[] Rotgheist's Revenge - Vitality Vire's Might/DEE Sentinel [SR85] [Ravager of Minds, Mogdrogen]


FEATURING: A brilliant eye-dea on how to get a-head of the game**

**I take no responsibility for that godawful pun

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Stats with self-buffs active, including Dying God


Rotgheist has never seemed like the most popular set, but it did receive a new round of buffs in So, I thought – why not give this a go? In addition, the old Rotgheist builds on the forum (the ones I could find, anyway) largely built around acid DEE, or vitality Primal Strike. But I couldn’t find one that featured vitality DEE/Vire’s Might together in one build: two of the set’s focuses.

Thus, my path was laid out before me.



  • EXPLODING BALLS AND EYEBALLS :eye::eye::eye::eye:
  • Smooth, fast gameplay
  • Good DPS - all the stacking skill bonuses allow for some satisfyingly big crits. My highest hit on this character to date: image
  • Great lifesteal on both DEE and Vire’s Might

  • Rotgheist is squishy, even with the health buff. This can contrast comically sometimes with the playstyle of this particular build - see the SR notes under the Kill Screenshots section.
  • EXTREMELY energy hungry. Even an Arcane Spark is not enough in certain situations (trust me you do not want to run out of energy in say, the SR 80 boss room with the Iron Maiden on your ass. This is from personal experience). Taking Scales is essentially required.

Debuff with Curse of Frailty, slam into enemies with your ugly mug - I mean, your Vire’s Might nuke. Spam eyeballs. Rinse and repeat. Use Sigils of Consumption for healing.

:red_circle: Notes on Vire’s Might:

This underwent a great deal of testing. IMO, Rotgheist does not work well as a typical skater-style build despite having bonuses to Vire’s Might, the reason being that all the gear that gives cooldown reduction to VM is either blocked by the Rotgheist set itself and/or has conversions we don’t want. I tried, nonetheless, but the results were mediocre. Fully invested and converted Volcanic Stride (with the Lunal’Valgoth belt) did not make that much of a DPS difference from just full-time spamming DEE, so that was a bust.

Dropping Volcanic Stride and switching the skill over from “skate” to “nuke,” however, made a drastic difference. I’m talking ~8 sec faster dummy kills; it went from 25-26 seconds to around 18 seconds to kill the training dummies. And in the event that using VM constantly becomes too dangerous, you can still do decent damage by hanging back and only casting DEE, though of course the ideal situation is to use both skills together.


Pretty typical vitality setup with Rattosh and Dying God. Bat/Ghoul for sustain, blabla. Originally had Revenant, but switched to Scales because of energy issues as mentioned (Scales is nice for vitality anyway, so no issues there at least). Included intermediate devotions that would boost cast speed, e.g. Jackal and Spider.


This is an endgame build, and will work as advertised once you have the endgame Rotgheist set. For leveling, please head over to tqFan’s excellent beginner’s leveling guide for DEE sentinels.

Gear choices

Note: Gear was crafted for freeze resistance.

Note #2: I only use single-rare MIs in my builds at most, and my purples/blues are self-found. My Hallanx’s Head is actually kind of shittily rolled, with poor conversion and poor casting speed, so you might get better stats than me.

  • Weapon - Pandemic got buffed for vitality DEE, and also now gives an extra -8% Vitality RR to the Guardians of Empyrion. Nice :grinning:

  • Offhand - Mythical Hallanx’s Head also got some nice vitality DEE bonuses. So, these two together are two natural choices for our build.

  • Gloves - Went with craftable Emberguard Gauntlets for the built-in casting speed and phys res. You can use something else, ideally something which gives cast speed.

  • Pants - Kuba’s pants for points to Tectonic Shift - goal is to softcap it at 12 points, after which the returns fall off.

  • Belt - Mythical Girdle of Stolen Dreams, a good vitality belt with +1 to all skills in Occultist.

  • Boots - Mythical Desecrator Treads, a solid option mainly chosen for the big slow resistance.

  • Rings - Signet of the Fallen for -RR, Ring of Vile Intent for points to DEE nodes.

  • Medal - Mark of Plagius, gives points to VM as well as adding yet more vitality damage to it.

  • Relic - Eldritch Pact because it’s the only +1 to all Occultist Skills relic with any resistance on it, which we need to balance ours out. But it’s a good relic in and of itself… and the red ball proc visually complements our red eyeball eruptions well. Clearly, the most important part.

Kill videos/screenshots

Shattered Realm

The build is consistent in farming range (65-75), but turns into a squishball after that, probably because smashing enemies with your face generally isn’t the best survival tactic as a caster with less than 2k armor and decidedly unimpressive defensive stats. :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

Nevertheless, you can usually get some good results with kiting.

Note that for hard content, I recommend dropping 3 points from Tectonic Shift and putting them into Sigil of Consumption to softcap it. You will not be able to consistently use VM in such content (at least, not safely) and the healing will help more.

SR 85 boss room:

SR 80 boss room:

Ravager of Minds

Didn’t post videos for the celestials because honestly they were just long, boring kite fiestas on this character. But they are possible.


Final words

Ty to tqFan (again) and Stupid_Dragon’s guides on game mechanics, specifically the one about secondary skill modifiers this time around- I am always learning something new about this game.


Great build! I like that you have some other damage source besides the :eye:
New player can make the Acid or Vitality endgame DEE depending on which blueprints they get first.

Unfortunately no Acid → Vit while leveling so I guess a more Acid build for that is the way :thinking:

This lovely belt alone is not enough for it then. Damn. Scales is a good option for a Vitality build so it’s not a problem but just theoretically maybe the Belt together with two Sparks (I first saw it in Banana_peel’s super energy-hungry FoI build) would do the trick.

Btw Grey made Conjurer (might be not up-to-date because it’s from before the last buffs iirc)
and I personally thought about Cabalist (using those Chaos / Aether → conversions) although I’d miss Vire’s Might for sure.

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Thank you!! Yes, the 2nd skill really helped the build click I feel like. And it gives the build a bit more of a unique identity. It seems to me to give visibly better results (at least in terms of DPS) than just using vitality DEE alone, as in the conjurer build you linked.

Acid DEE leveling would 100% be the way to go, yep.

Admittedly I never tried the belt and a Spark together, I had already taken Scales by then so didn’t need it anymore, slotting a Tainted Heart instead (helps a lot with balancing resistances in this build). I think belt together with 2 Sparks would probably be enough, but I don’t know that I could get myself to give up that great Seal of Annihilation in the necklace. And as you say, Scales is great for a vitality build anyway-- the added health sustain is a godsend at times-- so zero regrets there.

I will say though, that I definitely see my energy draining when Scales is not active: e.g. when killing mobs in the main campaign too fast for them to really hit you. So no the belt alone is not enough sadly :frowning:

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how does this compare to the acid eye dreeg set?if you tried it

It’s up to date as far as I know.

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Haven’t tried it yet personally, but I think this may be comparable, if slightly worse. Comparatively less %damage but Rotgheist-enabled VM helps make up for that, while also making it more dangerous to play. Acid Dreeg will be able to push higher content because of that - not to mention it is a tankier set with a lot more phys resistance. Poor Rotgheist doesn’t get that.

Rotgheist has never had a great rep, and AFAIK non-Dreeg set DEE builds are a rarity too. I wanted to break the mold on both and show that they can work in the new patch, actually really well if you respect the shortcomings it still has.

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