Any cold caster?

So,I been itching to try out some kind of cold caster build,but all I am able to find are dual weild melee nightblade combos

Anyone got some kind of traditional cold caster build?

Listed 6 builds in this topic - most are casters

can add my 2 recent non-mainstream Cold casters that I have yet to test:

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Thnx,missed the caster ones somehow :smiley:

Kinda sad that there isnt a traditional base cold spell for the classes,unless im blind.

In the topic I listed only Shadow Strike is melee :wink:

Like Trozan Sky shard, Rune of Haggarad and Drain Essence?

Fire and lightning skills are somehow more abundant in GD :confused:

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Trozan feels weird to me,never liked it,and it still needs some conversion to do more dmg,drain essence i have a build with aether,so thats covered,rune isnt a very ‘‘traditional-like’’ skill,im thinking something in the sense of a straightforward frostbolt or frost lance/laser ability

This is true for all skills in Grim Dawn

Why not use Chillspikes / Ice spikes component skills? Or Winter King’s Might?
They are very thematic. Ice Spike on low level. This is of course in addition to other skills from your class.

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Yeah I got the winter king wep,think thats the one im gonna go with :>

Rly nice videos showcasing those btw,rly awsome

The thing is it’s kinda a melee spell. May not look like that but you need to be pretty close to enemies to hit them with all 3 projectiles. Also need to watch out for terrain as it cannot go up the stairs like some other skills. Chillspikes better fit caster archetype.

Also for the low level version there’s a Blue Print you can buy Blueprint: Crown of the Winter King

High level one blueprint cannot be bought.

Here’s a whole table with item skills

Thnx a lot for all the info,yeah even if its more a melee skill it feels caster-ish,its not like the melee dual weird auto hitting cold ones that obviously look and feel melee

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I have something like this but with a spellbreaker. Full with greens as well. Will post it someday.

I am working on my way to make such build in a legit way xD


DW melee

Gt-links are in the description