[Tool] Rainbow Filter (Item Highlighting)

When I try to install and run the setup tool I end up getting this error.

If I ignore and follow the rest of your installation steps, the mod doesn’t actually work in game. Any idea what is causing this? Thanks.

I was having that same error when I started working on the tool, but it somehow disappeared and haven’t had it since I released the tool. Your best hope would be to refresh the tool a few times and hope it doesn’t happen.

The tool is extracting all required files from the game to change them, somewhere between the ArchiveTool.exe (from Crate) and the execution module (from Electron) this error occurs, so even if I could reproduce it again - there wouldn’t be the possibility of fixing it. I might make an option where data from within the tool could be used, they’d only get updated with the tool, but better than not being able to use it.

My Autism thanks you.

Morgoneth’s set item (Armor of the Eternal Night) also seem to have changed. Of course, what will happen in the next update is unknown.

  • tagGDX2LegsD204=(S) {^I}Morgoneth’s Legplates
  • tagGDX2FeetD205=(S) {^I}Morgoneth’s Step

Thanks. All new items were an educated guess and I was expecting for some of them to be wrong especially MI, but it’s surprising those 2 aren’t part of the set.
Since GT was updated I’ll fix all the inconsistencies with the next GD update :smiley:


New Tool Feature

I’ve had an itch to finish up on a few ideas, so the next Rainbow Tool update (v0.4.0) will come with new features. The exact number will come down to when the next Grim Dawn update hits us. For this first feature, the goal was to give users a quick & easy way to highlight certain tags, you could already achieve similar things in various ways, but it was complicated and I’m not sure anybody even used it, so let’s dive into it:

Those of you using the tool will be able to use a new feature to highlight important items or affixes even further. Special Highlighting is a new section accessible through the left hand side navigation and will take you to this new feature’s settings page. Create a new Group and give it a Symbol and Color (either are optional). Use the Search to find an Item or Affix by name and set its Group to one of your created groups. Next time you Save Colors, those changes will be applied and ready for play (remember to close Grim Dawn before doing this).

The full range of this powerful new feature is available on the initially loaded overview page, however, you may select one of the subcategories on the right hand side to narrow it down and keep your workspace nice and clean. The Filter functionality will search for item and affix names in any of the subcategories, make sure to clear the field if you want to see all your selected Items & Affixes again.

In the future you will see all information you can hope for with complete language support. The plan was initially to start with an Item Database, but I decided searching for items on GT is perfectly fine to get started or browse through items on GT and search for the name in the Rainbow Tool. Having all the information within the tool is a nice QoL, but not really a requirement.

Note: Removing a Group by clearing its name field will remove all items assigned to that group. You could create a Group for the most recent Update or your current build and assign to it all Items & Affixes you’re interested in, once you don’t care about them anymore you can just delete the group.

Note: You may create as many groups with as many Items & Affixes assigned as you like.

Some Screenshots

Inside the Rainbow Tool

Fellblade (Build X)


Magi Visage (Important MI)


Note: The color of the asterisk (*) is using the red color placed infront of it in the Symbol Input field. This is entirely optional, but demonstrates what would be possible with Symbols.

Hallanx's Head (Newly Added)


can some kind soul point me to what to do to make tool colour only item names?

This is fantastic!

Just remove tags_ui.txt file from .Grim Dawn\settings\text_en folder.

Hi there
This tool has been made with electron.js, if i’m not mistaking. Could you compile a linux version of it ? As a linux user it would be great to use your tool as i want to make a custom filter.
Thanks by advance

I’m afraid it won’t be as simple as that. The tool is using executables that come with the game and there could be other conflicts beyond that, because I never intended for other platforms to use this. I also can’t test it at the moment and I won’t upload something I don’t know is going to work.

I might compile it and send you a link to try it out.

I totally understand that you rely on windows executable dependencies. And it makes sense. Don’t worry about it. Just keep on the good work, i’ll try to write some code down to easily customize the filter as i just want to highlight some items.

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Second and last preview for v0.4.0. I plan on uploading the new version over the weekend.

Mastery Marker

As mentioned in a previous post, I’m currently working on new Rainbow Tool features and as such adding a Mastery text after the skill name as requested some time ago. The uploaded preset files won’t have these texts added, because I don’t intend to force it on anyone who doesn’t want it.

You can find the new section Mastery Marker on the left hand side navigation and make all the wanted changes from there. The possible options currently are the Mastery Name after the Skill Name and the usual colors. It is possible to use both, one of the two or neither. This is a global setting, which means the program will save your selections alongside any selected Filter. Global availability also means Special Highlighting will affect Skill Texts and they’ll take priority over colors set inside the Mastery Marker.

Note: Coloring only affects your active Masteries, the game overrides inactive Masteries in grey.



A Version number for Rainbow Tool and the targeted Grim Dawn release will be shown on the ToolTip for the button opening the in-game Filter Window. This should make it easier to keep track of the currently active version and allow everyone to check if their update worked as planned.



Program Overhaul

Wanez Tools got a new look, the default window frame is part of the past and it will now be minimized to System Tray as many other programs do when using the close button inside the app. However, there is a difference to most apps out there. The different ways to close a program in windows are still viable, which means you can quickly close Rainbow Tool with Alt+F4 if you don’t want to click on Quit inside the Tray Menu.

If you’re wondering why you would want the program to continue running after creating your filter… . Well, things might change with some new features in the future or have already changed with the addition of Special Highlighting. You will also be able to start the game with v0.4.0. Starting the game is also possible through the Tray Menu.

Note: Starting the game will try doing so with Grim Internals first, if no Grim Internals was possible to run, it then starts the regular game. (Let me know of any issues)


Rainbow Tool updated to v0.4.0

Tool updates itself, if you don’t have the tool yet, you can find the link in the First Post or on GitHub.

If you cannot see the new sections (Special Highlighting/Mastery Marker) upon loading the new version for the first time, try a reload (F5).

There is a potential fix for a reported error, however, since I cannot reproduce it, I cannot test it.

Happy Bug Hunting!


Hi, does diablo highlighting also works on items in inventory ? Because last time i checked this tool it didn’t. Fonts were fine but items still had their original grim dawn colored backgrounds when in inventory leading to a lot of confussion where background was yellow but item was actually blue (magic)

Is there any tool to remove those color backgrounds ?

If you’re willing to make the mod yourself, it is fairly simple to change/remove the backgrounds, but it is a different process than what this mod does.

I have the same issue. Did you find a fix for it?

Does this work with cloud saves turned on?

How do you uninstall this?


Delete the files or use the remove button inside the tool, depending which way you choose to install it.

Files updated for Grim Dawn v1.1.5.2

You can find all downloads in the First Post or on GitHub.

Tool doesn’t need an update, only updating the files because of the new item fixes that came with Rainbow Tool v0.4.0.