[] Olexrian Luminari Mage Hunter, Freezing enemies and gunning them down, SR 80+


Reason behind this build is to use freeze resistance reduction on conduit to OFF (-30 %) and on aura of full Luminari set (-20 %). You can freeze even Nemesis bosses for a short while with this build like with full Mageslayer set. This adds a defensive layer to the build. Because of the Luminari set ranged DW is used for autoatacking with Beronath’s fury from the component. To help with bosses Stormbox is used.

I have other builds using OFF here. I have other ranged builds here. All my builds are here.

Here is a list comparing all my Olexra builds from best to worst. All are at least SR 65-66 capable.
  1. Olexrian Luminari – great build, OFF + DW ranged elemental Beronath‘s Fury, offensively a little slower, defensively quite tanky (best of my OFF builds)

  2. Olexrian Judge – great build, OFF + physical Obliteration and Judgment, offensively a little better than Olexrian Luminari, defensively weaker than than Olexrian Luminari

  3. Olexra of Kalastor – great build, OFF + fire RoK and FoI, offensively a lot better than Olexrian Judge, defensively a little weaker than Olexrian Judge

  4. Olexra the Freezer - great build, OFF + cold skills, offensively a little weaker than Olexra of Kalastor, defensively a little weaker than Olexra of Kalastor

  5. Spinning Freezer – great build, OFF + fire EoR, offensively a little better than Olexra of Kalastor, defensively a little weaker than Olexra the Freezer

  6. Olexra of the Sky – great build, OFF + cold TSS and Devastation, offensively a little weaker than Olexra of Kalastor (but better than Olexra the Freezer), defensively similar to Spinning Freezer

  7. Olexra the Evil – great build, OFF + fire DEE, offensively a little weaker than Olexra the Freezer, defensively similar to Olexra of the Sky

  8. Olexra of Vire – great build, OFF + fire Vire and Judgment, offensively a little better than Spinning Freezer (best of my OFF builds), defensively a little weaker than Spinning Freezer

  9. Olexra of Blackwater – great build, OFF + fire BC, offensively similar to Olexra of the Sky, defensively similar to Olexra of Vire

  10. Albrecht von Frozenstein – good build, OFF + fire AAR, offensively a little weaker than Olexra of the Sky, defensively a little weaker than Olexra of the Sky (but better than Olexra of Vire)

  11. Albrecht the Freezer – good build, OFF + fire AAR, offensively and defensively similar to Albrecht von Frozenstein

  12. Olexra of Menhir – OK build, OFF + fire Aegis and Vire, offensively a little weaker than Olexrian Luminari (weakest of my OFF builds), defensively a little behind Albrecht the Freezer

GRIMTOOLS https://www.grimtools.com/calc/O2GObXq2

Crafting bonuses on helm and amulet are to slow resistance and energy regeneration.

Stats of the build


Beronath’s Fury – autoacker using Inquisitor’s WPS

Olexra’s Flash Freeze – freezes enemies and gives huge fire RR

Stormbox of Elgoloth – useful for both bosses and trash mobs

from devotions we use Hand of Ultos, Whirpool and Elemental Storm

build has decent elemental RR from Aura of Censure, Hand of Ultos, Ignaffar’s Combustion and Elemental Storm

build also has fire RR from OFF

critical damage up to 68 %


freezing from OFF

disrupt enemy skills from Aura of Censure

% damage absorption from Maiven‘s Sphere

flat damage absorption from Inquisitor Seal

% damage reduction from Aura of Censure

aether, chaos damage absporption from component

elemental, bleeding damage absorption from proc on boots


Prismatic Rage from component

Lifesteal is 11 %

OK physical resisitance 23 %

low armor around 1600

at least +3 to max all resistances

reasonably overcapped resistances

high CC resistances

Mirror of Ereoctes


image taken while standing on Inquisistor Seal with activated Deadly Aim



I play SR with camera pointed away from enemies and I try my builds only in SR 65-66 and SR 80. I play around 10 SR runs per character.

This build is doing SR 65-66 easily. It is not fast but it is reliable. It can even do SR 80. It is slower and tankier. I don’t push my builds higher but it is possible with this build if you are a skilled player.

I don’t have a time number for Crucible because I don’t play it.

Images from SR 80


I remember seeing wonderfully degenerate interaction with hourglass and OFF. Assuming that’s still in play for the current patch it might be worth experimenting with.

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I love builds like this, that use an immobilizing skill like OFF or Nightblades Blade Trap as the centerpiece!

Always inspiring to see people creating these. Thank you for sharing!

Nice one :+1: Did you try using the new pistol phasebreaker instead of arcanum picstol?

I like the +1 to inquisitor skills on Arcanum Sigillis and If I remeber it corectly, this has higher DPS.

But maybe when I am looking at it now the phasebreaker might be better. But I think I didn’t use it because I wanted more plus skills to inquisitor I guess.

100% pass through on projectiles is very strong, and combined with inquisitor wps will help increase multi target killspeed

Yep I only saw that item in game and in game you don’t see that it has pass through. It will be better I guess.

But you will lose some OA from the gun and from +3 to overload.

Never thought to test but does equipping a Phasebreaker apply 100% pass through to Luminari’s Sidearm too? Or do only shots fired from the Phasebreaker side get the effect?

I can’t test it because as I looked at my chars. I don’t have phasebreaker actually.
Edit: I actually have it on another char. But in the mess of effects, I can’t really tell what is correct.

I would be interested to see how something like this works out https://www.grimtools.com/calc/p25lGlxN
boosted damage, attack speed, and a better proc in seekers than levithan. Accounting for spirit bonus you gain almost 400% more fire and lighting damage, and about 180% cold. You also gain an additional crafting bonus on the pants slot, which can be used to boost armor or physique more.

Well it will obviously have better AoE, slightly better single target damage. But less life. So it is for a better pilot therefore not for me :smiley:

What would you think about a Discord Cadence tactician version? https://www.grimtools.com/calc/wV1lgl72

I have never played DW ranged cadance. I don’t know how it behaves in game. It is the only archetype of cadence I haven’t tried. I will have to correct it :slight_smile:
But maybe it could have great single target damage.

On paper, the 100% chance to pass through (every third hit with cadence) and double seal of void seems pretty fun. Perhaps one should have at least one gun with 100% chance to pierce through (I used 2 luminary guns for some weird reason)

Yep that should be changed.

I made this magehunter right after the patch came out… https://www.grimtools.com/calc/1NXX8YWN I didnt bother working on him more, but hes a leech tank to a degree. its interesting with full pass through blessed steel

Great damamge but very squishy (low phys res, life, CC res). But for a great pilot OK I guess.

Something like this … https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YNn0BXOV

That is something I could play :slight_smile:

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