Any cold caster build that uses TSS + OFF as main dmg skills?


I was thinking about Spellbreaker, since it has good RRs overall…
I know traditional cold casters normally come as Druids, but wouldn’t this work too?

I cannot find any build like this in the forums, so I’m not sure if it has been done…
I’d just like to know on the top of your head, if you think it’d be good for endgame.

Thanks guys

@Duchy has made this build in the past, here it is on this post

I also have a Spellbreaker that utilize OFF+TSS freeze, but the TSS part is not the main damage part of the build, merely as an extra freezing skill.

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Damn, arivius, you beat me, was gonna link this build, seems exactly what the OP was looking for. I also found this in the compendium :

Seems a little outdated, and based on TSS, Phantasmal Blades, and good old Chillspikes. No idea if it still works, Chillspikes got nerfed if I recall correctly. Check the link in the last post of the thread, it’s the latest version by mad_lee.


Yep, it got nerfed in Weapon Damage reduced from 16% to 12% and base Cold Damage reduced from 96-134 to 90-122. At least the number of projectiles is still the same.