Any way to squeeze out a bit more damage?

Is fire just flat out better than physical? Also how worth it is a shield I feel like warlord has so much health and DA that you shouldn’t need on?

I think Francomelee plays Physical EoR.

Almost all if not all of your items are terrible. You’re missing %Physical Damage on 8 of your items!
It’s ok to miss it on 1-2 items but not as many.

You need to target farm some MI’s or buy some good faction items.
But honestly random Green items that drop should be better than what you’re having.

Devotion is fine. It’s not the source of your problems.
Terrible items are (and put points into Celestial Presence in the next levels).

Also you need to some conversion from Elemental to Phys. Let me look at Grim Tools…

For example wtf are your gloves. No attack speed, no physical damage.

So I need conversion? Is there a way to get it other than random drops?

It looks like I can get a pair of these shoulders
other than that I gotta gamble at grabbing a “cesarin’s conviction” sword somewhere?

I also only found these Shoulders as an easy option to get the conversion.

Endgame best would probably be
Beronath, Reforged
Mythical Beronath, Reforged

Maybe there’s a way to get Lightning, Fire conversion seperately but I haven’t searched

Btw definitely improve (get %Physical) your

  • relic
  • armor
  • boots
  • medal
  • gloves (+ attack speed0
  • helm
  • shoulder (Korvan Spaulders)

It will help a lot

Thanks for the advice anyways pal <3

I guess I should read skills more carefully didn’t realise EoR did so much fire/lit damage was focussing more on the %waepon damage and it seems that doesn’t scale well :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Nope, weapon have 50% armor piercing, so 50% of physical is converted. Also none of the classes have - pierce RR. Should start from there…

Easier to change the weapon. His char can be made to good Physical EoR I think but not into Piercing.

And going DW or maybe with shield. There’s the opportunity to go Tottally normal shield as weapon+blue shield with elemental to physical conversion THIS ONE

And OP, check my build:


Ah ok so armor piercing changes your damage to pierce? I didn’t even know that tbh

Found those shoulders but can only get the level 70 version to drop for some reason.

So drop kraken and grab that mace that looks like a shield yeh?

Yes you can go with it, since it’s relatively good weapon and it’s available in every game. For EoR physical build you need: skill ranks in it and Soulfire, conversion from elemental, attack speed and % physical damage.

Armor piercing is type of conversion, you can check the mechanics guide written by few players(including me) :slightly_smiling_face:

Mechanics guide - piercing

Thanks think I will just rob the devotions off that warborn build you linked and switch to 1H+shield. I can get some attack speed from squad tactics and components but doesn’t attack speed with EoR make it drain energy faster? Not sure I can manage the cost rn

For shielded version, I suggest using this devotion map from my Markovian Warlord. The Arcane Spark+Scales combo will suffice every energy need. Also you can opt going for more defense with both Scales and Ghoul, depends. For energy also an idea is the usage of Harp devotion. So GT for a shielded build:

EDIT, or no that attack speed will be low :confused:

Also Scythe for Energy Regen sometimes sits well in the devotion map. I think it’s underrated a bit.

Cheers for all the help guys looking better now up to 35k sheet dps a little nicer to play.

What components for the weapon and shield?

I’d say Severed Claw on both for extra physical damage or Purified Salt and Imbued Silver for extra damage vs aetherial and chthonian. Both are pretty good for extra damage at this time, you can upgrade to 2 seal of might later if you have the blueprints

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You can get two good faction items:

Endurance relic with +1 to OK

2 x Devil’s Wrath Seal %Phy, %AS, +2 to Break Morale

Later at lev. 90 you can get

  • 2 x Coven Storm Seal %Phy, %AS, %DA, +2 Field Command / Presence of Virtue
  • Deathstalker relic with %Phy, %TS and pet with RR Aura, target farmable

Also Elite Rhowari Grips at 70

Also you have now ~48 RR, you can get 44 if you soft cap Break Morale and Celestial Presence when you get more levels.
That will be an insane boost.

Btw converted Physical Damage bypasses armor so even partial conversion from shoulders should go a long way (?)

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This is my first HC char so gonna have to save up mats before I can craft a better relic and that. I’ll keep those in mind for when I hit lvl90.

Will equip the shoulders asap (need level 70). Where is the maticore deathstalker? Don’t recognise the name feral thicket is that somewhere in the AoM swamps?

There’s Show on the map link on the Manticore’s page

My advice:

Pull all points from EoR and put them in Blade Arc. Max Celestial. Get physical gear and devotions. EoR is crap for halfbaked builds. Better don’t bother till you got the right gear at lvl100.

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Okay I’m not overjoyed with EoR and can see where you are coming from. I avoid forcewave but don’t think I’ve given blade arc a fair shout yet; once I get another devotion reset potion from another char I will try it out.