[REL] Grim UI

Looks very beautiful…

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It does look absolutely fantastic combined with Reshade.

Changes the feel of the game almost after having been looking at the Vanilla UI so long. Love it and I really hope this inspires other creative types now to make more.


@powbam, I’m also interested in that how it works. Also other tools like the Colorcode Tool uses the Settings directory. Hope the Devs read here. So I wish they comment this with a little explanation, how the game uses this settings folder.

This looks sick, not gonna lie

Awesome job!

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Interesting. Is this functionality documented somewhere then I wonder? The Modding Guide perhaps? Hmm. I haven’t used that tool before (I’m assuming you mean WareBare’s Rainbow Filter) so this is my first time seeing anyone using the folder like this and it kinda blows my mind actually because it is coming across to me as something way, way on the downlow - where if more people knew, artists types in particular - we might have had custom UI’s well before this point, maybe even a shitload of them by now. And I find that slightly bittersweet.

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I don’t know if there is a documentation. What i know is that the settings directory is not created while the installation of GD.

And you can put the directory created by your “hand” into the game directory or your user path.

Look at the point “Guide: “How To Use Preset-Files” that were generated with the tool by me as Zip.”

Here in this link from the color coding tool.


thats all I know…

May be the OP can give us more information…

Funny thing is I mentioned it roughly a week ago in the Rainbow Filter thread and when I saw this show up I remembered there was a UI mod some time ago, so I went on a search. [REL] JMD's UI Collection

It also works for other things as I changed spiders to something different for the arachnophobia mod. [REL] Arachnophobia Mod

So one could technically change the entire world. Assets just need to match the path/filename of the asset they are replacing inside their respective *.arc.

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Thank you VERY much for the compliments, everyone! :metal: I’m happy that y’all are enjoying the mod!

As far as how this method works is beyond me. Titan Quest allowed the same method, but it used the database directory instead. I think something was mentioned that the developers created it as a way to test things “on the fly”. A big time saver over having to rebuild each little change in the Art Manager. I could be wrong though…

I used it when I made ui mods back then, too. I also used it for my personal mod that included meshes, quests and text files, etc. It worked beautifully.

I think the only file type that can’t be utilized this way is a database record. Again, I could be wrong.

At the end of the day, I’m just glad that Crate Entertainment either implemented this or left it in. It makes modding easier, in my opinion.


Interesting… looks like his first versions of the this one.

Np… you’ve done a great job and I seriously hope you are considering doing more themes. The more popular it gets, the more exposure and hopefully influences other talented folk to take a stab at it too.

To that I end I did create a thread on Steam a bit ago to increase exposure for ya:

I’m curious tho that you didn’t theme the health/energy panel area… is that not possible or are you planning on it at all?

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I am in fact considering two more themes based on the expansions (following a much needed break). That was the intention behind this one. Have it coincide with the base game in the sense that each window was hastily pieced together after the “Grim Dawn” occurred.

Yes, I too would be curious to see what others would come up with.

Oh that’s very cool! Thank you very much for taking the time to do that! :metal:

100% possible. I debated whether or not to re-texture those. I did some prototypes but I wasn’t satisfied with the results. I may take another stab at it though. The whole thing feels somewhat incomplete without it.

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This is incredibly beautiful, thank you!

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Not sure if the grey box below the class-portrait is some bug or not. The modded class didn’t have it, only the default one has!

Thank you!

Not a bug, just a problem with mod compatibility. The gray box is a background for the “Undo Points” button, which is moved from it’s default location in the mod you are using.

Alright thanks! Was just curious, not bothered by it :slightly_smiling_face:

No problem. I’m not sure what mod you are using with mine, but I could look into making small adjustments in order to fix things like that.

It’s Grimarillion! They had to edit the mastery window since there’s a lot more masteries in the overhaul compared to vanilla. I suppose that’s why it uses a different layout.

Thank you. If that’s the only thing you noticed, it’d be a quick fix.

Thanks for posting the screen shot, by the way. :+1:

Yes, I think that’s all. They use a custom stash mod, but it looks like it’s working fine. And nothing else in the UI is modded iirc. :slight_smile:


Sounds good.

Put this file in “ui\skills” and that should fix it.

skills_classbackgroundimage.zip (947.9 KB)


Awesome, thanks :slightly_smiling_face::ok_hand: