Any cold hybrid Trickster builds that involve Winter King items and Heart of the Mountain amulet?

I have been looking at these items for quite some time now, they are gathering dust in my stash at the moment. But I am wondering if there are any builds that would involve them. Some kind of pet/debuffer hybrid? Any ideas?

Sobertooth’s WK Might Breaker

Try it and you won’t regret it

thats a spellbreaker… he wants the real deal trickster…

try this and you will regret it:rolleyes:

Chthon is right in that a build specializing in the WK skill is going to be better than a “true Winter King” build.

The issues with the idea of a build like you’re thinking are…

  1. Nightblade provides nothing for pets except Veil of Shadow/Winter’s Chill.
  2. Pet builds are already​ gear dependant, but on top of that if you’re going “true WK” your main attack skill will require you to spec some cast speed and energy regen. The items help with the cast speed, but you won’t be using the WK skill optimally like a build designed for it.
  3. Using that skill has anti-synergy with both Lethal Assault and Savagery, IMO the 2 strongest attack buffs for either class.
  4. Current pet hybrid builds revolve around using CDR for more devotion procs and resummons, and you’ll get 0.

TL;DR, A pet hybrid Trickster using those items/granted skills would be tier 3.5 at best (e.g. MIGHT be able to complete all content on Ultimate even with lots of deaths). Focusing on either granted skill aspect or pet hybrid aspect would bring the build to tier 2.5 (e.g. definitely can clear content, MIGHT be able to with 0 deaths.

Sobertooth’s WK build or Chthons WK Lightning are good examples of focusing on granted skill. If you’re interested in the pet hybrid aspect I can throw together a sample build for you.

I’d recommend Sober’s build first since any cold build should prepare their anus this expansion. Mine is Lightning so I’m good
Enjoy the build, also it’s one of the few scythe builds besides Thrasheur’s ABB build and SS build

WKM Trickster is possible, but you cannot make it work as a hybrid pet/caster IMHO - it just doesn’t work. The pet skill bonuses on the helm and the sword should be removed and the other stats should be buffed accordingly.

I made a successful WKM Trickster with 26/16 SS to hit single targets hard while assigning Blizzard to WD and Whirlpool to Blade Spirit. Energy regen is essential; otherwise you will be starved of energy and drink potions like crack.

Ideally, we should work on improving lower tier builds rather than just promoting OP Spellbreakers…

What makes SB better for WKM has little to do with what makes SS builds OP.

Sober’s build 1-points the SS line. He gets all the caster support skills that make many caster builds pick Arcanist.

Trickster is a class combo that has a lot of potential synergy between its 2 masteries, but Trickster gear is so bad that the only well supported builds are pretty much Bleed based. Everything else is either near unsupported in items (mediocre DW lightning builds anyone ? full Ultos set sure is exciting to use every time), or has items but is a weak concept. The Winter King items are particularly bad offenders and only the crown redeems the lot.

Cold 2h pet hybrid was NOT the build archetype to choose to promote with the class. I understand the thematic appeal but it doesn’t translate well in game.

While I agree with your post, I am confident that a pet hybrid Winter King build ignoring the granted skill has the potential to be at least tier 2.5 if built correctly by someone like DaShiv who knows the ins and outs of pet strengths. It really doesn’t translate well in general though.

While I agree with your post, some balancing passes certainly “fix” more than required

While no Cold build is as good as SS, but pretty much everyone is OP

Even ABB’s single target is pretty damn good in the current state so we might get some adjustments, not that I mind. Tbh I am just waiting for those trap skills (yes me who wanted the Necromancer so badly now just wants to play the Inquisitor, Necro feels boring :undecided:)

Oh I’m fully on board with cold NB builds being strong across the board. But the OPness of Spellbreaker mostly lies in the Nightblade tree along with great itemisation and Leviathan/Blade Spirit abuse. So the other guy complaining about the Spellbreaker suggestion while playing a Trickster with 26/16 SS is kinda funny when Sober goes out of his way not to rely on SS.

On that note I’ve been frustrated in my work on CDR builds so for a change I’ve made a pure Acid DW Witch Hunter. It’s pretty strong, though I’m sure others have similar builds already, just none have been posted. Maybe I should market it as a way to salvage your DW SS WH once SS builds get the cuckerino :D.

EDIT: Also, IMO the only thing Trickster needs to no longer be a bottom tier class, is itemisation that makes sense. Just give us a few damn lightning items, fix Demonslayer set, hell give us Cold Savagery 1 handers if it’s what it takes. Right now the only explored themes are cold/pets with a 2h, and bleed. Demonslayer set isn’t even Trickster specific, it just makes sense somewhat to use it this way.

-Yeah Sober’s build is most certainly a pure caster which doesn’t even use SS for nuke

-My DW SS WH? You mean the Hexa-Striker? That reminds me one of these days I should finish the write-up on that one
If you’re unsure of what’s been posted and what’s not been then a quick search helps. Some people don’t post in the compendium. I don’t think Elementoid and JoV add their builds to the compendium same for Superfluff.

I say this cause writing guys is a major PITA so if someone else has done so you can do the civic thing and say “not my job” :rolleyes:

Thanks for the info, it’s a shame that those items won’t really work and only expansion might (or might not) help. Although, bit nerdy build subtleties discussion here is more interesting than the topic :slight_smile:

I am sorry to necro this thread but i have been trying to look for a way to make this set work and it seems that most people have been utilizing the items for other class combinations instead of trickster. I REALLY hope they add somethings to make this better in the expansion. Obviously I get that they don’t have to make everything work and somethings are maybe more for fun and dicking around, but it just seems strange to have these 3 items tailor made for trickster hybrid, yet struggles to be a solid build.

Here is my build, but keep in mind I am not using the Heart of the Mountain.

Might not be the best possible, but works for me…

Here’s my take on it. Not quite max level yet, but you get the idea.

Grimtools link