[] Gutsmasher Warlord/2H Physical EoR. SR 90/Ravager of Minds

Hi everyone, I couldn’t find any other build thread with the archethype I tested so wanted to share mine with you. This is a bit defensive setup ofc so damage can be increased.

Image from the game with perma buffs

Helmet and Boots crafted with %4 Armor bonus

:dizzy: GRIMTOOLS :dizzy:

  • Gutsmasher and 3 piece Warborn set are core of the build.

  • Sandreaver gloves are BiS for new EoR mods.

  • Sigil of the Bear King is BiS for good stats and attack speed.

  • Black Matriarch is BiS for RR.

  • Deathstalker is better than Serenity here since CC resist and AS is important, ofc extra RR is good too but since it cost you resistances I had to get them from belt prefix.

  • Ugdenbog belt is used to get missing resistances and defensive ability.

  • Windshear boots can be replaced with many others but I got CC resists from other gear and though a craftable boot with phys resist and good stats are more useful than others. And proc provides good defense ofc.

  • Hellforged pants used for phys resist mostly. Build lacks it but for more damage you can use Barbaros aswell.

  • Lifegiver ring is used to get Lifesteal but resistances also fits the setup.

  • Azrakaa amulet is used to get defense(since build has low phys resist) and slow resist but resistances are also needed.

PS: Devotions are quite usual Bear-Ulzaad-Azrakaa route. You need Scale for energy regen and it also helps for defense.

If you prefer more damage you can get it like this I guess Warlord, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

SR 90 Complete Run (With Armored mutator) and (No Death)

I tried 95, it’s definitely possible with consumables.

SR 75-76 Complete Run

Tried for speed run 7:50.

Ravager of Minds Kill

No change maded. Used Health, OA, Lifesteal, Bleeding resist consumables and 1x Aether cluster.

Thanks for reading, any comment & feedback is welcome


Looks great :+1:. I should try building endgame EoR as well (all my previous attempts were bleak).

One clarification, please. Did you take Soulfire for additional damage output (because it is fully converted)? For DR you already have War Cry with 100% uptime.


Yes it’s for extra AoE damage, I don’t have any gear that provides soulfire anyway it’s just 3 point above softcap. Ofc those 11 skill points can be utilized in Menhir’s Will, Resilience, Ascension or even Haven for extra health.


I was glad as well that you can FINALY make a full physical EoR without that Beronath mumbo-jumbo. I’ve made a similar one after hit, and it’s honestly one of the funnest builds I played despite its simplicity. Haven’t tried any celestials with it yet, though. Too bad it’s gonna get nerfed along with other physical builds, but oh well, physical was considered bad and now it’s suddenly god-tier =)


but how did you put on chestguard? it requires 1035 ph and you got only 920

veterancy passiv from soldier gives reduced physique requirement


As @Iceman85 said, %12 reduced physique requirement for armor from veterancy skill allows you wear.

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thanks, bro :slight_smile:

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Thanks, Scales is for energy regen and sustain, it provides passive life leech.

I can vouch for this build if you are looking for a strong build that can breeze through SR75-76.

The damage output is quite insane. Without too much effort you can reach 500k sheet dps with alot of RR to boot.

Thanks to the soldier perks, the build is also quite tanky and mobile, even if you focus on offensive gear.

The Gutsmasher was fine but received a huge buff in the final patch anyway, making it overpowered imo. So if you have one or find one with decent rolls on it, it wont let you down if you give this build a go.


I’ve completed the devotions in the build but i’m not meeting the 8 required yellow affinities to put points into scale. where can i get the remaining 2 yellow affinities?

Can anyone comment on the devotion points? The setup in grimtools doesnt make it possible to get to Scales. Thanks

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You will need to do what’s called “devotion manipulation”. Basically pick on of, in your case, “Panther”, “Scarab” or “Stag” for those 2 yellow affinities. Add Scales right after and remove the previous one of those 3. Then u will have Scales devotion and u can go further investing into the big tier-3 devotion Azrakaas sands and so on…


Thank you. That makes sense. I still can’t figure out how to do that in game. left/right/shift-clicking on panther points doesn’t remove them after I’ve taken scales. What am I missing?

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You need to go to the spirit guide for that, just like for skill points

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How are you able to equip the Mythical Ring of the Black Matriarch? You are two spirit short, and I didn’t find any way to decrease spirit requirements on any of the equipment or skills. I’m still relatively new, and have been slowly putting this build together as my first maxed character when I finally got the ring and noticed I couldn’t equip it.

Hello guys, I’m new to Grim Dawn. Can someone answer a few questions please?

  1. Why do some people choose Vire’s Might over Blitz
  2. Divine Mandate instead of Oleron’s Rage
  3. What is the difference between this variant with 2h and the variant with duals (a mace from the set and a sword that converts elemental damage into physical)

Is there any difference at all or is it all a matter of taste? Thank you.

It’s superior as a movement ability since it requires no targets

Crit damage, slow res

As far as I know they are both busted so it’s mostly just preference.


Hey, what factions did you side with?

Kymon’s Chosen vs Death’s Vigil?
With or against the Outcast?
With or against Barrowholm?
Which of Cult of Bysmiel, Cult of Dreeg or Cult of Solael?

Thanks in advance!

Doesn’t matter.

With Borrowholm if you wanna kill Ravager.

Doesn’t matter.