Any chance for dedicated servers ala NWN1 ?


Have you ever contemplated having dedicated servers ala NWN1 with configurable settings and selectable character storage locations?

IE game starts new instance of itself when someone connects to the server “master” kind of like remote loading screen. then it destroys itself if nobody re connects to that game within x (.ini config) amount of time or when the host chooses special menu option “kill instance” so they can chain farm things with their buddies.

Then (just like nwn) you can have the option (configured on server) of local char (like now), or “host storage” where the dedicated server has the character and stash info or even “steam vault” where steam has the info on their servers so that different people could host the same chars but get them from a verified 3rd party source

i guess its a matter of cost vs reward. maybe if you start releasing new content every few months and charging for it you could justify the dev work for this. i dunno . game is hot right now and it would become x100 more sticky if people knew they could connect to servers where nobody (aside from the host. damn cheaters) was able to play edited chars.

Developers have already said no. A dedicated server (it would in actuality be multiple) is a MASSIVE expense for almost zero benefit over what we have now. You can get 95% of what you describe with Steam save file syncing now.