[] Olexra of the Sky - freezing and devastating Spellbreaker, easy SR 65+


The reason behind this build is to make The Mageslayer set work with cold Devastation. Build uses Olexra’s Flash Freeze to freeze enemies and then you drop Devastation on them and Trozan’s Sky Shards. For cold devastation Arcanum Frigus gun is needed. For shorter cooldowns the build uses huge cooldown reduction and Eternity relic. For spamming between spells and for healing with lifesteal Chain Lightning from component is used. Your main defense is freezing enemies, then lifesteal, Pneumatic Burst, Ghoul and Mirror. Build is a glass canon. In long battles you will have to take energy potions. SR 65-66 is relatively easy.

I have other builds using OFF here. All my builds are here.

Here is a list comparing all my Olexra builds from best to worst. All are at least SR 65-66 capable.
  1. Olexrian Luminari – great build, OFF + DW ranged elemental Beronath‘s Fury, offensively a little slower, defensively quite tanky (best of my OFF builds)

  2. Olexrian Judge – great build, OFF + physical Obliteration and Judgment, offensively a little better than Olexrian Luminari, defensively weaker than than Olexrian Luminari

  3. Olexra of Kalastor – great build, OFF + fire RoK and FoI, offensively a lot better than Olexrian Judge, defensively a little weaker than Olexrian Judge

  4. Olexra the Freezer - great build, OFF + cold skills, offensively a little weaker than Olexra of Kalastor, defensively a little weaker than Olexra of Kalastor

  5. Spinning Freezer – great build, OFF + fire EoR, offensively a little better than Olexra of Kalastor, defensively a little weaker than Olexra the Freezer

  6. Olexra of the Sky – great build, OFF + cold TSS and Devastation, offensively a little weaker than Olexra of Kalastor (but better than Olexra the Freezer), defensively similar to Spinning Freezer

  7. Olexra the Evil – great build, OFF + fire DEE, offensively a little weaker than Olexra the Freezer, defensively similar to Olexra of the Sky

  8. Olexra of Vire – great build, OFF + fire Vire and Judgment, offensively a little better than Spinning Freezer (best of my OFF builds), defensively a little weaker than Spinning Freezer

  9. Olexra of Blackwater – great build, OFF + fire BC, offensively similar to Olexra of the Sky, defensively similar to Olexra of Vire

  10. Albrecht von Frozenstein – good build, OFF + fire AAR, offensively a little weaker than Olexra of the Sky, defensively a little weaker than Olexra of the Sky (but better than Olexra of Vire)

  11. Albrecht the Freezer – good build, OFF + fire AAR, offensively and defensively similar to Albrecht von Frozenstein

  12. Olexra of Menhir – OK build, OFF + fire Aegis and Vire, offensively a little weaker than Olexrian Luminari (weakest of my OFF builds), defensively a little behind Albrecht the Freezer

GRIMTOOLS https://www.grimtools.com/calc/D2p5nAyV

Build uses two green monster infrequent items - Terrnox’s Aether Tome and Stoneplate Greaves. Affixes are chosen for resistances. Two crafting bonuses are to freeze resistance and stun resistance.

Stats of the build


OK crit damage 38 %

big OA - over 3350 OA

big cold RR, up to -117 % RR from OFF, Elemental Storm, Veil of Shadow and Murmur + Hand of Ultos

OK lightning RR up to -83 % from Arcane Bomb, Veil of Shadow and Elemental Storm + Hand of Ultos


OK life above 12 000 HP

freezing even nemesis with OFF (because of full Mageslayer set)

lower DA - above 2850 DA

up to 225 OA reduction to enemies from Veil of Shadow and Arcane Bomb

OK physical resistance 19 %

lower armor above 1900

high CC resistances

maxed resistances with reasonable relatively decent overcap

% damage absorption from Maiven‘s Sphere

healing on standby from Pneumatic Burst

Mirror of Ereoctes



Prismatic Rage from component

image from the game with passive buffs + Pneumatic Burst



I play SR with camera pointed away from enemies and I try my builds only in SR 65-66 and SR 80. I play around 10 SR runs per character.

This build does SR 65-66 easily. It can even do SR 80 with good mutators (if you can freeze enemies) but it is tougher. It is squishy in SR 80. If you can’t freeze Kuba and Reaper it would be impossible in SR 80. Cold resistant nemesis are slower to kill.

I don’t play Crucible so I don’t have a time number for it.

Image from SR 66


Try build mageslayer around Hourglass devotion binded to olexra, if you cast it 2 times in row you may freeze bosses and keep them freezed all the time with additional freeze sources. Works vs every boss except Moosilauke.

Yes, I know but not my goal in this build. OFF with TSS and Eternity works OK as well. You don’t need to have 100 % freeze for it to be a great defense.

I have done that in this build [] Albrecht the Freezer - Fire AAR + OFF Sorcerer with massive CDR and RR, extremely funny build, SR 65

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It just makes game easier, nothing else change.

A bit but not by much. Going for Hourglass also means some compromises in the devos. I rather went for damage and RR instead. I also tried many variations of devotions and affixes and only this one was satisfactory to me. I did not try any combinations with Hourglass tho.

Is a build similar to this possible for Infiltrator?

No, infiltrator does not have Devastation or TSS and no Star Pact as well.

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Noob here. Can someone explain to me how this devotion track works? I’m only level 50 right now, but I’ve been trying to replicate the devotions chosen and I don’t see how it’s possible with only 1 point in blue and 1 in yellow at the crossroads. What am I missing?

From what I can tell, the constellations here are:

Harvestman’s Scythe
Empty Throne
Rhowan’s Crown
Murmur, Mistress of Rumors
Solemn Watcher
Ultos, Shepherd of Storms
and it looks like a single point in Toad.

One possible way - I am sure there are many other ways to do it.

blue crossroads, eel, green crossroads, spider, widow, red crossroads, ghoul, remove red crossroads, murmur, purple crossroads, throne, remove purple crossroads, hydra, yellow crossroads, lion, scythe, watcher, remove lion, remove eel, rhowan’s crown, ultos, remove green crossroads, toad

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Ah ok, I wasn’t thinking about how you could remove specific points along the way. Thanks for the response!

Sorry to necro a thread, why the vitality and bleed damage with anatomy of murder? And why the seals of blades?