[Tool] Rainbow Filter (Item Highlighting)

Change colors for Affixes, Item names and MI to quickly see a difference. Rare Affixes will be colored as such, without changing the color of the Item’s name itself and MI will appear different from their rarity’s default color. You may also see Properties such as Damage Types in different colors, this allows you to decide at a glance if an item is good for your build.

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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Installation
  3. Overview of Features
  4. Color Presets
  5. Pictures
  6. Downloads & Useful Links


The tool and files you can find here will only change the font color of items and properties. These files can be deleted at any time and nothing else is going to change when that happens. Which makes this a non-destructive way of changing the way items are shown in the game (playing both Main Campaign and Custom Game).

Please note: Using an outdated version can cause issues in form of “Tag not found: …”, if this is the case make sure you are using the most recent version. When the error persists either remove the files and check if the issue was resolved or report it here first, so that I can verify the bug is not related to this. No need to send Crate on a wild-goose chase.


Before doing anything you should close Grim Dawn. Now you can either use a tool or download the files I generated with the tool.

Different Languages
  • If you find a Zip for your language, you can use that. Simply place it into /Localization/ with other translations and select it inside the game's options like any other language.
  • If you don't have the luxury of downloading the finished files you can easily make them yourself with the tool. Follow the instructions under Guide: "How To Use The Tool" ... and take a look at the pictures Picture Guide: "How To Use the Tool" ...

Custom Game Support (Mods)
Mods are affected by the same files that work for the Main Campaign. If you are using the game without a different Language the files from the download section will work as long as the mod is not changing any tags. New items will obviously require additional files, but I'm not going to be responsible for them. I will add the link to a mod's Rainbow Filter files at the bottom, if you have a mod with Rainbow Filter files and the link is missing, let me know and I will add it.

Guide: "How To Use The Tool" that I made and write the required files to the correct location.
Make sure Grim Dawn is closed, because it can prevent the tool from accessing important files and causes all kinds of weirdness inside the tool.
If you are having issues following along, you may take a look at the pictures in Picture Guide: "How To Use the Tool"

  1. Download Setup.exe for the tool from the download section at the end.
  2. Install the tool by running Setup.exe, it should run the tool when finished, if this is not the case, you should find a shortcut on your desktop. (Note: You can uninstall the tool via windows' app remove, like most other software)
  3. Go to Settings and enter the path to your Grim Dawn directory with the Game.exe inside.
    • Note: If you are using a different language you must check Localization, which will show you a new box with all installed languages, select the one you are using and move on to the next step. (Selected language is visible in green)
  4. A new menu on the left should become visible, go to Library.
  5. Inside the library you may select a different Preset, the default is Full Rainbow, if you are happy with it use the button Save Colors to save it.
  6. Start Grim Dawn. (if it was still running despite the warning, restart the game)
    • Note: If you are using a different language select the colored version in the game's options the same way you selected your language.
When the files require an update just run the tool and start at step 5.
The tool will download any update to it on its own, you will only have to download Setup.exe once, unless there is an issue with the Auto-Updater of the tool.

Guide: "How To Use Preset-Files" that were generated with the tool by me as Zip.
This is only for the regular english version of Grim Dawn, other Languages or Fonts using Localizations will not work with this! Mods using default tags however, will work perfectly fine with these files.

If you do not wish to use the tool you can download the files as Zip and extract the contents to your Grim Dawn directory.

  1. Download a Zip marked as [Files] from the download section at the end.
  2. Go to your Grim Dawn directory and extract the contents. (Note: Root directory of the Zip is Grim Dawn, easiest way is to extract the contents alongside your Grim Dawn directory.)
  3. You should end up with 6 *.txt files inside /Grim Dawn/settings/text_en/. These files are responsible for changing the colors of Items and Properties in the game. If you wish to play the game without color changes you simply delete those files.
  4. Start Grim Dawn. (or restart it if it was running before, the new files need to be loaded and this only occurs during startup)
When the files require an update you must do all these steps again.
You may choose to use either the directory with the game.exe (which is the default for the tool and which works for me) or use the directory in user data. I have had reports where putting the files in user data fixed issues, the choice is yours.

Game Directory
Example Path taken from me: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Grim Dawn
    |-- Grim Dawn
    	|-- ArchiveTool.exe
    	|-- Grim Dawn.exe
    	|-- settings
    		|-- text_en
    			|-- tags_items.txt
    			|-- tags_ui.txt
    			|-- tagsgdx1_items.txt
    			|-- tagsgdx1_storyelements.txt
    			|-- tagsgdx2_endlessdungeon.txt
    			|-- tagsgdx2_items.txt

User Data Directory
Example Path taken from me: C:\Users\Ware\Documents\My Games\Grim Dawn
    |-- Grim Dawn
    	|-- save
    	|-- Screenshots
    	|-- Settings
    		|-- text_en
    			|-- tags_items.txt
    			|-- tags_ui.txt
    			|-- tagsgdx1_items.txt
    			|-- tagsgdx1_storyelements.txt
    			|-- tagsgdx2_endlessdungeon.txt
    			|-- tagsgdx2_items.txt

Picture Guide: "How To Use the Tool" usage example for different Language/Localization.
Make sure Grim Dawn is closed, because it can prevent the tool from accessing important files and causes all kinds of weirdness inside the tool.
I'm going to assume you know how to download and start the tool.

If you are still running the game despite the warning at the beginning, you must restart the game or you won’t be able to select the newly created colored language.

When Grim Dawn received a patch and you see “Tag not found: …” you will have to update the files, however, when using the tool you can simply use Save Colors and any missing tags will be added, please note new items won’t be affected by color changes until the tool receives an update - only “Tag not found: …” errors will get fixed, unless you are adding missing items to the tool yourself with the help of the Tag-Manager. If you are not using the tool you will have to wait for me to upload the new Preset-Files, which will happen after I’ve added all new items and pushed an update for the tool.

All downloads and useful links are in the section at the end.

Overview of Features

  • Prefix and Suffix have the color of their rarity, no matter the item they are on.
  • The Item’s Name:
    • is in the color of the base item’s rarity
    • MI are in different color than an item of the same rarity (rares are green, rare MI are olive)
  • Item Style/Quality are a different color (this includes Empowered and Mythical)
  • Properties in tooltips:
    • Damage Types have different colors.
    • If you do not want this one - delete tags_ui.txt from the files.
  • Rainbow Tool can add Mastery names to skills. (Mastery Marker)
  • Rainbow Tool can highlight certain texts differently if they are important. (Special Highlighting)

Color Presets

Different Color Presets are available to choose from, some could be available as .zip download others will only be possible with the help of the tool.

Full Rainbow
  • Item Names
    • MI have a different color than items of the same rarity.
  • Tooltip
    • Each Damage Type has its own color.
    • Attributes and other Special stats have their own separate color.

Diablo & PoE Note: Sets don't have the prefixed (S) Symbol, they have a different color.
  • Common
  • Magic
  • Rare | MI - Rare
  • Epic | MI - Epic
  • Legendary | MI - Legendary
  • Set (Epic/Legendary) | MI - Set (Epic/Legendary)
  • Properties are the same as with Full Rainbow.

Basic Highlighting
  • Item Names
    • MI have a different color than items of the same rarity.
    • Sets are not using the (S) Symbol.
  • Tooltip
    • Damage Type Colors are in three groups (Elemental, Physical/Pierce, Other).
    • Damage over Time has a different color than the Direct Damage Types (but using the same grouping, with bleeding into the Physical/Pierce group).


Because we all love them.

Item Nameplates on the ground


Item Tooltip: Full Rainbow


Item Tooltip: Basic Highlighting


Tooltip Example affecting Component on an item

Downloads & Useful Links

Downloads (click on the link starts the download)

Description Download (click starts download)
[Tool] Customize and Save Color-Presets Setup.exe for Tool v0.4.0
[Files] Full Rainbow (English) Full Rainbow for Grim Dawn v1.1.5.0
[Files] Diablo & PoE (English) Diablo for Grim Dawn v1.1.5.0
[Files] Basic Highlighting (English) Basic Highlighting for Grim Dawn v1.1.5.0

Note: Files are only for the English version of the game (Main Campaign and Custom Game), the Tool can be used for all Languages.

Note: The tool has an Auto-Updater which will download and install the most recent Setup.exe version for you.

Note: Downloads are being hosted on GitHub, if you wish to start the download from there, you may go to the GitHub - Releases page. You can find the link below in Useful Links.

Useful Links

Description Link
[Source] The Tool To Generate Files GitHub - Repository
[Downloads] Downloads and Change Log GitHub - Releases

Useful Links for Custom Game Mode (aka Mods)

Description Link
[Mod] Grimarillion Post with files and instructions

Note: If a mod has files for Rainbow Filter and is not in the list, let me know about it.

Useful Links for other Languages

Note: If your language has a useful link and it is not in the list, let me know about it.


Excuse me
These lines are omissions, or deliberately left blank?

thanks for pointing that out, was a bug.


  • Added Physical Damage and Pierce colors (+ Trauma & Bleed, using the same color for Bleed as I am for Pierce, trying to avoid a rainbow).
  • Fixed missing colors for Frostburn, Burn and Electrocute.
    [li]Added MIs with a unique color (trying out “Olive”).[/li][LIST]
  • currently every Rare base item is considered to be an MI, I have to add a few exceptions to it.

[li]Added AoM support (missing Affixes)[/li]
[li]Item Style/Quality are in grey, if the full Item Name is in grey I missed a tag[/li]
[li]Fixed an issue where tags got lost somehow.[/li][/LIST]

v0.2 Direct Download or the attachment in the OP (same download link)

As a newish player, “green items” are one of the more confusing parts in the game and a real time sink. I do not have the experience yet to know which green items to loot or to skip, so I loot all items that at least have a suffix and a prefix. Just so I don’t miss out on that fabled double rare that I probably have failed to identify when I knew even less. So I spent about 20 minutes each loot run to carefully empty my bags to make sure I hang on to the double rare “good stuff”.

This mod will likely be the first mod I want to try! I hope you and others will integrate it into other mods too, it feels like an essential.

My opinion on the colored lines in the text: I find them a bit distracting. Personally, from my newer point of view, I’d rather see color coded lines which bonuses are derived from base item (in white), which from the prefix (color a) and from the suffix (color b). Perhaps something to consider?

no need to be integrated by modders, whoever wants to look at the rainbow can do so :slight_smile:
literally the reason why I even bothered with this, it’s not forcing the rainbow on anybody. Works for any game mode, so if you don’t want to play a Custom game you can stick to Main Campaign and Crucible and still have the rainbow.

My opinion on the colored lines in the text: I find them a bit distracting. Personally, from my newer point of view, I’d rather see color coded lines which bonuses are derived from base item (in white), which from the prefix (color a) and from the suffix (color b). Perhaps something to consider?

sadly not possible, there is no way of telling what comes from where. I could only add some kind of silly indicator to the affix name, like (L) for Lightning (with the different color to stand out).

and if you don’t want the colors inside the tooltip for the Damage Types you can delete
Grim Dawn/settings/text_en/tags_ui.txt
and the colors for Damage Types are gone :smiley:

I will try this.
Thank you.

I like this idea!
I’ll try it out as soon as i get the chance!

This is the best QOL mod evar! Now I can estimate greens in the twinkling of an eye! Devs definitely must include this in vanilla game…

I partially agree. I like what the mod adds, I like the ability to easily recognize colors and immediately understand what it is you’re looking at with a quick glance, however I can see the rainbow of colors being a huge issue for some people.

I’d absolutely love to see the tool so I could more easily create my own colour combinations, especially if we move towards a future where you decide to “damage type” code the names. Right now I’m not using the ui tags file because I don’t personally like the damage type indication, but that affix and item coloring is absolutely wonderful to have and will greatly help newer players, too.

It’s gonna be part of my modding tools, but I havn’t even started to make the UI or use a config file, right now the tags are in a json file and settings are hardcoded.
Want to know where this is going before I start working on the fancy stuff to make it usable without the source code or even without extracted modding files.

especially if we move towards a future where you decide to “damage type” code the names.

Yeah it’s probably gonna clutter the screen too much. I also wanted to make options in the tool where you can quickly make something for your current build stand out.
e.g. now I’m playing a Vitality build, I only care about that, and things for my classes, so I could check the classes and damage types in the tool and those affixes show up in a more noticeable way than other affixes.

btw, all this is because of:

It very nice, i like this , good Quality of life improvement to reading drop easier.

Can you also change the color rarity or give color control for your mod ?

-Bleu for magical ( not yellow anymore)
-Yellow for rare Mi ( not green anymore)
-Purple or cyan for non-set epic item
-Purple or cyan with green border for set epic item
-Green with golden or brown border for Legendary set items
-Golden or brown for legendary non-set items

Flavor from diablo/path of exile.


that Vitality color should be used for Chaos, idk what other options are available tho

This is an interesting attempt. I imitated your text and I also made it. But it takes labor… whew!

By the way, the colors of some pierce terms remain unchanged.

Nope, I’m not changing the color everyone is expecting to be for rares in GD. But feel free to do it yourself. Should be easy enough when the tool functionality is released.
Changing Font colors anyways, I don’t think borders are possible for specific items. I havn’t looked at it though.

dunno, a dark red for vit and purple for chaos seems right to me, but easy enough to change it to everyone’s personal preference later.
The current colors are temporary at best, for myself I probably end up with a color for Elemental Damage Types and a different one for other Damage Types and DoT a slightly lighter color tone, … reducing the rainbow, but keeping the highlight - it’s not like I can’t read, I only have to find it faster between all those stats.

Just need to find the time to reduce the amount of modding stuff on my todo list, but it keeps growing for whatever reason :rolleyes:

I’m impressed you went over this already :slight_smile:

By the way, the colors of some pierce terms remain unchanged.

Nice find, for some reason I added Piercing rather than Pierce to the script.
I’m going to add Pierce, thanks. I’m also keeping Piercing in there, I only saw Piercing Retaliation and moved on, I guess.

Cool if we get freedom to change at our own licking

Some questions

  1. Don’t you coordinate colors for Armored Piercing?

  2. There are some strange color codes “{^W}{^L}” in tags_items.txt.
    What is the purpose of this? I don’t know what the first {^W} means.
    For example, tagWeaponSwordA001={^W}{^L}Gladius

  3. tags_ui.txt
    Of the following, only Physical Damage is changing the color (some don’t change the color even Physical Damage), but why?

DamagePerSecond={%.0f0} {^S}Damage Per Second (If Equipped)
DamagePerSecondOffHand={%.0f0} {^S}Damage Per Second (Off-Hand)
DamagePhysicalChance={%t0} {^P}Physical Damage
DamageBasePhysical={%t0} {^S}Physical Damage
DamageBasePierceRatio={%.0f0}% {^S}Armor Piercing
DamageBasePierceRatioR={%.0f0}-{%.0f1}% {^S}Armor Piercing
DamageBonusPhysical={%t0} {^P}Physical Damage
tagDamageBaseFire={%t0} {^S}Fire Damage
tagDamageBaseLightning={%t0} {^S}Lightning Damage
tagDamageBaseCold={%t0} {^S}Cold Damage
tagDamageBaseVitality={%t0} {^S}Vitality Damage
tagDamageBasePoison={%t0} {^S}Acid Damage
tagDamageBaseChaos={%t0} {^S}Chaos Damage
tagDamageBaseAether={%t0} {^S}Aether Damage

I only changed those with an {^E}, because those are the stats in the tooltip. The other stats with {^S} are those in silver/grey at the top of the tooltip and there isn’t much looking for them. Wouldn’t be a problem to add those to a list of possible changes, but I left it out to avoid even more rainbow.
And Armor Piercing is at the top, though there is a Modifier tag, have to look what that is for exactly.

  1. There are some strange color codes “{^W}{^L}” in tags_items.txt.
    What is the purpose of this? I don’t know what the first {^W} means.
    For example, tagWeaponSwordA001={^W}{^L}Gladius

yep, that’s a bug, the script getting all the tags got that one tag twice… first for a common item than for a rare, only that the rare it got it for is a blank weapon dbr crate is using… looks like I have to exclude those (somehow).

{^W} is right in that case as it makes the tag white as it should be.
{^L} makes it olive as rares/MI currently are and is wrong in this particular case.

I understand. Thank you for the detailed explanation. :slight_smile: