[] The Triumph of Our Tired Eyes - 4500%damage acid DEE sentinel [SR90] [4.45 Crucible]


Who even needs DA?

Gear explanation

Gear crafted for slow resistance

  • Deception of Dreeg - best set for DEE (and the only one that works so far)
  • Groble Toxic Effigy - gives %wd that skill is lacking. I went full damage with afixes and it gives best results. Something with of celerity/ of corrosion will work.
  • Vilescorn Bracers - best acid gloves overall.
  • 2x Shuroth - the ultimate acid rings.
  • Pack of deadly means - there’re very few acid belts with +to mastery. BiS.
  • Basilisk Fang - %ADctH to DEE, must needed. Affixes for damage dump.
  • Venomskin Legwraps - +3 to Blood Burst, health. Can be replaced with Nidalla’s Legwraps
  • Meditation - best acid relic.
  • Venomspine Greaves - for the sake of %damage.
Shattered Realm performance


another one:

and the full run:

beware the reaper in deep SR.

Crucible performance

Explain yourself [Feedback]

– It seems like DEE is actually a pretty strong skill and you’ve been wrong calling it a lackluster.
Uhm, no, not really. You might have noticed how many times in Gear exp. section I mention “damage”.
The thing is - all heavy lifting is done by the bare amount of damage. If you try DEE with normall amount (around 3k% lets say), it will be disappointing.
– … and that’s why Dreeg’s set has so much of it, devs know about it.
Well, I’ve been wrong thinking that Dreeg’s set is garbage, when in fact, it’s actually pretty neat. However, keep in mind that Deception is not the only set, that supports DEE. There’s Rotgheist and other occasional MI’s that occupy same slots. And their performance is… well. Have you seen non DD DEE build with mid-good performance?
To summarize all that i wanted to say: Dreeg Deception - surprisingly interesting set, the only thing it lacks is DA, but i don’t need it on casters, so not a big deal; DEE itself - still being the worst skill in the game, carried by dedicated set in this instance.
If anyone has tried Rotgheist Eye/non set DEE - please leave your feedback anywhere on the forum.



Great build! Who knows that the only thing DEE needs is 4500$ to acid
Such a tiny detail

I tried and gave at least 2 feedbacks.
It was my worst GD experience ever.


DEE and sweaty builders are OP, plz nerf them


Crittrain has a video cru run, its not actually that bad, more like a hybrid vita/acid


I do hope you’re just warming up. :pouting_cat:


Only 4500%? That’s some pussy ass % damage, i can get more. :scorv:

Wonder what would happen to DEE if it had innate passthrough. 100% mind you, not just 66% like the Dreeg set gives.

probably a bit better, but not much. Skill’s base damage is low tbh.


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Nerf Dreeg set (because i’m guessing it would send this build over the edge if the base skill damage was increased along with Dreeg set being left intact), buff base skill to compensate that, and in doing that buffing other DEE builds? That’s my suggestion.


sounds reasonable.
yet idk what can be nerfed in dreeg’s set. it only has a lot of %damage and proc with absorption, so it’s like the only prominent feature of this set.

Ago ahead and test that pass through… It actually goes through 100% of the time. Although the is seems to have a rate limit on how soon after passing through that it can hit another target?

DEE feels like Pblades but without the shotgun effect and DoT instead. It would be nice if the set would give a mod to DEE to like… Throw 3 eyes in a cone instead of one.

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Compare to PB, 2 sub skills vs 3, 22/12 Heart Seeker has 85% chance to pass through and 12% life steal, Nether Edge 50% bonus crit dmg, DEE is a joke. Would be nice if DEE is stackable like Savagery, RF or Beronath Fury, each stack deal 10% more total dmg at the cap of 8 stacks.

DEE, Forcewave, Horn of Gandar and Blade Trap are the band of outsiders for how long already?
I’ve heard theree is an ancient egyptian manuscript with complains about these skills balance


Pretty sure Tutankamon via his servants wrote about this on the great pyramids’ walls


Can confirm, been exploring those pyramids recently in Titan Quest.

I’d enjoy a general DEE buff for Scions of Dreeg’s Evil Eye build (hybrid Guardian / DEE Sentinel).

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Missed this and to add more to this, it feels bad in the main campaign even. It was made further worse because everytime i was playing DEE Rotgheist, the thought of “i could be playing Vit PB instead and having a much better experience” continously cropped up in my mind.

To add a funny DEE story, Valinov tried Chaos DEE and it gave him PTSD because of how bad it was. :rofl:


Honestly, if I were to compare DEE spam to any mastery skill, it’d make more sense for it to be PRM than PBlades or something else.

dear god. this… this… is inhumane.

for some reason, i’m not surprised hearing it.

Just want to add my feedback about DEE as a skill. Maybe it’s a bit outdated, but don’t think that in current patch things changed a lot.

Unlikely, I lost the gt link, but it was Rotgeist+Nightbringer vital spam DEE conjurer (that means max WD and max RR). Despite the OPness of Nightbringer and vitality conjurers in general, this build sucked a lot. No, sorry. SUCKED A LOT even at 75 SR. Damage of DEE was similar to white attack with 100AS, absolutely poor AoE and single targe damage.
When I tried acid purge and boomerangs my damage increased x2+. And what is the reason to spend 50 points for?
To sum up I want to say, that almost every “achievement” of “DEE builds” is not because DEE, but because of support sources of damage.

My vid, I spend 3.5 min for 1.5 chunks on 75SR and died. I usually spend this time for the whole shard.


decided to record full walkthrough for SR90.

for some reason, low DA and armor are not a big problem. monkaHmm