (1 point only)
  5. Celestial Presence

Leveling to 94 was done on Normal & Elite for my case, so the above skills should be more than enough. The linked guide gives a lot of good advice for gearing. And as for devotion pathing, you may follow the above guide or read below for my choices which pertains to this particular build (Recommended, since it allows you to level up some of your celestial powers sooner):

(Pre Level 94 Devotion Path)

  1. Green Crossroads
  2. Spider
  3. Blue Crossroads
  4. Eel
  5. Widow (Bind to Blitz)
  6. Red Crossroads
  7. Ghoul (Bind to Mehir’s Will)
  8. Behemoth (3 Nodes only, Bind to Field Command)
  9. Yellow Crossroads
  10. Assassin’s Blade (Bind to Forcewave)
  11. Purple Crossroads
  12. Toad
  13. Hammer
  14. Ulzaad, Herald of Korvaak (Bind to Warcry)
  15. Lion
  16. Azrakaa, The Eternal Sands (5 Nodes only, Bind to Rebuke- Mythical Stonefist Rebuke Item Skill)
  17. Refund Blue, Red & Purple Crossroads
  18. Kraken

Once you have hit level 94, please continue reading and prepare to respec your skill points.



Warlord, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator : Final Build

Attribute points- Physique / 12 Cunning / 95 Spirit / 0

Well, I don’t really need to comment much on the playstyle- Just get in there and spin like a Beyblade. Though you do need to keep an eye out on your health, Energy and Lingering Area Effects / Damage Floors. Use Blitz and Displacement often to reposition and back off whenever required. Judgement and Ascension are great for when you need more damage.

Since we are on the subject of EoR builds, this particular setup is only about half as damaging as these ones:

A very similar build to mine is [] Eye of the Storm, Temporal Arc Blade EoR Archon SR 75+ , but the above two are still better by a huge margin.

Devotion Pathing
  1. Green Crossroads
  2. Spider
  3. Blue Crossroads
  4. Eel
  5. Widow (Bind to Eye of Reckoning)
  6. Red Crossroads
  7. Ghoul (Bind to Mehir’s Will)
  8. Behemoth (4 Nodes only, Bind to Field Command)
  9. Sailor’s Guide
  10. Viper
  11. Kraken
  12. Spear of The Heavens (Bind to Stormcaller Aura)
  13. Jackel
  14. Wendigo (4 Nodes only)
  15. Refund Green & Red Crossroads
  16. Revenant (5 Nodes only)

Final Words:


Well, I’d say that in the end, I managed to come up with something that is ‘Functional & Passable’ rather than ‘Awesome & Powerful’. If you wanted me to rank this build, it would be a C grade at most.

I started out thinking that Mythical Soulare’s Helm was a very interesting option to build around and decided on an Eye of Reckoning build since it was something new for me. Initially, I tried it on the Templar Class (Oathkeeper + Arcanist) & then the Spellbinder (Necromancer + Arcanist), but quickly found out that I had to put most of my attribute points into Physique, meaning that My OA was below 3k. This felt unacceptable to me, given that I didn’t have a high damage output to begin with, so a compromise on Crit chance was a No No.

So, I switched to a warlord instead. This was what I was trying to avoid, but I was feeling pretty irritated at how my stats were screwing me over. I believed that the extra physique per level up along with veterency would help me to solve my dilemma. Thankfully it did, but it did leave me wanting for more damage. Considering that I did a whole lot already for an entire afternoon, I just kind of went with what I had since I do have a few other builds who are able to complete the campaign on Ultimate Hardcore with a similar damage output.

All in all, I spent a whole lot of time theorycrafting, but didn’t get lot of success in return. But I think that’s just because Soulare’s Helm should have its own item set. It clearly has potential, but the sacrifices needed to build around it certainly warrant some kind of set to give it more offensive power. Lightning themed EoR is certainly viable, yet it pales in comparison to an EoR build centered around the Warborn set.

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why, so much why @_@

no flat RR, you’re stopping 1pt short, why? - specially on a single RR class, why?
mixed dmg conversion, with majority going towards aether, while you’re stacking mostly lightnign dmg, why?
even if the attempt was lightning, why warlord, yeye i saw the OA mention, but it doesn’ match up with my experience and other classes,
and even for aether the question would be why, but then again, even if you’re converting majority of eor dmg to aether, you’re still stacking mostly lightning bonuses, which makes warlord still seem strange

there is so much confusion here and i really want to see the bigger picture but for the life of me i can’t understand what’s going on here, and more so “why”. :crossed_fingers: you would indulge and enlighten me to what i’m missing/see the key points :sweat_smile:

it’s an aether eor helm, and you’re stacking lightning dmg, with mixed dmg conversions, ofc it’s gonna feel awful,
on a pure aether eor it feels kinda fine, when you use the other aether items


well, as I mentioned I didn’t want to pick warlord. I tried arcanist but the OA was just too low for endgame and I couldn’t have that.

Trust me, I went ‘WTF’ while creating this and wanted to swap the helm out, but I just took it as a challenge to build around it.

To be fair, it is only an ‘ok’ build for the reasons you mentioned and I won’t deny that it feels lacking.

If anything else, I basically just did my best to make this viable for HC since itemization felt really rough for this build.

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I think you might have been able to work it with Arcanist (Templar), as you initially wanted. It seems like you were close to this idea: Aether Templar EoR

It looks to have plenty of OA and regen on paper. There are a bunch of skill points left -as I only looked at the bare minimum - but they would go in stuff like Ascension and other preferences. (Since Ascension has some downtime…it’s nice to see how things look without it, although you’d definitely want it).

In any case, it’s nice to see the thoughts behind a build and read about the trials in building.

Edit: oops used wrong dev RR and fixed it. Been a while…dev path probably needs tweak now but general idea intended. Edit 2: fixed path RR and also added more health sustain in dev path. Changed belt/gloves and added a few more skill points to various skills. Should fit HC better.

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Templar sounds great :slight_smile:

I always had a certain nagging feeling while attempting it. Nice to see other people’s variations on it though since I might be blinded by my own playstyle / perception on abilities.

But if I were to sum up my experience for this attempt, then it would be described as “compromises were made every step of the way.”

Well, at least I just proved that every other EoR build that is better than mine is Ultimate HC viable, so I still think that was a small win on my part