Showing an MI indicator on MI items

Hi, is it possible to implement a toggle that shows when an item is an MI? Whether it’s a different colour, a different border or even have an MI indicator on the item it’s self.

I just think it would be more exciting because I know personally I have no idea when an MI has dropped or which item in my bag is an MI, and I know a few players have this problem to. I understand a mod has resolved this, but I personally prefer to play this game mod free and so I would just love a native solution to this problem. I know MI’s have been a big focus for you lately and I think this would just be an extra cherry on top :slight_smile: I also think as a bonus, it’ll add more excitement because you’ll see straight away it’s an MI, much like primal ancients in D3.

Thanks for reading, love your game.

I use rainbow color mod for that, but having specific indicator from the game itself is also good

Initially I wanted similar feature too. But over short time I learnt to recognise MIs by their names or where they dropped. MIs are often named after the monster or faction that dropped them.

This has been asked for a few times over the years but, a) the game has 3 different settings for colour blindness so adding more colours doesn’t help that at all and b) Crate did test having an asterisk by the name, but never implemented it. So yes, there’s a tool you can use called Rainbow Filter to differentiate MIs from other items.

Note however, that whenever Crate update the game the tool will break and you’ll have to wait for it to be updated again for it to work properly.

With Rainbow mod you don’t even need to install anything.
You just have to copy 6 text files into a folder.

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