Grim Misadventure #169 - Frequently Infrequent

They drop in SR and Cruci so you don’t have to farm certain monsters in the main campaign to get the MI you want
Wait a sec…

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Monster totems are very exciting and good spices!
Thanks, dev team!

If it appears more frequently, I will be more excited :grin:

It would be cool if SR had its own MI instead. Iirc only Kymon`s MI has to be farmed outside SR, so why not do it to others also?

It has it’s set, what more do you want?

Please, please, please, please, pretty please.

Since we are dealing with MIs in this coming patch can we get a different color for the MIs? We have the standard yellow, green, blue, and purple for rarity along with Olive Green for the Faction Augments, Cyan for the Relics and Brownish-gold (in two shades) for components but the MIs are junked in with standard green rares.

One of the features I miss from the TQ days is that MIs had an olive green color, so you knew right away they were different from standard rares. It would be amazing to be able to tell MIs from standard greens right away by color. Since we currently have a lighter green for faction augments, what about a darker, more Evergreen color, for MIs.

I begging you on this one!


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Doable via the Rainbow Color Mod (which doesn’t discount that it could also be implemented into the vanilla game experience by the devs) if you really need it.

On the other hand, the current loot filter system can filter out non-MI rares from view.

I remember Z said no because of colorblind players or something like that.
It’s wasn’t olive color in TQ, it was puke color :scorv:

A small update, as that has been a topic of some discussion in this thread before it was broken off to its own thread, we are not just touching up Monster Infrequents, but related systems as well.

The following changes are also going through for Magic affixes:

  • Magic Affixes: trimmed various affixes out of the loot pool at lower levels. These affixes already did not drop for endgame content and were phased out around level 50. This now extends all the way through level 1.
  • Magic Prefixes: increased % Cunning, % Health, % Physique and % Spirit values on Magic prefixes
  • Magic Prefixes: increased Conversion on flat damage Magic prefixes to match values on Rare affixes
  • Magic Prefixes: single % Fire, % Cold, % Lightning, % Pierce and % Poison Resist prefixes no longer drop after level 50. Existing items with these prefixes are unaffected.
  • Magic Prefixes: % damage Resist pair prefixes have had their values increased at levels 50+.
  • Magic Suffixes: Spellweaving suffixes have been removed from the loot pool. As their values were equivalent to the single damage type suffixes, no changes were made to items that already have these suffixes on them, but items in v1.1.7.0 and beyond cannot generate this suffix category.

Oh…and we’re up to 35 new Monster Infrequents now. :wink:


Bane’Gargoth MI confirmed 100%

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Can confirm your confirm with this confirmation.


Finally my obsidian boy being something more than just cool looking pile of obsidian rocks :grava_yes:

I am looking forward to it! You guys rule!

I have to admit, I have recommended this game to so many of my friends not only because it is a great game, but because you guys are amazing as developers. As I have said before, you are one of the studios that some of the other “big guys” could learn from in how to treat your customers.

In me, you got a fan for life.


If you are creating new MIs. I would like to see one for Inquisitor’s runes that gives them instant arming.


**Another copy of Grim Dawn vanilla gifted.

Keep up the great work fellas.

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Any chance that we get MI for gloves or boots or shoulders??

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Is there a known cure for this. I’m definitely stage 2 on my way to last stage (but exclusively using GDStash).

Not that anyone’s found yet. :upside_down_face:

I will pray for your soul