Help Finding Download Link For Mod With New Forums

I am new to Grim Dawn, and recently found several recommended mods to use. Due to the recent forum updates, I have had trouble getting them downloaded. I have been able to find all of them except one. The one I’m having trouble with is the install link for [WIP] Item Filter (via ColorCoding). The forum post for that mod links to a post by Matougi where the install file can be found. I have tried searching for posts by that author, but have not been successful finding the correct one. If anyone can point me in the right direction to download the mod, I would be most grateful. Thanks!

The second link in exactly that topic is the right one for download the tool, which let you change the colors. Its new, and really simply to use.

New Tool links:
General Information (

you only need the setup exe there

the other link gives you the description

Thank you for the information. I was confused by the other installation link provided referencing Matougi. Thank you again for the help!

no problem…