[] Eye of the Storm, Temporal Arc Blade EoR Archon SR 75+

I love Temporal Arc Blade so I wanted to make EoR build based on the sword.

Build converts Aether damage of the Blade into Lightning damage also Fully converts EoR damage into lightning.
EmporionBros are there to proc devotion.


Character Sheet might look a bit week but,once we boost OA and DA with the Judgement DA shred, Ascension OA and Savagery added DA OA. I have seen 3700+Judgement shred onto enemies.

I have went with serenity due to trying to cap EoR skills. Rest of the gear is pretty self explanatory. Green pants cuz needed aether resist. You can use Stormcage pants and still cap resists. There is ton of room since I used alot of omens as augments.

This was my safest SR 75 ever done, 17k HP pool is amazing.

GTLINK: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/0V0XJ7oV

SR 75:

Special Thanks to Official GD discord as always.

EDIT: Put in Widow in devotions took out dying god

Special Thanks to Official Community GD Discord


Good stuff!

I think this 2H is getting a cd increase on the skill in in future. Iirc, I read it somewhere in last little while.

it sucks for AoE because only 2 targets are affected, you dont even realize its damage. During boss fights you see the ticks hitting almost as hard as EoR

Edit: found the reference:

ZantaiCrate Employee - Designer


It appears that the skill proc has an error in Ashes of Malmouth that gives it 100% uptime (cooldown is shorter than the duration).

The cooldown is correct in the base game.

So expect it to be returned to its original cooldown of 3s (effectively a 1s delay between when the proc is active).

No Widow? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

couldnt fit it in :s

Seriously, Widow will boost your build tonns. Building an Elemental build without RR in devotions is kind of like shooting yourself in a leg.

should i choose to Ally with Barrowholm
In Forgotten Gods expansion, you get to be friendly with all 3 of the Witch God Cult
which side should i side on?

So Ieveled my first 100 after this build concept and had a blast spinning with lightning procs everywhere. Unfortunately I seemed to run out of steam around SR60 on ultimate. Offense was there but defense seems to be shredded by multi-boss meanies. I was finding it about 50/50 to win boss encounters in this range, and it required lots of isolation and mobility to make it work. I tried some variations and tweaked devotions, but nothing seems to push it over for me. Drakhan, can you confirm if you tested in 1.1.5 or made any tweaks? Or was the M. Temporal Stormblade nerfed? Thanks in advance for any advice.