[] SSF Physical Eye of Reckoning Warlord | leveling and beginner build | HC friendly


Not very nicely formatted, I wasn’t going to publish the guide but new players keep wanting to level Physical EoR so it might be helpful.

Leveling gear

Skills order


Blue means taking Blue Crossroad
-X means respeccing from X
You respec at a Spirit Guide.

Bull (bind to Forcewave, later to EoR),
Assassin (bind to Guardians, later to EoR),
Tip of the Scale Ulcama proc,
Bear (bind Maul to Judgment or Vire’s Might with Volcanic Stride)
Ulzaad’s Decree (just the proc, bind to Blitz and War Cry later)
Crab proc (bind Divine Mandate)
Solemn Watcher
Complete Crab
Shifting Sands (bind like in GT)
Ghoulish Hunger (bind to something)
Azrakaa free node

Tips and info

  • spend leftover Attributes points in Cunning (Physique / Spirit just to meet requirements) but left 10 points in the tank just in case there’s suddenly a high requirement to meet

  • I have Blitz, Vire’s Might and Medal movement skill macro’ed to 1 button that spams them
    same with Ascension, Judgment and War Cry
    for chill netflix gameplay

  • Aether Crystal farming: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5uMD_sWN6Wo

  • after killing Cronley you got enough reputation too buy DW relic in Devil’s Crossing
    go to forgotten gods to get shoulders and weapons

  • I sided with Kymon’s, later in Ultimate it’s super easy to switch to Order and max its rep if needed
    by doing bounties in Warden’s Lab because you get rep for both a bounty and aetherial heroes and monsters

    • remember to stack up Kymon’s armor augments before doing so though
  • Treasure Troves are good source of blueprints

  • Steward Halberd - alternative for 2h (for Gutsmasher for example) - but subpar most probably

  • when at 75 level, farm Totems till you get all 75 components blueprints - it’s easier that way [hypothesis]

  • consider of Scorched Ends prefix Grim Internals notification

  • bloom farming vid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GOk4SfWMRws

  • Death’s Vigil farming vid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IC2MnRwlmgY

  • blueprints (i.e. for Warborn set) probably the easiest to farm by doing SR75-76 Normal

  • check if your devotions are bound especially to items auras after you mess with your equipment

  • read blueprints as you get them

  • important - when you run out of energy, you lose Beronath conversion aura and need to recast it

  • in Normal to quest for Barrowholm and Ugdenbog but don’t go further (to Malmouth).

  • I moved to Elite at level 50. To much grind to reach 75 to be able to equip Beronath at the start of Elite

  • on the very rare times you don’t have Energy and pot’s on cooldown - stand in some DoT for the bar to quickly feel up by proccing Scales

  • can buy troll bone crushers at Benevald’s

  • don’t forget to farm Mistborn Talisman in Smuggler’s Pass (I did)

  • it’s always worth it to spam Rifts so that you can teleport to them after dying

    • or next to some side road to come to it later and be able to teleport back
  • you can plan how to use augments & components in GrimTools before doing in on your character

  • in Ugdenbog always kill all trees and plant, click stomps https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GOk4SfWMRws

  • can wear some items with Energy Regeneration for example with Of Insight suffix

  • Clear all totems along your way to get a lot of greens and Iron Bits from selling greens, it’s going to be useful later.

  • Keep multiple item pieces for every slot with various resistances so that you have a lot of options while making adjustments.

  • Early on it might be worth it to buy some Scraps from vendors.

  • Quests that reward the player with Eldritch Essences.

  • Horrus from Gates of Necropolis can transmute materials into each other, see :hammer_and_pick: Blacksmiths’ Crafting Materials Exchange.

  • Always kill Ch’thon Cultists along the way for a good chance of Blood of Ch’thon.

  • Read blueprints that drop from a totem before farming the next one. I’m not sure of this but I read once that the game checks which blueprints the player has already read.

  • I followed the Ugdenbloom route below but not the whole one - I restarted after clearing Undergrowth https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GOk4SfWMRws:

  • Skip Malmouth in Normal and Elite

  • skip Forgotten Gods in Elite.

  • side with Solael in Forgotten Gods

  • I filled up the whole Death’s Vigil Honored bar to Revered in an hour. The best (and only) bounties I recommend are the ones in Warden’s Lab and maybe also the crafting ones https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IC2MnRwlmgY

  • Side with Anasteria but do NOT give her 3 rare crafting mats on any difficulty - it’s a scam. You’ll max out Outcast’s Secret’s reputation easily anyway.

  • Don’t farm bounties on lower difficulties if you can progress smoothly anyway. The higher the difficulty, the more reputation you get (?)

  • pushing SR Normal, stop every 5 levels for the loot

  • You don’t need to grind SR[1-25] on Ultimate to get 3 Skill Points for doing the following quests:

    You can reach high SR on Normal and do just SR35 on Ultimate instead.

  • Gargoyle farming: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ukSHbrNlpQw

The Journey

  • I think I forgot to assign Devotion point, anyway bind Assassin’s Mark to Guardians for now (might change it later)
  • you can craft Great Axe at Angrim’s if you don’t have any good Physical weapon
  • crafted 2 Wardstones for more Movement Speed
  • crafted Silk Swatch & Antivenom Salve for Poison, Pierce and Bleeding res
    (not that I particularly need it now, just for good habit)
  • started Lion devotion
  • killed Krieg without problems but had problems with recording (showed green screen)
  • I’d go to FG but first I’d like more rep with Devil’s Crossing to buy
    relic that enables dual wielding
    Warlord, Level 23 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

  • found two items with +2 to Eye of Reckoning
  • improved my resistances and attack speed with more components
  • joined Cult of Solael to for Charge movement skill to use together with Vire’s Might
  • went off road to kill some bees for Royal Jelly that will be needed for a quests
  • I don’t crit atm to apply Assassin’s Mark but I don’t care about it for now, just have it bound for it to gain exp
  • I crafted some dynamies at smith in Forgotten Gods
  • maxed out Soulfire
  • Level 26 vs Cronley in Normal Warlord, Level 26 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

  • continued Forgotten Gods and doing quests for Solael
  • I found one Sandclaw Slicer so I put 1p into Presence of Virtue after leveling to benefit from its attack speed buff
    and 1p into Rebuke since the axe has bonuses to it
  • started putting points into Scales of Ulcama to reach the proc
  • Level 28 vs Ramzul in Normal Warlord, Level 29 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator
  • to get Korvan Spaulders I had to clear Temple of Osyr for the 2nd time
  • I also got my 2nd Sandclaw slicer after going to Korvan Plateu for the 2nd time
  • here’s my character wearing these: Warlord, Level 29 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator (should have specced into Divine Mandate)
    forgoing Forgotten Gods till Ultimate and continuing Vanilla game from Twin Falls

  • bought Runestone blueprint from Rovers just in case after meeting their reputation threshold
  • after killing Kilrian at the end of Arkovian Undercity I got to Tip of the Scales and bound it to Presence of Virtue
  • respecced from Celestial Presence into Divine Mandate and started maxing it instead
  • after that Celestial Presence
  • I put Kilrian component in the chest
  • crafted Shockweave Sash as I found blueprint for it
  • Level 35 vs Zartuzellan in Normal Warlord, Level 35 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

  • don’t forget to farm Mistborn Talisman in Smuggler’s Pass (I did)
  • kept 2 Bonecrushers because I think they might be useful in crafting later (relic mainly)
  • I started putting points in Ascension and 1p into Clarity of Purpose
  • I sided with Kymon’s, later in Ultimate it’s super easy to switch to Order and max its rep by doing bounties in Warden’s Lab
    because you get rep for both a bounty and aetherial heroes and monsters
    • remember to stack up Kymon’s armor augments before doing so though
  • Level 40 vs Karroz in Normal Warlord, Level 40 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

  • joined Barrowholm in Normal
  • in Normal to quest for Barrowholm and Ugdenbog but don’t go further (to Malmouth).
    I moved to Elite at level 50. To much grind to reach 75 to be able to equip Beronath at the start of Elite.
  • my character prepared for Elite: Warlord, Level 50 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

  • bought writ from Homestead on Normal because I reached Honored in them
    and weapon augments with % Physical damage
  • refarm Sandclaw slicers in Forgotten Gods (Korvan Plateu, dinosaurs)
  • farmed Mistborn Talisman
  • crafted Bladedancer relic (better DW wield relic)
  • fixed my devotion because I replanned my devotion path
  • crafted prismatic diamond (might be worth it to farm totems and lower level for component blueprints)
  • my character after the changes Warlord, Level 58 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

Mods and tools

I’m a tool enthusiast and this is what I use:

  • https://www.grimtools.com/
    • Calculator (Planner) to test item / augment changes while leveling

    • World Map displayed on my TV not to miss any secrets

    • Checklist - didn’t use it but I should have to check if I did all important quests

    • Item Database to find best items

    • Monster Database to prepare for bosses

  • https://forums.crateentertainment.com/t/tool-grim-internals/38773 for
    • being able to make cool screenshots

    • debuff icons on enemies

    • auto-pick up of greens which normally takes a lot of time after conquering totems

    • visual and sound notifications about being nullified which I otherwise often missed

    • display of health / energy potions cooldowns

    • fixing time of the day

    • removal of fog which makes the game look better

  • camera hack - for improving Rotate Left / Right Camera rotation because it’s otherwise very slow

Let me know if you are using this guide and having some problems along the way.


Nice guide for the best class! :+1:

of Scorched Ends maybe?

Why so greedy? :grimacing:


Really epic journey, which can lead to nice build.

I like the gear versatility of physical EoR and lot of people can have decent build with or even without Warborn set.

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You say to put points in to cunning but I don’t have enough physique to use weapons, do you mean “enough” physique and then dump the rest in to cunning?

yes, thanks, I’ll edit the tip to be more clear
The tips might be a bit rough so feel free to ask / correct them if needed.

Sweet, you got back to me fast, thanks for that. This is my first character I downloaded the game about 6 months ago and played a soldier to 40 then got sucked back in to another game. So I’m pretty fresh, it might just be common sense to people with a little more time.

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There are some potions later to reset Attributes so they don’t need to be perfect while leveling.

I linked other endgame builds in the OP:

Hi everyone, new to the game here. Quick equipment question, I’m farming the Sandclaw Slicers and I got some drops but the damage output (on paper) is much lower than what I currently have equipped. Do the stats outweigh the actual DPS or should I keep farming for better drops? Lvl 28 Warlord who just killed Cronley btw.

I believe nothing could beat them (unless maybe it’s great vs trash affixes). But I never look at the DPS meter.
Do you have Presence of Virtue at 1p at least and activated? If you want, you can make some screenshots of these weapons or wear them and import in Grim Tools calc for me (and others) to have a look at them.

@SmokeSouls Also what DPS counter do you mean? A general one or a specific one for EoR?

Hi tqFan, i’m newbie in grim dawn. I appreciate this immensely thorough guide, and the extent to which you lay this out with such care and detail. I really like this description. I will try to follow the description, I really like it so far. I successfully managed to kill him Loghorrean. My character Warlord, Level 50 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator.

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First time player here… What is the reasoning for skipping the expansion content until higher difficulties? Is it just to speed things up?

yes but if you prefer doing the whole Normal Main Campaign it’s totally fine - won’t need to do bounties in Ultimate then most probably. I wouldn’t do expansions in Elite though, just move to Ultimate as soon as possible.

Hi @tqFan thanks for the quick reply. I didn’t mean any third party DPS meter I simply meant the stat on the weapon item itself saying “-470 Damage per Second (If Equipped)”. I know I’m comparing a one-hand with a two-hand but I think with dual wielding it would still be less. Should I generally ignore this stat?

Please look at this value instead, I think it’s not the same :thinking: (you need to have EoR on either LMB or RMB for this comparison. This indicator is not flawless and can be misleading too

Yes, DPS tooltip for EoR is bugged and counts DoT damage several times, resulting in a wrong, bloated number, particulary so if you have items with massive DoT damage bonus for EoR.

If you decide to complete FULL content in Veteran, you’ll be at ~70 level when you finish it, massively overleveling your foes. If you do the same for Elite, you’ll probably reach 100 level before Ultimate… All while overlevelling your foes and getting bad loot. And wasting a lot of time on that too.
So, yes, to speed it up, you shouldnt clear full content until Ultimate. Obviously, it also depends on how strong your build is - if it’s too weak and your damage/resistances suck, then it might be a wise option to clear more content to get stronger first.
Clearing full content on Veteran is fine, but then you should just rush through Elite. Alternatively, you can clear only AoM content in Veteran and only FG content in Elite.

First time I’m playing GD, on Veteran, this build is just shredding everything. I just walk through levels and everything dies. I’m a little overleveled granted, but wow. I also really appreciate your recommendations for tools, because I’m a big tool person as well, and I really love the tools you are using.

This game is pretty awesome!! This build makes it feel super easy, but I’m sure I’ll be challenged eventually, haha!

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Glad you like it. Actually it’s not THAT damaging, especially early on (I played on Normal for that reason). Later when you get Beronath at 70 it’s better but still not your top damaging beginner build. But it’s fine. Maul is mandatory against beefy enemies.

Feels like Physical EoR is a bit more gear dependant (you do need to get through all this armor enemies have), also a bit weaker against single target. But it also depends on experience - the more you play the higher expectations you have.

Durability / sustain is its biggest advantage. Unfortunately It might be hard for you to actually be challenged if you follow every suggestion :stuck_out_tongue:

Damn, this is a less damaging build? I killed the Warden on Veteran in like 30 seconds with 1 health potion, just stood there and EoR’d him. It feels like Normal would be pretty much identical, except maybe I’d save a few seconds on bosses.

I’m sure I’ll be able to manufacture some challenge in Crucible or Shattered Realms, if I go high enough! I guess that’s ARPGs though, if you have a good build, it’s tough for there to be too much of a challenge, even in huge ones like PoE.

I’m going to go all the way with this build and then use it to farm up some other builds. I feel like I’ll get more out of GD than I’ve gotten out of a game in a long time. Thanks again for being such a pillar of this community, I’m realizing 90% of the posts I’m using were authored by you, hahaha!

Oh totally, I meant just Main Campaign excluding the hardest superbosses.

If it’s your type of game / nothing annoys you very much, you can spend a lot of time with Grim Dawn.
If one likes experimenting / theorycrafting & testing / building many characters, there’s infinite content.
There are also some greats mods out there.


1000000% my type of game. Gives me hope for the future of gaming. I wrote this whole thing about how much more of a spiritual successor to D2 this game seems to be than PoE, but I didn’t want to derail your thread too much :smiley:

Looking forward to spinning my way to 90-100 and giving something else a shot. Thanks again for everything, even though you say the guide is poorly laid out, I’m finding everything I need :slight_smile:

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