Grim Misadventure #166 - Corrupted Wealth

You should have read the whole page you linked. ^^

Basically, there is a difference between a decade and the xth decade (and the same applies to centuries, milleniums, etc).
A decade is any period of 10 years, with whatever starting point you want. You can say “I’ve been working on this for a decade” without needing to have started on a year ending with 1.
The xth decade is the xth decade from the starting point of the calendar which is the year one. So the first decade is 1-10, the second is 11-20, etc.
The 90s is used as a short way to say “the decade of the years starting with 199x” so mean 1990-1999. It’s ten years so it’s a decade. But it’s not the 200th decade (1991-2000).


Indeed. It would be pretty stupid if we applied that thinking on it. Take the end of the last century in the year 1999. Noone was sitting around waiting to celebrate the year 2001 as the start of a new century. Every last person was counting down to greet the change-over to 2000.

A decade is, and always has been for anyone alive today, when spoken of as “the 70’s”, 80’s or the 90’s etc… it is meant to refer to the years 70 thru 79 with dinging over into 80 puts us firmly in the 80’s, and so on. This is common knowledge.

Maybe there are places that exist that do it how he’s talking… not where I’m from tho.

But we’re getting way off-topic here I guess :wink:

But the end of the 20th century was in 2000 and the start of the 21st was in 2001.
People celebrating the end of the century one year too early is an issue with education.

A century can start whenever you want. There is no point to celebrate every year the start of a new century.
You only celebrate the new century, the 21st, on the transition from 2000 to 2001.


lmao poor human beanz of Earth… almost every last one of us, misedumicated.

Last I checked, 30 isn’t part of the 20s, which is common sense for virtually every human on earth.

Now let’s keep this thread on topic. If you want to debate whether most of the human population is wrong, please take it to off-topic.

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I have to say it is amazing how you folks at Crate keep supporting this game. I wish other developers learned a lesson from you.

That said, I have a small request to add here that I would love to see in one of these small updates. One of the features I liked in TQ that I wish GD had is the different shade of green used for MIs insteead of Rares. The olive green made it easy to see when you acquired one instead of having to read each item.

Would be a small QoL improvement I’d love to see.


I hope that since forgotten gods has done pretty well, you guys consider doing more paid expansions. We will obviously support you guys! You guys are probably the only company i would consider backing on kickstarter again if you needed it or just wanted it for security to do a grim dawn 3 or even another expansion. Whatever comes next for GD and your studio just know you’ve been good to us , so most of us will support you!


Because this is part of the Rainbow Filter tool (this is essentially all it does is color-code various options in the game) this probably won’t be added to the base game.


It should be though!!

hint, hint devs :wink:

The same thing was said for years about auto-loot components and yet, here we are.

Been suggested several times, but iirc can interfere with the various colour blindness settings GD has that TQAE didn’t at the time.

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Emphasis mine. As there are also other reasons, like:

This is far more complicated than just adding an auto loot component because it relates to color blindness, a condition a lot of people have.

Honestly never got the point of having an unique color for MIs, even more so now that you can filter regular greens from MIs.

you guys always rock!!! Voted you guys for Labor of Love though :wink:

Lots of hype for next misadventure… Better start 2020 with a bang. :money_mouth_face:


Well, as usual, it’ll probably be a review of 2019, but also include more info on what we can expect in 2020.

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It’s kinda interesting to look at Grim Dawn, a Game released on 2016, and even around 4 Years after Release i’m excited like a child on christmas for each Grim Misadventure. Sure not every Misadventure did interest me, there was stuff at there which i personally didn’t care or rather explored myself within the Game (like Enemies and stuff), but in general it shows how thirsty(even when i take breaks from the Game from time to time) i am for MOAR stuff and news about GD.

I mean today i accidentally found the " What’s the latest on Crate’s town builder game? " Topic again and saw the “new Screenshots” (which i missed), and while they look great and all, i’m more excited for tomorrows GM.


Nooo… I forgot about the 2019 review and thinking about how much space it will take from the overall writing makes my hype levels down :disappointed_relieved:

Could be very nice another expansion​:grin::+1:

Could be nice some new skills for each class if another masterie seems too much!!!