[MOD] Grim Dawn Reborn

A class, skill, itemization, loot and monster encounter overhaul, including new skills and visuals while staying true to each class identity.

Available on Nexus https://www.nexusmods.com/grimdawn/mods/71

Almost every skill has been reworked, staying true to existing class themes. The idea wasn’t to just make tons of new skills or classes but to actually provide fun and interesting combinations of builds.

From many player scaled pets to awesome volcanoes, you’ll have plenty to work with. Classes and skills are continuously updated based on player feedback.

  • Almost all skills revamped, with various devotion like procs baked into their modifiers (which scale with modifier level) - doesn’t interfere with regular devotion skills!
  • Lots of new skills, including leap slams, cyclones, volcanoes etc. etc.
  • Visual effects changed for a lot of skills, especially buffs and toggles, with a goal to make everything more epic but also visually appealing
  • Totems have no cooldowns and are instead balanced around their count and damage
  • Exclusive Skills offer more damage conversion options depending on the class flavor.
  • Balanced around vanilla damage values (open for feedback and improvements) with slightly increased monster health and defense
  • Each class has minor resistance bonuses in line with their damage type orientation and slight max res bonuses at level 50
  • Each class now has an immortal player scaled pet skill similar to Guardian of Empyrion, some stronger than others.
  • And much much more

Killing monsters has a chance to spawn a remnant version on death, a powerful, monochromatic, hero like variant of the same monster type. Remnants have a small chance of dropping Legacy of the Remnant, a powerful relic with a summon (pet scaled or player scaled) of that same monster type.

Kill normal skeletons -> skeletal remnant spawns -> kill remnant -> drop relic -> use relic to summon a special skeletal minion.

The idea is to make killing normal mobs of enemies more fun and worthwile.

As of writing this only Zombies, Skeletons, Slith and Wendigo can spawn Remnants. The plan is to make almost all enemies do so, however it takes a lot of time. It’s a system with great potential and will be continually expanded with each patch.

Artifacts are weapons that don’t have initial flat damage built in, however they provide various bonuses and procs not found on other weapons. Currently there is only one variant: Ancient Crystal that can drop with a powerful area proc attack, with a variant for each damage type.

They will also be expanded with class specific skills. Currently only Shaman has an ability (you can buy a basic Ancient Crystal at the merchants), with more to be added with each patch.

I have many plans for artifacts and any feedback is welcome.

To me, psychologically, Epics always felt subpar, with fixed stats and squeezed in between potentially powerful rares and amazing legendaries.

Now, from monsters of lvl 50 and above, Epics have a chance to drop with a Legendary Prefix from a pool of custom made bonuses, with a potential of becoming best items for your build!

More prefixes for epics will be added over time with new patches!

On Ultimate difficulty you may now encounter a Scavenger of Riches, a powerful Chthonian enemy that really loves loot. Can you find one, kill it and claim it’s riches?

On other difficulties you won’t encounter them in the wild, but killing Remnants has a small chance of spawning a Scavenger!

Numerous tweaks, both visual and mechanical have been implemented.

  • Variation of the Rainbow filter implemented for item drops
  • Equalization of loot table weights, meaning you now have better chances of getting different rares, epics or legendaries with each drop.
  • Nemesis chests on Ultimate always drop at least 1 legendary
  • Devotion Shrines are now all corrupted (except the unique specific ones like the Mogdrogen shrine)
  • Enemy spawns slightly increase with player level, in addition to difficulty type (this will be further modified as we all see fit)
  • And much much more

All aspects of the mod will be updated with future patches which I plan to continue doing as long as time permits

  • Expanding the Remnants to all monsters in the game
  • Expanding the Artifacts with new procs, skills, legendaries and epics!
  • Adding new skills and improving those that need it, especially the pets!
  • Reworking Devotion skills where needed
  • Reworking item skills to make them more juicy
  • Adding new items and also rare prefixes and suffixes
  • And whatever else comes to mind

You can drop in the mod Discord: https://discord.gg/U24KaM7 for ideas, discussions or bug reports. Feel free to DM me!

Also check out my Patreon https://www.patreon.com/gdreborn

Requires Ashes of Malmouth and Forgotten Gods expansions

If updating, simply replace all the old files and your saves will be fine. You only need the latest version of the mod.

Drop the contents from the file into your Grim Dawn mods folder

Usually something like SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Grim Dawn\mods

Run Custom Game, select gdreborn

Huge thanks to Crate Entertainment for making an awesome old school action rpg and for continued development. You guys are awesome.
Thanks to WareBare for doing a lot of work on the Rainbow Filter [Tool] Rainbow Filter (Item Highlighting) of which parts were implemented in this mod
PS. big thanks to Rinswind for major feedback and ideas over on the Discord.

Thanks for checking out the mod!


Thanks for this new mod.

Just played for a few mins and found something odd with the icons for components and scrap. They are all missing the usual background color, instead they are transparent or grey now. Bug?

Actually no, I was experimenting with some colors and found having no bg on incomplete components less confusing.

And the quest items have a gray bg so they don’t look like legendaries.

I’m not saying this is a perfect solution and honestly I forgot I changed it lol. If people find it awkward I’ll reset it to default, no biggie.

Some of these new skills looks fun.Looks interesting.

I’m sure i getting used to it, some time, and keep all the components and stuff instead of accidentally selling them all the time. :wink:

You got the Spectral Binding change on the Oathkeeper section.

Hey, I changed it back to default to avoid confusion.

Fixed, thanks

Interesting ideas, but turning so many abilities into toggles, pets, or cyclone skills sounds like the game would mostly just play itself. It also means kiting would be less effective since you’d always need to have enemies in range of your toggled skills, especially in the case of Word of Pain and Curse of Frailty. Most of the ideas are pretty neat though, like soldier essentially becoming an army commander is an interesting twist.

Thank you.

These are all concerns I was aware of, especially when it comes to more experienced players.

Most of the new player scaled pets are thus scaled similar to base Empyrion Guardian, meaning they’re meant to be more of a complimentary system to your gameplay. Most other pets are procs which require you to attack and be active as they have short durations.

I personally tend to play more melee centric so there’s a lot of new close ranged toggles. However a lot of ranged skills have been adjusted, giving them procs, debuffs, etc. so a kiting playstyle is more than possible, especially with how totems work etc.

Does all of this need more balance adjustments? Of course, I’m just one guy after all, and things will be adjusted accordingly over time.

Cool, I hope you don’t interpret my feedback as overly critical, I just figured I’d toss out a couple of ideas. I’ll be following this mod closely, though.

Nah man, critique is welcome and I’m open to making changes based on feedback

Version 1.03

  • Aegis of Menhir spawns now have a spicy new look :wink:
  • Forest Guardian now has a modified debuff version of Devouring Swarm
  • Stormcaller Blast last modifier now has new projectile effects
  • Storm Totem’s Circle of Thunder modifier visually simplified but with added target effects… also fixed it’s damage values
  • Vindictive Flame greatly simplified visually
  • Arcane Missile now has completely new visual effects
  • Added Nightblade new skills to a lot of suffix and prefix tables

I apologize for any grammatical errors.
Hi, your mod is what I’ve been waiting for.
I am a fan of monk characters, so here are a few ideas:

A modifier for Thunder Fist, giving bonuses for free both hands.
Powerful kick proc for Nightblade or replacing shadow strike animation with a kick (or both:)).
Vampirical unarmed skill and summon vampire bat for Necromancer.

In addition, it is interesting to be able to concentrate on choosing one school (pumping Mastery bar up to 100 points with completing a unique skill, modifier or school bonus).
Hope some of this comes in handy. Anyway, thanks for the work.

Any chance of implementing an “unarmed” weapon for Thunder Fist and restricting it to that? Set is as a craft or something, not sure how best for that part. But, just make it the same stats as a fist. The current implementation doesn’t play well with autoequip.

This would be a non-issue if Crate had decided to give us the option to turn it off, but they decided not to. I don’t want to debate the decision, just wish it was an option so it could make things like this an easier option in mods.

I agree, about the thunder fist I unsuccessfully concretized. I wanted to say about the possibility of an unarmed dual wield as an option.

@LuxDelux this is a really great mod. It is really fun to play as a necromancer with all those toggles. Would be nice to have increased skill points gain per level. :slight_smile:

Very fun mod (so far, just a few hours in). All mods I tried before were totally unbalanced, this feels just right, looking forward to Ultimate. Will provide more feedback later.

Thanks for the effort!

It is worth mentioning - Shaman’s Wind Devil is immortal, player scaling pet. Also, it summon always 2 of them. :slight_smile: