[] SSF Dreeg's Evil Eye Sentinel - leveling and beginner build


GT after beating MC
(old Spellward Powder)

Character sheet

About stats

In my first iteration GrimTools I tried to get as much Phys Res as possible to attempt Ravager but it was too tough. I then changed rings, components and augments a bit in the title variant to get some more damage for SR. 12% Phys res loss which was still fine for non-Ravager content though.

I like having high OA to proc the Secrets of the Guardian (was 400% in when I was building instead of current nerfed 200%) and Annihilation on the hardest enemies. It doesn’t go to waste as I have ~140% Crit damage on DEE.

High DA not to be critted. Both Physique and Spirit dump are viable and which you go for depends on the details of your gear. I had a setup with nearly maxed out Casting Speed at some point too - GrimTools (you can see it on one of the rings and on the off-hand). I guess I found it a bit less balanced.

Basic gear info
Note to beginner players
  • feel free to use better random not target-farmable items you find along the way, such as build-defining Legendaries,
    since you don’t have to limit yourself for the purpose of making a generic guide

  • don’t necessarily try to make an exact copy of my setup / get gear with the same affixes as me
    but rather get MIs that benefit you the most, have two useful affixes, are above average

    • for or example MIs with Resistances that I have on my augments such as Aether and Elemental (i.e. from Thunderstruck prefix) are useful because you could then use DA / DA+Health armor augments instead.

    • components are flexible to some degree as well and I’m not claiming my setup is the best.

    • I found both Spirit and Physique dump to be viable to balance the stats

  • gather / buy / craft multiple

    • rings
    • off-hands
    • gloves
    • medals
    • belts

    and try to make the best setup out of them

Getting gear from Vinelton
  • tl;dr - from Vinelton, the vendor from Ancient Grove dungeon. See Unique Merchants of Cairn
    The trick is that you can enter this dungeon once. You should have a few millions of Iron Bits beforehand from selling Greens while leveling. Then you reset-farm him efficiently using 2 Movement skills for let’s say an hour. The video below shows how it’s done. I am using a useful macro for rotating the camera by 180 degrees every time I change direction. Btw I had so-called streamer’s luck - after starting recording I immediately got the off-hand with Sandstorm prefix.

Don’t spend so much time looking at the items - I was tired, not in the groove. Also it’s not worth checking out Living Rings imo.

What are we looking for / checking out:

Gear details
Shroud of Dreeg set


Shroud of Dreeg set - I chose it because it provides

  • a lot of skill points to DEE skill line and +2 to other Occultist skills
  • 50% global Vit → Acid conversion
    • in the off-hand got 100% Vit → Acid to DEE but it doesn’t work work on Vile Eruption anyway
      (see Secondary Skill Modifiers) so full global conversion is natural and also benefits Sigil and Twin Fangs I use
  • casting speed
  • 3 different procs

and spares the time and effort of farming and coming up with non-set items for these slots.

To make the set, you first need to craft Blueprint: Hood of Dreeg 5 times. The cost is not big and doesn’t require additional farming. When the time came for this crafting, I had twice as many rare mats as needed. Just remember that

  • you can transmute them into each other, see :hammer_and_pick: Blacksmiths’ Crafting Materials Exchange Table
  • it’s good to kill every Ch’thon Cultist along the way for a good chance of Blood of Ch’thon
  • giving 3 of those mats to Anasteria on every difficulty is not needed

Blueprint: Relic - Corruption is required as well but is target-farmed from Hyram (see Unique Merchants of Cairn) together with Blueprint: Relic - Blight which is the relic used in the build.

I believe that I crafted at Angrim for a good chance of somewhat useful crafting bonus on the best hood.

The last step is transmuting the remaining 4 hoods into other pieces of the set.
The cost-efficient procedure is simply to always transmute duplicates with worse stats till you have 5 items for 5 different slots.

You have

  • 80% chance to get the 2nd slot / not get a hood
  • 60% chance to get the 3rd slot after getting the 2nd slot
  • 40% chance to get the 4th slot after getting the 3rd slot
  • 20% chance to get the 5th slot after getting the 4th slot

which means that the average number of transmutation needed is 1/80% + 1/60% + 1/40% + 1/20% ~ 10.4
which is also the average cost in Eldritch Essences that you can get from Forgotten Gods DLC, (SR) Quests, Totems etc. I spent possibly too many of them for crafting Movement augments during Main Campaign but still don’t remember this cost to be a big deal.
However I do recommend conserving them because I remember spending less then average.

Leafmane Horn off-hand

Update after Sandstorm prefix nerf: Link to post.

Leafmane Horn off-hand

  • gets skill modifiers for DEE in

    • full Vit → Acid conversion (doesn’t work on Vile Eruption though)
    • Poison damage
  • I chose it to reach (close to) full global Vit → Acid conversion with the rest of the gear

  • I decided on Physical Resistance prefix and bought / could buy 4 of those in about 3 hours of Vinelton test-farming
    (to get a better feel if it’s a valid method of farming them):


  • Vine Ring (base w/o affixes)
    • from Vinelton
    • I used 2 of those (~45 min of farming) to bump up my %Acid damage and other stats in my 2nd and final setup

  • Creeping Ring (base w/o affixes)
    • from Vinelton
    • a more defensive ring than the one above - 2 of those provide 4% Physical Res and some %Acid damage through +6 to Aspect of the Guardian. 1 provides only 1% Physical Res so I’d say use either 2 or none.

  • Thunderstruck … of Celerity
    • an example of a good random drop you may have

  • Viloth’s Ring (base w/o affixes)
    • dropped by a monster called Viloth but farming it is far less efficient than Vinelton and also doesn’t have any native res

  • Bloodsworn Signet (base w/o affixes)
    • from Karros Adal, the vendor from Bastion of Chaos dungeon, see Unique Merchants of Cairn
    • although the ring can be reset-farmed efficiently, we don’t need anything else from the vendor

When resetting Vinelton I recommend checking both Vine Ring and Creeping Ring because you may miss some crazy affixes. The Vine Rings from my GrimTools I only farmed for about 45 minutes despite testing the vendor for much longer in total because initially I only considered Creeping Rings to maximize Physical Resistance for Ravager but that turned out to be too difficult in the end and I also needed to retweak my whole setup a bit for more %damage to feel better in SR.



I chose the Emberguard Gauntlets crafting base for Physical Res you can easily max and to spend millions of Iron Bits
I got from selling Greens in Main Campaign. Crafted by Angrim. The following stats are needed:

  • around 20% Casting Speed
  • 4% Physical res
  • other useful stats

Here are the ones I decided on:

Here are some others I crafted:

And here are some gloves I found in the Main Campaign:

I also found these but 1 pair only so they’re not guaranteed I guess:




Lunal’Valgoth’s Girdle for +1 to Occultist. There are crafted belts with this property (I used one while leveling) but other than that I don’t like spending time / currency on ultimately gimped belts with only 1 affix and rather farm a MI for a chance of some crazy double rare that might be best in slot for this or other Occultist build.

Also farming the belt is funny because you can sometimes fight Grava on the way.
The following video shows an optimal route (might not be what you expect):

If you still need some blueprints, items (i.e. Valor Pants), iron bits, materials then feel free to search for Treasure Troves, clear Totems, kill Grava along the way. Otherwise you might want to skip all this additional farming because it can make the belt hunt more frustrating, tiring and less rewarding.

I farmed 4 of those in total and I decided on the last one:


Blight relic for +1 to Occultist crafted using its Blueprint which can be acquired by reset-farming Hyram.
How to do it efficiently can be seen in the video below. More info about the vendor in Unique Merchants of Cairn.

To make the relic you also need other blueprints. I recommend to make a list beforehand
so that you don’t farm the ones you already have:

The Deathstalker relic is not easily target-farmable from what I read.


Basilisk Fang for ADCTH to DEE. Try to get Reduced Stun on either prefix or sufix. Of the Cabal is the most probable.
And use one of the 2.5s charge Movement skills augments for the zoom zoom.


Mythical Legplates of Valor provide a lot of defense and +2 to Presence of Virtue. I’d say it’s debatable whether they are good for SSF since they seem to be quite rare. I found 2 of them but within a short time frame which might have been some RNG quirk.
Other defensive options I thought of:


I chose Mythical Final March for Slow Res and other resistances. Mythical Desecrator Treads are not bad either.


Warning! In DEE (especially low level) needs less Energy because iirc:

  • the base node costs less
  • Blood Burst no longer costs Energy; the cost is redistributed to two last nodes

but I leveled it in

For leveling, I eventually needed around 1000 Spirit. In endgame I didn’t need that much, both Spirit and Physique dumps are viable depending the details of your gear (I had two different variants). It’s worth to have more Energy for bosses that have phases, Theodin is the worst in this regard. I didn’t feel Arcane Spark much probably due to Energy Leech scaling with DEE’s low Weapon damage.

In the endgame version of the build you can have more Weapon Damage on DEE thanks to Groble Toxic Effigy (although it’s nerfed in which makes Arcane Spark and Mythical Girdle of Stolen Dreams more efficient in Energy leeching.

Skills order

To be honest, the order is not that important. I prioritized damage but feel free to grab Possesion or Ascension earlier if needed.

Step 1 / Level 2

  • put 2 points into Dreeg’s Evil Eye

Step 2 / Level 5

  • max out Blood Burst before the main node because it has AoE
    • and no Energy cost in which was shifted to the following nodes

Step 3 / Level 11

  • max out Dreeg’s Evil Eye

Step 4 / Level 17

  • put 5 - 6 points into Curse of Frailty and max out Vulnerability

Step 5 / Level 24

  • put points into Oathkeeper mastery and max out Presence of Virtue for Energy Regen and Offensive Ability
    • leave it for later if you don’t need Energy Regen, due to changes for example

Step 6 / Level 25

  • put more points into Oathkeeper mastery to grab 1 point in Vire’s Might for mobility
    • and 1 point in Resilience but I forgot about it in-game and in the links

Step 7 / Level 32

  • put more points into Occultist and max out Terrifing Gaze
    • you can choose to put even more points into Occultist to reach Aspect of the Guardian for Acid Res if needed

Step 8 / Level 43

  • max out Vile Erruption
    • I finally have 1 point in Resilience I forgot about before
    • and also put 1/1 into Blood of Dreeg line for some Acid Res

Step 9 / Level 49

  • put more points into Oathkeeper mastery to reach Guardians for devotion proccing
    • I pulled some points from Terrifying Gaze because I needed Guardians earlier

Step 10 / Level 55

  • max out Aspect of the Guardian and put 1 point into Tectonic Shift to increase Vire’s Might’s range
    • I had +4 to Occultist at that point and decided to reach Possession and put 1 point into it
    • I also pulled all but 1 point from Terrifing Gaze

Step 11 / Level 65

  • get 12/12 in Sigil of Consumption to proc devotions and leech health
    • the off-hand with Vit → Acid global conversion is even more important in due to added modifiers, see Gear details

Step 12 / Level 73

  • take Scion of Dreeg transmuter and max out Celestial Presence
    • perhaps it should be taken earlier - before Possession - but I didn’t need damage and was too lazy to move points around

Step 13 / Level 77

  • max out Possession for damage absorption

Step 14 / Level 85

  • max out Ascension and put some points into Haven

Step 15 / Level 95

  • max out Terryfing Gaze and put more points into Haven

Step 16 / Level 100

  • Clarity of Purpose left for the end but feel free to invest in it earlier for CC resistances
    • put 1/1 ponts in Solael’s Witchfire and Second Rite for Vitality res if needed

Path optimized for procs access / exp
  1. Green Crossroad
  2. Bat
    • bind to Dreeg’s Evil Eye
  3. –Green Crossroad
  4. Ghoul
    • bind to Presence of Virtue
  5. Hawk
  6. Manticore
    • bind to Dreeg’s Evil Eye
    • bind Bat to Curse of Frailty
  7. Blue Crossroad
  8. Sailor
  9. Murmur
    • bind to Guardians (I have it swapped with
      Manticore though, see Devotion Bindings)
  10. –Hawk
  11. Spider
  12. Raven
  13. Red Crossroad
  14. Green Crossroad
  15. Tainted Eruption (part of Abomination)
    • bind to Curse of Frailty
    • bind Bat to Sigil of Consumption
  16. Hawk
  17. –Green Crossroad
  18. Yugol
    • bind to Possession
  19. Ulzuin’s Torch’s 2 nodes
  20. Abomination’s 1 more node
    • so that you have all but Abominable Might
Path optimized for length / less respecing
  1. Green Crossroad
  2. Bat
    • bind to Dreeg’s Evil Eye
  3. Ghoul
    • bind to Presence of Virtue
  4. Raven
  5. Manticore
    • bind to Dreeg’s Evil Eye
    • bind Bat to Curse of Frailty
  6. Blue Crossroad
  7. Sailor
  8. Murmur
    • bind to Guardians (I have it swapped with
      Manticore though, see Devotion Bindings)
  9. Spider
  10. Red Crossroad
  11. Tainted Eruption (part of Abomination)
    • bind to Curse of Frailty
    • bind Bat to Sigil of Consumption
  12. Hawk
  13. –Green Crossroad
  14. Yugol
    • bind to Possession
  15. Ulzuin’s Torch’s 2 nodes
  16. Abomination’s 1 more node
    • so that you have all but Abominable Might
Devotion procs bindings

I like having Rumor (Murmur) on Dreeg’s Evil Eye because it last 1s shorter than Acid Spay (Manticore) and has OA debuff.
Guardians often need more time to get into action or lose aggro. Still they are 2nd best and get Acid Spray as a result.

However it’s possible for Guardians to focus on a secondary target in which case you can do one of the following:

  • focus on that target too to kill it quicker / attack targets chosen by Guardians themselves

  • use Pet Attack to make Guardians attack a target of your choice

  • swap Rumor and Acid Spray bindings so that even if Guardians attack a secondary target and proc Rumor on it
    it still debuffs the main target since it spreads amongst enemies

Twin Fangs (Bat) is bound to Sigil instead of Curse of Frailty because

  • you can have 2 Sigils at the same time each having a separate chance to proc it

  • Tainted Erruption is great on Curse of Frailty as it’s the first skill you cast after charging into a group of monsters. It explodes immediately and makes monsters disperse which is great for defensive purposes - to not be burst down at the start of the fight.

A very fun binding to have is Tainted Erruption on Guardians because it’s then centered around them and not the player.

Beginner tips
Loot, mats & bits
  • Clear all totems along your way to get a lot of stuff and Iron Bits from selling greens, it’s going to be useful later.

  • Keep multiple item pieces for every slot with various resistances so that you have a lot of options while making adjustments.

  • Always kill Ch’thon Cultists along the way for a good chance of Blood of Ch’thon.

  • Read blueprints that drop from a totem before farming the next one. I’m not sure of this but I read once that the game checks which blueprints the player has already read.

Campaign progression
  • In Veteran / Normal progress till you unlock Hyram in Malmouth for a +1 to Occultist relic.

  • Skip Forgotten Gods in Veteran / Normal after choosing a faction.

  • Skip Ashes of Malmouth and Forgotten Gods in Elite.
Factions & reputation
  • Betray Dreeg and side with Solael just after killing Krieg in Veteran / Normal for an early Charge skill to combine with Vire’s Might.

  • Side with Kymon’s Chosen in Normal and Elite to get access to and buy a reserve of their Armor Augments.

  • In Ultimate switch to Death’s Vigil.
    • It can be postponed / not done immediately if you’d like to farm Kymon’s Chosen rep naturally in Ultimate Campaign or while farming Lunal’Valgoth’s Girdle.

    • I filled up the whole Death’s Vigil Honored bar to Revered in an hour. The best (and only) bounties I recommend are the ones in Warden’s Lab due to the amount of Aetherial Heroes and trash mobs there and the ones in Fort Haron.

  • Side with Anasteria but do NOT give her 3 rare crafting mats on any difficulty - it’s a scam. You’ll max out Outcast’s Secret’s reputation easily anyway.

  • Don’t farm bounties on lower difficulties if you can progress smoothly anyway. The higher the difficulty, the more reputation you get.
  • Shoot the same targets as your Guardians or use Pet Attack to not waste their RR aura and devotion RR procs.

  • Wait till Blight and Ascension skills are off cooldown before activating a totem.
Leveling gear

Here is a list of useful target-farmable items that can aid you while leveling with their minimal level requirements.
I don’t mention random uniques that might be better.

You can farm Vinelton a bit for low level versions of items before finishing the campaign if needed although I personally didn’t.
More about his items in Basic gear info and Gear Details.

Leveling journey

Warning! Leveling of this build was done in before various buffs to DEE
  • main nod’s damage increase:

    • Acid from 252 to 300 (at 22)
    • Poison from 690 to 765 (at 22)
  • fixing Blood Burst not working reliably on main target (?)

  • making DEE proc devotions on multiple targets not only the main one

  • redistribution (and small decrease) of Blood Burst’s energy cost to Terrifying Gaze and Vile Eruption

  • buffs to leveling items:

    • Leafmane Horn off-hand new mods to DEE:

      • full Vit → Acid conversion (not working on Vile Eruption)
      • Poison damage
    • Wendigo Barb:

      • Vit → Acid conversion

The journey:

Level 5 - vs Kyzogg

Occultist, Level 5 vs Kyzogg:

Level 11 - vs Viloth

Occultist, Level 11 vs Viloth:

Level 17 - vs Gutworm

Occultist, Level 17 vs Gutworm played with :video_game::

Level 24 - vs Krieg

I went to Conclave of the Three for Charge movement skill from Cult of Solael to combine it with Vire’s Might.

Sentinel, Level 24 vs Krieg:

Level 27 - vs Cronley

I bought the following blueprints from Rovers:

Sentinel, Level 27 vs Cronley:

Level 30

Sentinel, Level 30:

Level 34 - vs Ravna & Karroz

Sentinel, Level 34 vs Ravna:

Sentinel, Level 37 vs Karroz:

Level 46 - vs Loghorrean

Sentinel, Level 46 vs Loghorrean:

Level 53 - Elite preparation

My character after adjusting it for Elite: Sentinel, Level 53

  • Didn’t feel like going to Ancient Grove for MIs.

  • I progressed in Malmouth just to the point where I could buy +1 Occ relic from Hyram
    (detailed instruction in Gear Details).

  • I moved some points from Terryfing Gaze to Blood of Dreeg for more Acid res.

  • I used Kymon’s Chosen jewellery augments for Chaos res. I didn’t have to farm rep.

  • I got a second 3s charge so mobility became amazing.

Level 55 - Elite Krieg fail & Cronley

Just after starting Elite I got another +2 to Occultist:

  • one from Putrid Necklace (in Normal you cannot get that)
  • one from some lucky Epic crown

Sentinel, Level 55

I decided to reach Possession having +4 to Occultist and put 1 point into it.

Krieg was giving me problems because of my 0% Slow res with this 50% Slow debuff.
I was too slow to heal myself through his shotguns even with Ghoul proc.
Ultimate Krieg was a piece of cake though.

Also I got no healing skills / ADCtH to DEE yet. I could have bought good items
from Vinelton at that point but I didn’t want to spend my time / resources on him just yet.

Krieg fail:

No CC res was unplayable so I needed to boost Freeze / Slow resists:

Here’s the result Sentinel, Level 60.

To craft medal augment I needed 1 Eldritch Essence. I got it from 5 levels of SR in Normal. Also 1 Devotion point and a waystone.

Here’s the fight with Elite Cronley:

Level 69 - vs Elite Loghorrean

Sentinel, Level 69 vs Elite Loghorrean:

Level 71 - Ultimate preperation

Sentinel, Level 71:

  • Armor augments from Homestead.

  • I played SR a bit to get 1 Eldritch Essence for crafting movement skill augment.

Level 75 - vs Ultimate Krieg

I found useful Epic helm (with +1 to Occultist) and chest (with Aether res for better overcap) pieces.
If it weren’t for that I could go for Fettan Mask.

Sentinel, Level 75 vs Ultimate Krieg:

Level 77 - vs Ultimate Cronley

Sentinel, Level 77 vs Ultimate Cronley:

Level 83 - vs Ultimate Loghorrean

I had some Energy problems.

Sentinel, Level 83 vs Ultimate Loghorrean:

Level 86

Sentinel, Level 86
I improved my stats by wearing better gear:

  • 700 armor (when multiplied by absorption)
  • 300 OA
  • 200 DA
  • 2000 Health
  • maxed out Casting Speed
Level 97 - vs Korvaak

Sentinel, Level 97
No video because it was not pretty, needed focus and took me a few tries.
Perhaps I should have improved my setup to final beginner gear before the fight.
Or maybe I’m just not experienced with Korvaak. I kited him very carefully.


Here’s how I made the final setup:

  • I farmed Lunal’Valgoth’s Girdle - more info (i.e. optimal route) in Gear details.

    • I had bad luck initially - a few +1 Necro belts in a row.
    • I farmed 4 belts in total I believe.

  • I needed to go back to get Skeleton Key blueprint from Kalderos quest line in Old Arcovia.

  • I farmed Vinelton - more info (i.e. how to reset him) in Basic gear info.
    • It’s quite satisfying since you have access to so many instances of various gear pieces.

  • I crafted the Shroud of Dreeg set - more info (i.e. calculation of the average number of transmutations needed) in Gear details.

    • I wanted to maximize Elemental Res and Casting Speed on the helmet as it needs to be crafted 5 times.
      For that reason I chose Angrim to be my blacksmith as all 3 of his crafting bonuses are somewhat useful.

    • I exchanged 13 Ancient Hearts for Bloods of Ch’thon (35 for crafting 5 Helmets).

    • The chest had low 23% conversion from Vit → Acid but fortunately one helm transmuted into a better one.

    • I think I was lucky - I needed 7 transmutations which is below average. Stats were decent too.

  • I noticed that I still didn’t have Seal of Annihilation so I decided to farm totems for it. But which totems to farm?

  • I decided to combine totem farming with Ugdenbloom farming (~150 needed). See Beginner Tips for a good route.

  • After farming 147 Blooms I still didn’t have Seal of Annihilation so I decided to farm FG totems to farm reputation by killing their monsters. I farmed the totem near Korvan City Rift and killed everything there (also entering the Tomb of Nephos because there’s a treasure trove there and a chance for an additional totem). Then I teleported to Infernal Waste and went through Tomb of Sethan and back again to overground. After that I restarted. In retrospect I don’t think I needed this rep and FG totems are the more difficult ones. I found the seal blueprint quite quickly, before getting into the grove of totem farming.

  • I crafted even more Emberguard Gauntlets since I got another 2 mils from all this farming and green selling.
    I needed to dismantle some low level uniques for Scrap.

  • I started to put on my gear but I then realized I got no Aether Crystals so I farmed them (250) with scuffed unfinished gear setup.
    Btw it’s better to farm them from Coven’s Refugy because you then don’t have to scroll the map to Warden’s Laboratory Rift.

  • Then I realized I got no Living Armor blueprint yet so I went back to totem farming.

  • It turned out I didn’t even need FG rep but I should have farmed Death’s Vigil rep instead while doing Totems.

  • However farming rep from bounties on Ultimate seems to be pretty fast, I filled up full Honored Bar to Revered for Death’s Vigil in an hour. I think the best place for it are bounties in Warden’s Lab due to the number of Aetherial Heroes there and trash mobs. Fort Haron is 2nd best.

  • Next I did SR Shards 1 - 15 on Normal in an hour. 20 - 35 also in an hour.

  • After doing 35th Shard on Ultimate I could have tried some bosses but I wanted to get some 2.5s recharge charge augment.

  • The game crashed for the first time in my career at 72 SR Normal, fortunately I could go back to 70.

  • I farmed 75/76 for a better movement skill and got Violent Delight.

  • I changed my setup a bit to be more damaging. Also :crate: buffed DEE in the meantime.
    I needed to farm Witch God reps for different augments.

  • I grinded all levels of Crucible, got to 170 a couple times but two Reapers were not comfortable to fight with.

  • I farmed some potion blueprints at Port Valbury.

  • I got the last skill and attribute points.
Video proofs

Warning! Tested before the nerf of Physical Resistance on some off-hand prefixes.

Clones of John Bourbon
5 x SR 65-66 (no deaths)
SR 75-76 (no deaths)
Non-ssf bonus

Warning! Tested before the following nerfs

  • Physical Resistance on the off-hand prefix
  • weapon damage to DEE on the off-hand

Since my SSF build couldn’t beat Ravager I thought I’ll try non-SSF tankier DEE built in a similar style. The goal was to facetank him but I only managed to do that in the 1st phase. Perhaps it could be easier on Witch Hunter because it can get more Phys Res due to items and skills. Or with Scales of Ulcama constellation.

Sigil appearance was modded here to look cooler, Acid-like.

Mods and tools

I’m a tool enthusiast and this is what I use:

  • https://www.grimtools.com/
    • Calculator (Planner) to test item / augment changes while leveling

    • World Map displayed on my TV not to miss any secrets

    • Checklist - didn’t use it but I should have to check if I did all important quests

    • Item Database to find best items

    • Monster Database to prepare for bosses

  • [Tool] Grim Internals for
    • being able to make cool screenshots such as those at the edges of this guide

    • debuff icons on enemies

    • auto-pick up of greens which normally takes a lot of time after conquering totems

    • visual and sound notifications about being nullified which I otherwise often missed

    • display of health / energy potions cooldowns

    • fixing time of the day

    • removal of fog which makes the game look better

  • mods:
    • Sigil appearance was modded to look cooler, Acid-like, but only in non-ssf video
      because the game was constantly being updated and this change overwritten

    • removal of Blood of Dreeg sound - I don’t like it

  • camera hack - for improving Rotate Left / Right Camera rotation because it’s otherwise very slow

  • YoloMouse for having bigger and more visible cursor


credit to RektbyProtoss, Ulvar, Nery and Stupid Dragon for general info on the game
Crate for buffs to the skill, grey_maybe for tests and feedback on various DEE builds

Let me know if you are using this guide and having some problems along the way.


First guide, let’s gooo


First beginner guide, ninja’d by [] (2H Hybrid) I Am the Storm, I Am the Rage - Veilkeeper Druid [4:30 Crucible] [SR75] [All Celestials] :triumph:

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what do u think of shuroth rings x2?
btw great build!

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Too hard to farm, the idea here as with most other beginner / ssf builds is that I only use easy to get / rng independent gear.

But in general you’re right, these are BIS for Acid DEE and I used them in the Non-SSF bonus build.

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so much great details (lol didnt see “beginner” at first)
and im assuming this build has potential with slight change for end-game (ex rings)

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For endgame version of the build with the most DPS you can see this thread:
[] The Triumph of Our Tired Eyes - 4500%damage acid DEE sentinel [SR90] [4.45 Crucible]

In the Non-ssf bonus section I made a more tanky / casual version suitable for Ravager which I don’t expect to have problems with farming SR75 or Crucible (because those aren’t terrible for this far weaker beginner build in the first place).

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do u think there will be any noticeable dmg difference, cuz your non ssf build does give great tankiness compare to dps build

I’m not sure about the damage and tankiness difference between these two endgame builds - one I haven’t played at all and the second one barely :wink:

DEE build, guides uses green text, how can we not give this man bonus points for theme! :raised_hands:


Nice work tqFan. A very in-depth beginner guide with great results to back it up. Interesting that you were able to push to SR 75 with the lvl 75 version of Dreeg’s set and such budget gear.

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Wow, lots of work went into this. As for the build, my 2 cents, I’m not sure you can afford Manticore with this cast speed and edgy (?) sustain, I’d still go for Revenant here.

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This is my strat to have GD last me till GD2.

I’m originally a Revenant guy on Acid builds (i.e. Acid WKM Witch Hunter), I started using Manticore being influenced by other builders. It does have 4% Phys Res and 90% Acid damage. Perhaps it could be better, I’d have to test it but I already have 16% adcth + Sigil + Bat + Ghoul.

Hmmm… Since Sandstorm has been nerfed I don’t think it’s worth it now.

Maybe aim in something like Caustic of Celerity
(or of Corruption - I don’t remember how frequently it shows at Vinelton’s):




It would fix my not maxed out Casting Speed.

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Can you reset-farm Vinelton on Normal and Elite difficulty? I was trying to reset-farm him yesterday on Normal and it didn’t work (I had never tried it on Normal before). I went to the previous level of the dungeon just like in your video.

Also, can you farm the same blueprints on lower difficulties as well? I was wondering if I could farm level 75 sets and other good items on Elite difficulty, for example.

Just tested in on Normal and it worked for me. Blueprint were there too.
Maybe try going a little bit further in the area without Vinelton / wait 10 seconds.

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I just tested it again on Normal and is working as intended and as you explained and showed in your video. Not sure why yesterday it didn’t work sometimes (maybe it was working and I was just tired or my game bugged).

So in theory you could farm Dreeg Set on Elite and use it earlier for leveling, but it might be too costly to craft it before Ultimate, not sure. It would be really fun to level with it though.

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you might have been too fast, when you transition to zone/load screen it seems there are variables, usually i just have to wait liek 10-15secs, but others have told me they need to wait up to 30secs or more before running back or inventory wont have reset - i’ve no idea why or what does it

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Yeah, I was not waiting any seconds at all, so that might be it. The funny thing is that today I didn’t wait either, but it worked. Guess my game upgraded lol.

Bookmarked this thread to give it a go later - I have been looking to try out DEE for the first time. TY much.

Also, I may steal your nesting format from you to use later. Lol :female_detective: